One of the Greatest Leaders that never was

Who knows?  Maybe I’ll be like Boomer and Shaboomboom.  I may come back.  I hope, I really do.  I just need to work on my own feelings and how I control things.  I will still be in armies [hint: reporter], so I hope everyone will still be my friend.  Currently I am ACP’s Chat Advisor.  I will come back someday.

I feel bad. Absolute terrible and guilty for what I have thought of one leader. A leader who had the same goal I had. Now yes, some of us said he had changed when he became leader. But if you really could understand. . . If you really could be in the shoes of Icey Cold27.

Mc and I had troubling times before when I was leader. I hated him sometimes and I know he hated me at times. Only a few could have saw our small rivalry in the army, something bad that could have cost the whole Acp. We were both just trying to make things better for the Army of Club Penguin, no harm at all. I believed when I became leader, it felt like Mc did too because he posted as much as me and then later on, more than me. When your 2nd command does this to you it doesn’t make you really happy. We fought a lot in private chat and sometimes on main chat but in disguise. When it came to December I was getting too inactive but I still didn’t like Mc much. I did the craziest thing and left for a month and made him temporary leader.

I checked the site many times and just saw Mc doing everything I wanted or already tried to do. We were in a Winter tournament at the time and Mc was just blowing by easily against every opponent. Great for Acp, bad for me.

So when I came back in that January everyone should know what I did. I stepped down like a coward in my opinions and probably in other soldier’s opinions. I saw all of Mc’s success and don’t tell me he was not ready for leader. He basically was leader all that month leading Acp to victory at the Winter Tournament and setting a record on Club Penguin. So yeah, Mc became leader and I dropped to 2nd command on my order. Now this is when people began to think Mc was “changing” and stuff. I would remember his success and agree with everyone about it saying “he is acting weird.” I never told anyone about how I viewed Mc until this point. Shab about a month ago was on along with Mc and I as owners. Mc was playing around on chat with the troops when Shaboomboom sent a private chat to me. He told me about how Mc was acting “weird” and then I just let Shab have it about Mc. He was probably shocked, I was for once shocked myself.

But now, today I feel guilty for my past with Mc. He told me what happened to him and the truth.


Mc was hacked and could not get online chat for a while. Then when he came back all he got was “WHY WERE YOU INACTIVE!?!? YOU MADE UP FALL!!” Is this a friendly welcome? No wonder why every club penguin army known to man calls us noobs.

The Mc I know led Acp to about 210 troops online at the Winter tournament, creating one of the biggest turn arounds. He took 2nd command and only wanted to help the Acp. Ok maybe my opinion make him seem like a power-hungry animal. He really wasn’t. Yeah he did post kind of too much but no one else was doing it.

The Mc I know did change a bit when he became leader, but still brought us to the top and could not quit on a loss. Some other army leaders hated him for doing this.

Point is Mc could have been one of the greatest leaders in Acp history. Dont believe me? Then if you can’t read the facts, look at the pictures:



This was once at a tactic session:

Klondike March:


And if you just go to the achieves between December 2010 to current times, you can see all of this and more. What I am trying to show to you soldiers (mostly for Acp) think about what you say.

Over & Out


Our Short Unscheduled Event Yesterday

This will be a pretty short post but its just about the event we had, with some pics.Yesterday we had a little unscheduled event. There was only 25-30 people on chat with us three owners leading [Bob, Noka, and Ken] We practiced things like making lines and charging. The pictures of the event are below.




This is just a short post about what we did yesterday. Comment if you made it! Remember commenting helps get promotions!

~Kenneth1000 ACP Head General

Retirment of Robert1998

Yes, I am unfortunately retiring from all CP armies today. You might know me as leader of NMA, Mod of GT and Tacos or just another ACP member! I will now run through my history with ACP:

I was searching through Google one day in September 2009, when I stumbled across a site named “The Army of Clubpenguin”, at this time, I wasn’t interested in Club Penguin anymore, but I decided to check what this was all about anyway. I looked through the site and found that they had wars and battles with other armies of Club Penguin.  I immediately thought back to when I used to go on Club Penguin, and then thought about how much fun it would be to battle other armies in big groups! At this time, I only knew about a few armies: ACP, IW and Nachos, so I didn’t know anything else about small armies or any other major armies.

The next day, I went on this site again, to find out that there was a “Join” and “Chat” page! I went on the chat and saw many other people on the chat, to talk with. I also had noticed that there were different statuses (member, mod and owner). Then, I went to search for other armies and found the other major armies at the time. I didn’t join any of these armies though.

I kept going on chat every day, when someone called Skater pc’ed me saying if I would like to join his army, the Dark Magicians, for a mod rank. As I was still a noob at this time, the chance of being a mod on any chat was exciting, so I jumped at the chance. I joined the Dark Magicians, and went to a few battles.

After a few months of doing this routine, my parents had found out what I was doing, unfortunately they didn’t like it, so I was told to stop going on it. This then sent me into an inactive few months. But, I came back in February, the next year, to find that these armies were still around, but that the Dark Magicians had died. I started going on chats again, and explained to my parents what this was all about, they eventually allowed me to go on them again.

I went to a lot of ACP battles and found them very enjoyable. Because of the Dark Magicians, I had learnt a lot more about Small Armies. I found out about Club Penguin Army Central as well, and started checking that regularly. I had also officially joined ACP and got the quite high member rank of 2nd Lieutenant.

One day, Olympus104 gave me the idea of us two creating an army called Non Member Army, which we started straight away. NMA turned out to become a high medium army, and still is to this day!

I climbed my way up the ranks to get the ACP rank I am today, Lt.Colonel, which is still member. I had hoped to get a mod rank, by the time I retire, but unfortunately I never got this.

So, that is pretty much a very brief history of my life as an ACP member! Some of you might be wondering why I am actually retiring, well here are the 3 main reasons why I am:

1. To be honest, I don’t have as much time for CP armies as I used to, I’m 13 and I get a lot of homework, which takes up a lot of my time.

2. I don’t find CP armies as fun as I used to either. So I don’t see as many reasons to stay anymore!!

3. I get threatened to be hacked or for NMA to be hacked literally everyday, which can get very frustrating, even if the person can’t hack, it’s still not the best feeling.

Now for my thank you’s (there is too many to list here, so I will do as many as I can!)

-Olympus104, literally my best friend, and leader of the army me and him created! Thank you so much for being such a great buddy!

-Blacky24782, Another great friend, who I have known since the start. Good luck with the rest of your career!

-9ooo, I have known you also from the start, and I would like to thank you for teaching me a lot more about small armies, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be the CP army person I am now!

-Serc, You are an amazing troop and friend, that I look up to very much. Keep going with GT!

-31drake, You are one of my best friends, and we really get along, we have a lot in common and I wish you the best of luck with everything!

-Mchappy, You are the best leader of ACP I have seen. I have been here for a while and seen many leaders come and go, but you have definitely been the best. Enough said!

-Flipper, You completely deserve the rank that you are in ACP, and I wish you the best of luck to get even higher!

-Boomer, You were here when I first started, so I would like to thank you, for making the ACP I know today!

-Rainy, For being one of the most epic people I know, with many achievements to his name! Good luck with Tacos mate!

-Bearsandcubs, We have had our up’s and down’s but overall you are a great troop and friend.

-12declan12, You are NMA 2ic, and a good one at that, and also a good rank in ACP, that you completely deserve. Good luck with getting higher up!

-Wenny, I’ve not know you for ages, but I already think you are an incredible person and troop, with many achievements to your name. Well done!

-Ias, You’re amazing in ACP, and have been here for longer than I can think of, well done!

-Ronaldy3, You are just an incredible ACP troops, that deserves everywhere that you are at the moment!

-Coolto, Another good friend, with lots of experience. Good Luck!

-Dykgraaf, You are one of the most active troops I know of, good luck with getting higher like you deserve to be!

-Max9207, I know you are retired now, but you were still one of my best mates.

Those are all the people I can think of, but if you think I have missed you out, please tell me on chat or something!

I also have some requests in ACP, that I would really appreciate to happen:

1. Become a moderator on chat, for a month (or however long possible), this would be amazing, to fulfil my ACP career!

2. To be remembered by everyone for as long as possible.

Those are my 2 requests! I’m nearly at the end of my post now. I would just like to say thank you to everyone in CP armies for making my life a whole lot more fun! I will still come on chat, if I have enough time to! It saddens me to say this but, good bye ACP!