Retirement of Thebester5

Here is the Retirement of Thebester5. Comment if you would like to say goodbye to him. Thebester5 was a great soldier and even made the Acp Command Centre. Here is his retirement post-

Hey, ACP. It’s me Thebester5. I never wanted to do this, but I need to for my job. D: I am quitting ACP. I’ll just skip the long backstory, and get to all the goodbyes.


Bobcatboy: You were always a good friend, and helped me out, and got me through the hardest times while I was a soldier.

Mchappy: You were the first person I met in ACP. I hope you have a good time, you were a great leader. You were always a role model to me.

Noka: Noka Noka Noka. I have no way of describing leaving you(yes I don’t miss you AND I miss you at the same time :S). You were a good guy, and I hope your tribulations go on for a life time.

Lasgae: Dude, you were epic friend. I wish I could have served under you, not in the nasty way some of you are thinking. Hope you have a fruitful time.

Max: I didn’t know you that much. Just do good.

Smart: You were always 2 steps ahead of me. I always tried to compare myself to you. I hope many more solders follow me.

Wenny: I always followed you armies, and I hope you have many more.

Motor: EVIL!!!!!!!!!

Meat: I have eaten you 210 times since my first day in ACP.

Boomer: Great Dude, thanks for being so nice to me.

Shaboomboom:  Im still a n00b, aren’t I shab. You always listened to my ideas, and I thank you for that.

Keys: I always thought of you as a cousin, and I will always remember you.


Butchman27: You, EPIC DUDE!!! That is all……

Slider: My Nemisis. No dude, I always thought you were cool, although I still hate you…. OR DO I.

Jack: You were always a dad to me.

Toilet: I’m very sorry I left red pee in you and forgot to flush D:

Drigo: I taught you when you were a n00b and saw you grow up.

Littleguy: You were always a good friend to me.

Lille: I still think you are my cousin. You live on the same street as her, sound like her, and even likes pokemon LIKE HER. I will always remember talking to you about POKEMON.

I think that’s it. So I say goodbye. WAIT… I FORGOT SOME PEOPLE.

The British Lady: STOP EATING MY SCONES!!!!

Matre: Good, and first leader.

Fort: I build you out of snow, then wood, then stone. Now I build you out of friendship.

Foogiebums: Stop stalking me on every chat.

Austin: I hope you have all that you want.

I am sad to leave all these people above. I know that im not leaving anyone. Goodbye!!! I hope that I’m remembered for forever. I am quitting ACP, All Club Penguin Armies, and Club Penguin.

  Thebester5- Retired



Ducky: I’m sorry I forgot you. YOU WERE THEBESTER Friend I could ever ask for.  We will always keep in contact and remember each other. I give to you my account on Club Penguin. I also give to you my forever friend ship in this place we call EARTH!!!

Over & Out to Thebester5

29 Responses

  1. BESTERRR why didn’t you tell me earlier you were retiring??? 😦 😦 😦

    • i had kids? o-o i should have worn that condom… *NO*

  2. Dude were gonna miss you. Have a nice life 🙂

  3. Heey why didn’t ya mention me??

  4. good bye 😦

  5. Bia, You will be missed.

  6. Bye Bester. WE’RE ALL GONNA MISS YA. 😦

  7. Noooooooo 😦

  8. Bye Thebester5
    I don’t know you,but if I did you would be my friend
    – Platypusranger1

  9. Epic

    Ya,your a model soldier

  10. Dangit! Forgot to change my name

  11. Bye man

  12. bye dude you will be remembered forever

  13. Bye.. 😦

  14. ill miss ya bester 😦

    from the days of OFCP we had a good run 🙂

  15. Bye : (

  16. Goodbye Thebester5, now we are both retired.

  17. have a good life bye

  18. I don’t care for you.It makes no difference if you are there or no

  19. I do not care for you.It makes no difference if you are there or not. If you go I will not miss you. I hope to never see you again. I do not care for you. I don’t care for iceycold27, Oagalthorp, bobcatboy10,flipper or anyone else in ACP,or in fact the whole world. I do not care for you.
    My name is Satan 👿
    Just Kidding you will be missed :mrgreen:

  20. Byeee Bester you were always 1 of my Friends 😀

  21. Bye.

  22. By dude good luck.

  23. bye bester im gonna miss u.

    Sincerely Isaiah550

  24. bye *sad*

  25. I admired your talent of leading. I admired your friendship with others. A friend, a role model, and a fellow soldier, marching along their life of duty, ending their journey today. I always confused you and Slider together, for some reason. You’ll be missed, you’ll be cried over, and you’ve left your mark on ACP. Good luck in life, even though you won’t need it.


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