The next meeting

Hello ACP,

As many of you may or may not know, I have become your new senate president. Klug unfortunately does not have enough time, and he will be in our thoughts a lot. You can read is resignation by clicking on THIS. Now onto my main priorities!

It has been forever since an actual senate meeting attempt. I am here for you to give you one. Here are the dates (note I stink at wordpress, so excuse me for having bad formatting):

What: Senate Meeting

Who: Senators, and anyone at or above 3ic

Where: Senate’s new chat!

Why: Let’s pass some bills!

When: Saturday April 2, 2011


9:00 PM GMT, 4:oo PM EDT, 3:00 PM CDT, 2:00 PM MDT, 1:00 PM PDT

(Note EDT, CDT, etc. is sort of the same thing as EST, CST, etc. Since daylight savings has occured, we are now under daylight time, or DT, instead of standard time, or ST)

That’s all for now! Thanks for welcoming me as your senate president.


P.S. You can e-mail me at if you have any questions whatsoever. Also, I will be updated my website soon with info on the senate meeting.

Retirement of 24Keyser

Yes i am retiring finaly

After 3 years in ACP i think its my time

I have been growing bored of cp armies

now lets just thank some people who brought me this far

Jcapp:Epic friend

Thebester: He was the bester

Mch:Epic freind

ACP Soldier:Thank you for going on Mammoth that one time and recuiting me

KG:Still epic

The Rest Of ACP:Thank You For 3 Amazing Years I Will Miss U All!

My Final Wish Is To Stay A Mod On ACP Chat

You Can Find Me On Transformice CP Or Whirled

For the last time


Over & Out to 24Keyser (retired)

A new day.

Leaders: Read the private post.

Many posts to read so be sure to scroll down!

Hey ACP!

First of all, something that may concern all of you.. You all know Mchappy/Icey Cold’s retirement, right? Well as sad as that is, we mustn’t waste time having NEW leaders to help lead us to a new future! When Mchappy retired, he told me the next leader should be between Kenneth and I. Hey, why not combine the two for maximum brilliance?

Now, today we had a battle against the famous Ice Warriors. It seemed as though we might of lost some size, with retirements everywhere! As well as losing one of the best leaders that we have been lucky enough to have.. so boy was I surprised when we started hitting 50. I logged on at about 5:15 GMT to get ready, but I was quickly warned by Ken that IW had already logged on.. We wanted to log on 30 minutes before, not 45!

Anyway, we marched onto Klondike to face our enemy, and stationed in the Plaza. From now on, I think I will let the pics do the talking!



We do Puke emotes in line, I think Ollie the janitor will need to clear that mess up..

Just to remind anyone who forgot, we chat: “WE ARE ACP!”

Snow Forts:

We move into the Snow Forts where our size really begins to pick up, we stay here for the rest of the battle.

A nice shot of our size without tactics, I count about 45+ in this picture, not sure the exact number.

We all like a bit of food, right? We show off our awesome pizzas in an attempt to bring the IW to us, if we wouldn’t go to them.

We show our love as we evacuate from our line, and venture into the unkown! *WARY*


At this point, CP failed for me and about 15 of us got logged off. Khimo stayed on and lead the remaining ACP, here are a couple of his pictures

Snow Forts Continued:

A nice Circle with flower emotes.. Nothing more to say. There were several other tactics, but no pictures were taken.


Ken and I settled on a tie with Icey, as neither army could fight one another in the battle. Based on tactics and size, CPAC may decide something else, but in the mean time.. Good job ACP, for a healthy battle with IW. I will update this with more news as I go on.

But one final announcement. Thank-you to Khimo who helped lead us in the battle, and is well deserving of a reward.

He has been given the Bronze Medal Award, for his services today. Good job Khimo!

That’s all for today!

~Kenneth1000 and Flipper7706





Hello ACP,

I, obviously, am Klug1234, former second in command of the Army of Club Penguin, and (until today) president of ACP’s Senate. When Mchappy offered me the role of Senate President, I was excited. Anyone that knows me and has listened to my ideas knows for a fact that I have great ideas. But I should have known this would happen. I simply do not have enough time to manage the Senate. I am truly sorry, and I am dissappointed in myself. My life is far too chaotic to handle scheduling Senate meetings and running them. I wish I could have time for ACP, I truly do. I’ve always wanted to help this army achieve something, make a difference in this army. But I simply do not have the time. If I had the time to be around ACP, I would not have retired from the position of second in command in September or whenever. If I had the time for ACP, I would’ve stayed and it’s very possible with Mch’s leaving that I would have been in the mix for ACP leader by now. I could be a great leader, I truly could have. I truly could have been a great Senate president. But my real world commitments have gotten the best of me. Lack of time is one of the reasons I retired in the first place. I am very aware that the majority of soldiers thought I was very inactive, and I am just as aware that I was on the verge of being demoted to third in command.  I knew enough to retire and leave ACP to those who were both capable of running it and had the time. But I stupidly accepted Mchappy’s offer to become Senate President. I thought I could do this. Mchappy, to you, with all the stress you have been going through recently, I am very sorry, as my stupidity and lack of time may have caused some of it.

To all the Senators that I appointed and never got to see a Senate meeting, I am sorry. To all of the people I have let down, I am sorry. I truly am. But I must resign and give the Senate up to someone who can run it. If I may, I would like to hand command of the Senate to Jcapp64. 

With full apologies and regret,


Retirement of Shimmy222

I am leaving, this once great army on which I think as a high, I joined this wonderful army because I was looking forward to the future which I could achieve by joining this army, I joined in Ias’s reign, although it pains me to say, he was probably the best leader I had whilst I was at ACP, he was funny and easy to talk to. You could always have a chat with him and he took you seriously, but army leaders now only care about what’s best for them, what can make them popular, Matre was my next leader, he never replied to anything I said (maybe because I was a low rank but still…) and he only listened to his elders (High Ranking Soldiers). At this time I was slowly moving up the ranks of ACP, and I thought maybe I could be one of those boys who always talks to the leader who always puts the leader in their retirement post, but as I grew more mature, I realised something. I didn’t need to be best friends with the leader to get a high rank and become popular. All I had to do was work hard and work myself up the ranks, and I did and I found myself in the situation I am in now. Head reporter at the Club Penguin United Nations, a nice mod rank at ACP and living the CP life to the full, what’s wrong with that, I never got on with any leader, you can even ask, no leader I worked under ever liked me but in some sort of way I hope they respected me. I had my arguments and fights but I worked through it and I am here today happy with how I have done. Some of you probably remember, me being a noob, swearing, shouting and always causing fights, some of you still think I do it today but I don’t I grew up a long time ago, I realised if I stop making fights and put my head down and work, I can get somewhere and so can everyone else if they do the same thing. Some of you think as me as a bad soldier some of you think of me as a good soldier but nobody can deny I changed, but I didn’t change by myself, I did need help from more than a few people, Here are just a few that helped me here at ACP

Cas: We are not the best of friends but we always got on, your were nearly always there for me when I got “Bullied” on ACP chat, or when I got gang up on, you helped me gain some respect thanks mate.

KieranFB: Your more of a long life friend but there is no denying you helped me along the way, we helped each other in any way we could, we had great times together, we gave each other confidence and when I think of you I think of someone who is more than just a friend.

Earth: Wow Earth, we have come a long way haven’t we, you probably will never see this but you were a great friend and one I will treasure forever, we had our ups and we had our downs but we nearly never argued and we worked together on everything and anything we could we would do together, even though we had that one fight with *cough* Rex *cough* we will always stick by each other Luv Ya xxxx

Funks: King we haven’t really worked together or talked a lot but we always got on we could always speak and you were a real help with my grammar and maturity, you helped me become a reporter and dare to take reporting as a job. Good Luck mate.

But the one who helped the most…

Gistha2: Mate I know we know each other and I know you will be in my final retirement post but you introduced me to this world, you showed me how to join ACP, how to chat, how to go to battles what to do, and you taught me this world, I don’t know where I would be without you mate, you were my stepping stone.

So was ACP, ACP was my stepping stone to a new place a new career, I took on reporting and look where I am now Head Reporter of CPUN and I have been on many other news sites, ACP were my family for a while, but I have now left you guys for a better world, and I have no requests, I don’t want to be mod forever, I just want it to stay as it is, I will never forget this beautiful place, I wish you all good luck and I will see you around some time (hopefully).

I just have some final words:

I’ll get there alive even if it kills me!

Thank you


Don’t throw away the old bucket until you know whether the new one holds water.