Retirement of Shimmy222

I am leaving, this once great army on which I think as a high, I joined this wonderful army because I was looking forward to the future which I could achieve by joining this army, I joined in Ias’s reign, although it pains me to say, he was probably the best leader I had whilst I was at ACP, he was funny and easy to talk to. You could always have a chat with him and he took you seriously, but army leaders now only care about what’s best for them, what can make them popular, Matre was my next leader, he never replied to anything I said (maybe because I was a low rank but still…) and he only listened to his elders (High Ranking Soldiers). At this time I was slowly moving up the ranks of ACP, and I thought maybe I could be one of those boys who always talks to the leader who always puts the leader in their retirement post, but as I grew more mature, I realised something. I didn’t need to be best friends with the leader to get a high rank and become popular. All I had to do was work hard and work myself up the ranks, and I did and I found myself in the situation I am in now. Head reporter at the Club Penguin United Nations, a nice mod rank at ACP and living the CP life to the full, what’s wrong with that, I never got on with any leader, you can even ask, no leader I worked under ever liked me but in some sort of way I hope they respected me. I had my arguments and fights but I worked through it and I am here today happy with how I have done. Some of you probably remember, me being a noob, swearing, shouting and always causing fights, some of you still think I do it today but I don’t I grew up a long time ago, I realised if I stop making fights and put my head down and work, I can get somewhere and so can everyone else if they do the same thing. Some of you think as me as a bad soldier some of you think of me as a good soldier but nobody can deny I changed, but I didn’t change by myself, I did need help from more than a few people, Here are just a few that helped me here at ACP

Cas: We are not the best of friends but we always got on, your were nearly always there for me when I got “Bullied” on ACP chat, or when I got gang up on, you helped me gain some respect thanks mate.

KieranFB: Your more of a long life friend but there is no denying you helped me along the way, we helped each other in any way we could, we had great times together, we gave each other confidence and when I think of you I think of someone who is more than just a friend.

Earth: Wow Earth, we have come a long way haven’t we, you probably will never see this but you were a great friend and one I will treasure forever, we had our ups and we had our downs but we nearly never argued and we worked together on everything and anything we could we would do together, even though we had that one fight with *cough* Rex *cough* we will always stick by each other Luv Ya xxxx

Funks: King we haven’t really worked together or talked a lot but we always got on we could always speak and you were a real help with my grammar and maturity, you helped me become a reporter and dare to take reporting as a job. Good Luck mate.

But the one who helped the most…

Gistha2: Mate I know we know each other and I know you will be in my final retirement post but you introduced me to this world, you showed me how to join ACP, how to chat, how to go to battles what to do, and you taught me this world, I don’t know where I would be without you mate, you were my stepping stone.

So was ACP, ACP was my stepping stone to a new place a new career, I took on reporting and look where I am now Head Reporter of CPUN and I have been on many other news sites, ACP were my family for a while, but I have now left you guys for a better world, and I have no requests, I don’t want to be mod forever, I just want it to stay as it is, I will never forget this beautiful place, I wish you all good luck and I will see you around some time (hopefully).

I just have some final words:

I’ll get there alive even if it kills me!

Thank you


Don’t throw away the old bucket until you know whether the new one holds water.


8 Responses

  1. bye

  2. Bye shimmy 😦

  3. sorry 4 impersinating you on chat and getting to be mod…… the owners need to be more careful about who they mod…..


  5. BYE!!!!!! Don’t come back anytime soon

    We were once friends. We were enemies. We are now neutrel

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