Note To ACP Soldiers Below Lt. JOIN ACPTR TODAY

To All the ACP Soldiers through Lt.Colonel and Field Marshall

I have a mission for you.How would you like to be a staff member of the ACPTR?I bet your wondering why are you asking us? what are we suppose to do to? Who is our leader?Well all those questions will be answered once joining us. we have high expectations for our staff. What we are looking for in our staff is great knowledge in the Club Penguin Armies.What you will do is teach cadets about our beloved army and armies close to us.You may be thinking “HECK NO!WHY WOULD I WANTT TO TEACH A BUNCH OF NOOBS?WHO CARES ACPTR IS USELESS!” Well I have one thing to say.Without ACPTR we wouldn’t have as much skilled soldiers as we do now! Our own Co-Leader Ken was an A+ graduate and one of the first to graduate. If you don’t want to join our staff fine by me. even if you are not an ACPTR cadet as a staff member you will not only learn from yourself but the cadets also.


  • Knowledge of the ACP history,Government,Leaders,Branches, and Divisions:mrgreen:
  • Able to post,edit,and create pages
  • Knowledge of the Famous Big Three Major Armies(ACP,IW,Nachos) :D
  • Lt.Colonel-Field Marshall :0
  • Activeness :roll:
  • Fun :mrgreen:
  • Reading of the ACP Saga every once in a while(History Class)
  • Able to create Tactics from the top of your head(this is a very hard one)

Application Form:


1.)Penguin/Xat Name:

2.) Time Zone(EST,CST,MST,etc.) :


4.)Things you are skilled in and why you want this job:


~!ACPTR Director,Bruno!~


11 Responses

  1. flappy112
    I want to be a member, because I have a lot of prior knowledge about ACP. I’ve been in RPF for 4 years. I’ve lead in battles before, and I know good tactics. I could teach a lot of newbies how to become successful soldiers. Thank you.

  2. Hey, Bruno! Just wondering if you could approve my comment for the application one the ACPTR site. Thanks!

  3. i have joined already so uhh What the hell!?!?!?/ I joined in like 2010…

  4. i would do it but im only a major general

  5. 1. Both Lucario12321
    2. Atlantic ( 1 hour ahead of EST )
    3. Lt. Colonel
    4. I’ve been in ACP the exact same time as slider but I’m not as knowledges but I am almost. I’m very active and know most things about ACP but I’m not as knowledged in IW or Nachos.

  6. I just have to say that I never went to ACPTR and look how I turned out 😀

    -The Failed 2ic Who Left ACP Kind of Ashamed of Herself and Nearly Got ACP Hacked Like Three Times.

    Stay in school, kids.

  7. 1.) Both Lighton155
    2.) PST:
    3.)Major General :0
    4.)Things you are skilled in and why you want this job:
    I’m skilled in doing tactics and the history of the leaders.
    I want this job cause i’m always happy go lucky and BTW Jack there’s no more Divisions…

  8. I should be able to make the battle!

  9. I already applied MONTHS ago XD anyway sorry i was in-active but i will kick some butts soon 0_0

  10. 1. Both Antant98
    2. EST
    3. Major General
    4. I know a lot about tactics and ACP history. I really want this job. I am responsible and smart. I am in advance programs in school. When I was in ACPTR I always dreamed the day I will be teacher. I think that this is mine. Also I read the ACP Saga and know how to make tactics. i also have a lot of knowledge about the ACP leaders. To sum it all up, I urge you to pick me. I will do my very best in ACPTR. I have a lot of knowledge on ACP. Thank you and I hope you choose me in ACP TR.

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