One of the Greatest Leaders that never was

Who knows?  Maybe I’ll be like Boomer and Shaboomboom.  I may come back.  I hope, I really do.  I just need to work on my own feelings and how I control things.  I will still be in armies [hint: reporter], so I hope everyone will still be my friend.  Currently I am ACP’s Chat Advisor.  I will come back someday.

I feel bad. Absolute terrible and guilty for what I have thought of one leader. A leader who had the same goal I had. Now yes, some of us said he had changed when he became leader. But if you really could understand. . . If you really could be in the shoes of Icey Cold27.

Mc and I had troubling times before when I was leader. I hated him sometimes and I know he hated me at times. Only a few could have saw our small rivalry in the army, something bad that could have cost the whole Acp. We were both just trying to make things better for the Army of Club Penguin, no harm at all. I believed when I became leader, it felt like Mc did too because he posted as much as me and then later on, more than me. When your 2nd command does this to you it doesn’t make you really happy. We fought a lot in private chat and sometimes on main chat but in disguise. When it came to December I was getting too inactive but I still didn’t like Mc much. I did the craziest thing and left for a month and made him temporary leader.

I checked the site many times and just saw Mc doing everything I wanted or already tried to do. We were in a Winter tournament at the time and Mc was just blowing by easily against every opponent. Great for Acp, bad for me.

So when I came back in that January everyone should know what I did. I stepped down like a coward in my opinions and probably in other soldier’s opinions. I saw all of Mc’s success and don’t tell me he was not ready for leader. He basically was leader all that month leading Acp to victory at the Winter Tournament and setting a record on Club Penguin. So yeah, Mc became leader and I dropped to 2nd command on my order. Now this is when people began to think Mc was “changing” and stuff. I would remember his success and agree with everyone about it saying “he is acting weird.” I never told anyone about how I viewed Mc until this point. Shab about a month ago was on along with Mc and I as owners. Mc was playing around on chat with the troops when Shaboomboom sent a private chat to me. He told me about how Mc was acting “weird” and then I just let Shab have it about Mc. He was probably shocked, I was for once shocked myself.

But now, today I feel guilty for my past with Mc. He told me what happened to him and the truth.


Mc was hacked and could not get online chat for a while. Then when he came back all he got was “WHY WERE YOU INACTIVE!?!? YOU MADE UP FALL!!” Is this a friendly welcome? No wonder why every club penguin army known to man calls us noobs.

The Mc I know led Acp to about 210 troops online at the Winter tournament, creating one of the biggest turn arounds. He took 2nd command and only wanted to help the Acp. Ok maybe my opinion make him seem like a power-hungry animal. He really wasn’t. Yeah he did post kind of too much but no one else was doing it.

The Mc I know did change a bit when he became leader, but still brought us to the top and could not quit on a loss. Some other army leaders hated him for doing this.

Point is Mc could have been one of the greatest leaders in Acp history. Dont believe me? Then if you can’t read the facts, look at the pictures:



This was once at a tactic session:

Klondike March:


And if you just go to the achieves between December 2010 to current times, you can see all of this and more. What I am trying to show to you soldiers (mostly for Acp) think about what you say.

Over & Out


75 Responses

  1. bye mchappy

    • It’s scaring me what’s coming out about some of these acp guys retiring. I mean young women wanting to take there own lives and boys crying under the pressure of leading hundreds of troops. Is this what the glofified army of club penguin is supposed to be? Is this the “fun” world we got addicted to? Bleleive me Noah u need to get away from this. I was having similar problems with school and the only solution was to get rid of the pressure and move to a public school u went through a similar bipolar stage, it took a few months of counseling for me. I hope u can persaveer through this and concentrate on what really matters, and gain control over your feelings.

    • now he let go

  2. I have some more epic pictures.

  3. Salute thee, Mchappy!

  4. Goodbye, sir. It was an honor serving with you. Good luck.

  5. 1st wow bob that really touched me. you will always be my friend and a learder that i will never forget and dont feel bad about your self.


  6. It was so amazing serving under you as leader Mch; it was truly the best experience ever. Your dedication, leadership skills and friendliness are unbeaten. Every event that I attended was a great one, and it seemed that it just couldn’t get better. I know that you really achieved your goal of besting the “Boomer Era” and you did by miles. ACP was always great with you around, but you never seemed to be respected for your actons, which were always positive. If I could make a holiday, I would dedicate it completely to you. I, and countless other soldiers are going to forever remember your leadership as the 20th leader of the ACP; perhaps the most spectacular Club Penguin Army legend of all-time. I know this may seem like a long, boring appreciation post by a random soldier, but to me, everything here is 200% true. Every last word is meaningful, and we will miss you forever. For one last time, over & out.

    ~Adamsapple4 :3 -=Brig. General=- [ACP]

    P.S: I think a moment of silence would be appropriate now ;D

  7. This post actually moved me… I’m sad to see Mc go, but also excited to see a new chapter of ACP unfold. It was an honor to work under your leadership.

  8. Well you most deffinatly did not get 210 on Club Penguin… but keep dreaming. 😉

  9. Bye Bye Bud, and btw I kept asking to go to stage on second to last picture, and look at it now 😀 .

  10. It was my honor to work under your leadership MC. I hope you come back *start to cry* i hope i see you in cp at anytime *salute*

  11. Great nations fall beacuse of bitter rivalry and suspicion between their own fellow brothers, people look fot those to blame, when they cannot see a new rising power.

    One thing changes the most noble men; power, it controls people like puppets, corrupts them, and destroys them. Mchappy did manage it well, but I knew something like this would happen.

    I was amused by Mchappy still trying to stay active in ACP treating troops well, yet some talked behind his back, and few dispised him fir the mist idiotic reasons.

    Its quite….amuzing; seeing people fight over stupidity, so much chaos and fighting its beautiful.

  12. Omg Mc! I can’t believe i thought the things i thought about you 😦
    It turns out you were hacked 😦

  13. “Mc was hacked and could not get online chat for a while. Then when he came back all he got was “WHY WERE YOU INACTIVE!?!? YOU MADE UP FALL!!” Is this a friendly welcome? No wonder why every club penguin army known to man calls us noobs.”

    Are you kidding? From my point of view Mc was the most epic person in ACP. (And note that I am being serious)

    Anyways, goodbye Mc D’:

  14. Bye Mc it was great serving as a fellow Clubpenguin Army leader with you. Hope to see you back someday.. “WHY DOES LOVE ALWAYS FEEL LIKE A BATTLEFIELD???” xD

  15. who will lead ACP?

  16. Bye Mc we had some great times friend.

  17. It’s bi-polar.. Btw bye .-.

  18. Bye mchappy. you rock….. Best ACP leader ever… bye commander 🙂

  19. Mchappy,
    the ACP would like you to finish the tournement for one last goodbye. It does not matter if you do not want to because of any of your reasons will be pardonned.
    over and out your faithful corporal T001.*sobs*.

    P.S:You were a totally epic leader…

  20. NOOOOO MCH! Pleasure being in your control, I dont care if your inactive. Still a friend 😥

  21. Cya Mch. One of the few ACP owners who listened to members 🙂

  22. Hmm…Was that our best memories? or some battle?
    I hope you listened that I am an IW for this battle <:-(
    well acp is AWESOME keep up the good work (y)

  23. Hey!
    What? Mchappy is leaving N000000000 >:-(
    Anyway,Who is going to take over Mchappy?

  24. Is this your retirement post?

  25. We didn’t get 210. Mch admitted that himself after the battle.

  26. Godbye McHappy! U were one the greatest leaders we ever had…

    Bye, GH Daniel.

  27. MCH <3333333 cya bro

  28. Bye Mchappy you were a leader a friend and a teacher.

  29. Mch we are gonna miss you.If you ever would have let that out before maybe we could have helped out but that didnt happen.Im sorry i wished i would have known that cause now i feel like a piece of crap. Just to let you know you were never my favorite leader but you were a really good one. You were here when i came back after a really long break and im happy everyone welcomed me back with open arms.I should have liked you better and it kills me to ever think you were a bad leader. If you ever come back to chat remember me……..i’ll always be the little horse girl everyone knows.Bye Mch have a good life.

  30. Mchappy, as a friend, a leader, and a star, many people are depressed, just like you, to see you go. Before you leave, I would just like to tell you that being bypolar (or whatever it is with emotions) is a symptom of being in puberty. We all know that you’re a brave boy, a leader of the greatest army in the world. When I first joined ACP, you were the best leader I ever saw. I joined Echo because you were leading it. I remember that moment well.

    We went through several arguments. You were thinking I was Anti-ACP, which I proved not to be. Seeing you leave is like a piece of my soul being ripped apart from myself.

    I was thinking of something for you, when I couldn’t. Poetry would only have your emotions swing around.

    If you ever come back to ACP, just for a visit or something, I hope I’ll be the one to greet you. Good bye, Mchappy. You’re always a “Boomgal” (Pun for Boomer and Oagal) in my eyes. You, are a Boomer, in everyone’s eyes. Good luck in life, even though you won’t need it. I can’t see you leaving ACP forever, for I know your soul will have you return.

    Ciao Mchappy, colleague, leader, best friend.

    ~Asdfghjkl888 {Asd}, ACP Senator (Representing Lt. Colonels), ACP Brigadier General.

    It’s sad to see you go. Good luck.

  31. I have been at ACP now for only 5 months at most, and already I have served under 3 leaders. Please don’t leave mchappy, your a great leader! You could make ACP go far! What is it with everybody in this army retiring? Its getting way out of hand. We will all miss you mchappy! Salute.

  32. For the rest of this tournament, let us fight in Mchappy’s name!

  33. We’ll miss you you were a great leader!!!!

  34. Is Icey Retiring?
    Hmmm, oK?

  35. What I hope is that Mchappy becomes happy and the new leader will somehow bring back some of the fun that disappeared in most armies, I hope the new leader can make ACP rise even more, but goodbye Mchappy. I remember when Bob was leader……. I remember Mchappy as 2ic, very active, and happy, good times 🙂

  36. May not have lead the best(not saying he didn’t) but he was one of the few owners if not the only one which talked to the troops and took in and used our ideas. Great friend Mch from CPU and onwards. Bye Bye 😦

  37. Bye icey, hope you get better.

    I may not be able to make the battle today because our main computer doesn’t have the right ‘plug in’ and my dad will not install and risk another virus attack. I can’t access cp, is what it means, and I don’t know if our other computers will have the plug in. So, I may not make it. [Also I couldn’t make any events on the previous week due to school testing]


  39. omg. I have been through ACP since saint and saint now feels ages ago. now it feels decades away.

  40. Mchappy: my leader, soldier and friend,
    I remember the days when you lead CPU(Club Penguin Union) and were my very own soldier. I always knew that you were bound for something and my friend, your time has not yet come.

  41. mchappy you have been one of the best leaders i ever had. we will always miss you. i still the winter Tournament. I hope that you will find your self in the place you want to be but i know you are not in that place, you are far off from taht place and takes a long time to recover from that. my family had issus like that i and really going to miss you. i remember when i was the rank captain. thats when you first became leader. (for me) i will always remember those 3 to 5 mouths of being a leader. you changed me as a soilder from just not the out side but from the inside. i hope that you have a you have a good life.

    Your ACP Brigadier Genaral friend

  42. im gonna miss you iceycold27… YOU ARE THE BEST LEADER IN ACP HISTORY THAT IVE MET!!!
    P.S. i hope u come back

  43. well, i guess we mean nothing now to mch.

  44. Well, Mc you truly are an honorable leader. You actually let the members have a say no matter how nooby they got. If you had were leader for a few more months, I swear ACP would get an average of 250. You led ACP to beat the Boomer Age. The time of your leadership should be called the Mchappy Era. I suggest that the 1st day of your leadership become a holiday.
    ACP holiday.

  45. Mchappy was a very loud mouth person. When I am on chat he demoted me because I said “Hi”. He was a very mean person. I can not forgive him. He called me a “bitch” cuz my cousin was black. Such a jerk!

  46. i have the same thing mchappy i tried to kill myself but then i got over it……


  48. Mchappy,you listened to me as a member I pc’d you every 5 seconds and you listened to me you will be missed forever a true legend I know I probely I drove you crazy when I kept asking you questions when I was a noob I hate to see you go

  49. Icey you were an awesome leader. You always led our army to victory and helped ACP win many battles.
    I hope you will come back someday.

  50. mchappy if u are reading this…i am VERY loyal to you but u have to retire.I hope you return 😦
    ~Your loyal soldier Empoleon7667

  51. Bye Mchappy, You were a great leader. It was an honer to serve under your command. I Really, Really, Really, hope you come back soon.

  52. Goodbye Mchappy. May your position of leader rest in good hands. I believe it will.

    While Mchappy led this army, I had much more fun then ever. For all the time I have been in ACP after quitting twice before, this was the funnest. You and Bob are both very inspiring. Whoever takes leader, whatever 2ic takes the spot, I know you will lead well. I know I will have as much fun as I did with Mch around. Also, to the person who was dating Mch, Gabby I believe, I hope this doesn’t ruin the relationship. :3


  53. Hey Mc, before you go, want to talk on ACP chat in private chat?

  54. Icey, I’ve only been in ACP for around 3 months now, but, I know you are a good leader and I was honored to see you multiple times at battles fighting with the soldiers. You were not afraid to fight with the penguins we all call, family. You were truly one of the greatest leaders ACP has ever had next to Oagalthorp. It is sad to see you go, Icey. I hope one day you will decide to come back. You will be missed greatly by all the ACP soldiers. God Bless, ~Staff Sergeant Flipper88874~

  55. Mchappy, I’m sorry that you’re retiring, but its for good reasons. Although we had our fall-outs, and I yelled at you a lot, and I legitimately hated you probably half the time…. Anyways, I really looked up to you, whether as the Division General I led Echo with, or as the 2ic who took over for Bob while I was 3ic. I admire your courage to face all of us here and admit that you’re depressed and bipolar. That takes courage and bravery that I never had.

    I still hate you for moving my retirement post to be posted after I had already left…. I know that you didn’t post it til Tuesday, and you promised Monday at 12:01am. (d)

    Anywho, email me sometime, you have my email, and good luck in life. Don’t be a jerk.

  56. Actually, the Watex War had WAY more than 210 on CP at once. They had multiple and entire servers filled up. THAT record will never be broken. 210 doesn’t even come close to overcoming this.

  57. The last picture at the snow forts?? that guy in the flail saying: NOT WHEN IM STILL ALIVE???

  58. Good luck ACP, Now that ‘Mchappy’ has left you guys once again likely chance ACP will just fall even more because of the depression he is spreading on this site. 😀

  59. Icey, I enjoyed you no matter what mood you were in and thanks for being so great.
    I have to tell you something tho. I hope you were not diagnosed with depression and bipolar (that is how it is spelled), because it is inpossible to have both at the same time.
    Let me explain, bipolar is you are either in a depressed or manic state. And depression you are never in a manic state. So i would venture to say, you would be just bipolar. It is impossible in the medical field to have both diagnoses.

    Good luck to you.

  60. Mchappy!!!! D: I came on to see how ACP was doing because I’m not supposed to use this computer and I see this 😦 Mchappy all I can say is: You are the greatest leader who ever lived and it’s sad to see you go… D:

  61. I take a break, return, and see this.


  62. I might be greedy but I missed Mc when he wasn’t a leader. Obviously him becoming a leader wasn’t a good change for him but beneficial for this army.

    Or your probably just stressed 😛 A break from all this drama will help you friend!

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