Our Short Unscheduled Event Yesterday

This will be a pretty short post but its just about the event we had, with some pics.Yesterday we had a little unscheduled event. There was only 25-30 people on chat with us three owners leading [Bob, Noka, and Ken] We practiced things like making lines and charging. The pictures of the event are below.




This is just a short post about what we did yesterday. Comment if you made it! Remember commenting helps get promotions!

~Kenneth1000 ACP Head General

13 Responses

  1. Yeah, I wasnt there.
    Wish I was though
    BTW, I need to talk to an Owner


  2. I was there.

  3. Nice job

  4. 4th i think…..

  5. I was there

  6. I was there.

  7. 25-30? THATS 15:s

  8. I was there the first few mins, but i had to do some chores 😀

  9. i think i was there or at another unschedualed event

  10. I was there

  11. I bet you just want people to comment because you’re too lazy to count the names and write them down.

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