Our Next Battle [Imporant!]

Well Acp we have our ticket to the 2nd round of the Top Ten Tackle Tournament hosted by CPAC! Good job at the Tacos battle but don’t cheer yet! We and 5 other armies are still in this tournament and it looks like it can be anyones game. Our rivals, the Nachos have been big competition as so as the Ice Vikings and Night Warriors bracket.

As for Acp, we are focusing on taking down the mighty Ice Warriors! This army is an expierenced army and they have been growing lately from a downfall. It isn’t easy to prepare for a battle against ACP, but I know the Ice Warriors leaders will be ready to battle us. They want the championship spot as much as we do. Did you say Championship spot? Yes I did because if we win then we are headed to the championship soldiers! Here is the battle data.


:!: Army of Club Penguin (ACP) vs. Ice Warriors (IW)

Date: Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Server: Klondike


  • ➡ 11:00 AM PST

  • ➡ 12:00 PM MST

  • ➡ 1:00 PM CST

  • ➡ 2:00 PM EST

  • ➡ 6:00 PM UK


Tournament Details:

Acp vs IW, Nachos vs WW, IV vs NW

3 great matches happening this weekend. The winner of each battle fights in a 3 way-battle for the championship. All 6 want it, only 1 will be the champ. Are you going to help Acp?

Rules are:

  1. Take at least 5 pictures so we can properly judge.
  2. You must make each battle. If not, it’s a forfeit.
  3. Have fun!

Comment if you can make it please!!!

Over & Out


Ps. Acp Ranks Project coming soon????

80 Responses

  1. I will try to come! 🙂



  2. I think I can make this one!

  3. Maybe on round three. bob you could make a pic of a guy snipin and it could say

    Get ready for round three!

  4. I might be there… oh and thanks for adding australian eastern time oagalthorp! 😀

    • i will take a couple of pics with my canon powershot A410 camera. i can’t upload them yet do….

  5. i can come

  6. Sure….I’ll take a couple..Someone please remind me

  7. This time I won’t be able to go

  8. i took the mouht off but if i feel like coming i will


  9. Cpac updated the rules

  10. I can make it

  11. I would be honored to join such an ocasion (that means I’ll be there (: )

  12. I can come.

  13. i can come

  14. I might make it, But I may have soccer.

  15. I can’t sorry I can be there at 7:30pm GMT! no no thats bad……….

  16. you sorta take pics from cod and turn it into something about ACP

  17. There is no reason for me to be unable to come.

  18. I can definatly make all of it.

  19. imma be there


  20. Please don’t post gay CoD kthx?

  21. A.C.P hear my cry i hope mchappy can read this message or a owner or anything im not one of those noobs yelling mamoth under attack im here to ask for help with the N.F.F. As we are a small army iw wants are severs that we worked hard for and we arent storng enough to take I.W and we have lots of problems please hear us out we need help Mchappy bob cat flipper or noka please hear my cry and help N.F.F out please we need major help Please and thank you find me on chat if u can help my chat name is dude – Momo out

  22. im totaly gonna make it! time to kick some IW butt…

  23. I am pretty sure i can come

  24. Hello ACP and I would like to include that I will be retiring (maybe). It just that all the battles on the weekends and that when im at my dad’s house and he doesn’t have any connection for internet at all. So… maybe if there were more stuff going on maybe i’ll stay. And don’t comment back and say “there was a fricken battle on wednsday” or “wasn’t there a training seession on monday” because my school is very advanced and they give us ALOT of extra homework and we have to go through school through 8:00-5:00and all we do is work work work. And whne I get home I have to do about 5 worksheets each subject. And I have to study for about 7different test a week. So if you understand that I have so much homework you will finnaly know why I am not active. I am sorry if I do retire and I am sorry I am not active. Please don’t be mad at me its not my falt. Blame my parents for makin me go to the stupid school in the first place!

  25. ill be there and ill try to record it and if its not a total fail ill email it to mchappy

  26. ill be there and try to record it

  27. ill be there and ill try to record it

  28. dammit REMIND ME SOMEONE :O stop eating my scones tom they are precious :X

  29. i can make it

  30. i can make it

  31. What game is that pic from?????

  32. I am pretty sure I can make it

  33. I can make it bob!
    Nice cod3 pic or is it WaW idk?
    You should put a ghillie sniper in the next round pic! 😀

  34. Maybe.

  35. I’m going to come you earn a free quote-Washington:Caboose throw that grenade.Church-Don’t let Caboose help me.(Caboose throws stick grenade at the wall in front of them)Washington:That was the worst throw ever…of all time Caboose not my fault someone putted a wall in front of me.

  36. I want to join ACP!
    Bicuze its realy cool!
    And wee are SO hard to be beted!

    CP nam: Frankopan0
    Iwe bin in other army: http://www.epf-cro.blogspot.com/
    I was Agent!
    My freind told me!
    YES (before 1 min)!!!!!
    I will go to that chat and i will help!!

    • why don’t you fill thisd in the

  37. I am only here to protect Club Penguin and not to attack other armies, but I think I might be able to come.

  38. Bob, I need to speak to you on chat TODAY. Something really important came up and it cannot be repeated. Please pc me on chat between the hours of 2:00PST to 7:00PST.
    Please try to make it, there is good news and bad news.

  39. P.S I will be there

  40. I can make it

  41. I will do my best to try to come!

  42. Im really sorry I’ve been inactive lately…I’ve been having issues with school..ill do my best to make this battle..i promise. I WILL be there.

    General Of The ACP~Happyman444

  43. I can’t go D: I have to go to a friend’s last minute scheduled party xD

  44. I should be make the battle.

  45. i can

  46. I think I can make it! Oh, and sorry I haven’t been active this week (vacation)

  47. I can make it. 4 the round 3 pic plz can u use a guy sniping someone in black ops?

  48. I’m going to be out on the battle field. I will command some back-up if the enemies get stronger.

    Anyway I admit it,
    I am in IW and i’ll be with them this time for my first battle ………..sorry if ACP wins i’ll be on the next battle!
    ~Purple slime4

  50. sorry Can’t come cause the ACPTR
    has planned a lesson which if we don’t attend there won’t be a passing grade

  51. I MIGHT be able to, but lets go win this!

  52. Congrats to iw for making it to round TWO!Acp will pwn iw!!!good luck iw and mainly goodluck acp!
    P.S I can make it all right! 😀

  53. Oh and i hope iv defeats nw 😀

  54. I might be able to come, I have an event thing for the morning so if it ends on time I should be able to come.

  55. i will be there i haven’t played this in like forever but im still on the rank page so i’ll try to be there

  56. I’ll be there.

  57. I might be able to come but I have a ton of chores I’ll try my best I hope I can come ACP FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. i might come ill try. i just on vacation


    Grabbin’ Pills:D

  60. I should be able to come, as my last ever ACP battle! 😦

  61. I should be able to come! probably! But you never know!


  62. by the way ACP, aren’t you enemies with IW?

  63. ill be there

  64. Coming

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