New Leaders of ACP

Hello ACP!

In case you guys are not aware yet, Flipper and I have become the new leaders of the Army of Club Penguin. With new leaders comes some new changes. Don’t worry the changes won’t be big or bad but just some little things that will improve the army and its performance on Club Penguin overall. I’m sure almost all of you have seen me around on Club Penguin and on ACP chat before, but if you don’t know me, I am Kenneth1000. I was your former Second in Command and now leader of the ACP, leading with Flipper.

I joined ACP about 2 years ago and I have been here since the first time Boomer lead ACP. So basically I have served through 13 leaders not including Flip and I. I have been an Owner rank since Matre was leading ACP and I am happy to see I still am one. 😆 Whether I shall lead for long or short, my time in the ACP will be devoted to your service. Flipper and I intend to keep ACP at the top of the Top Ten Armies and bring us to another good if not golden age for the ACP. We have a long list of things to do such as active counts and other things to improve ACP.

Having both Flipper and I as ACP Leaders probably has more advantages then disadvantages. Flipper lives in Europe and I live in North America. That is a perfect combination. He can attend the European events better while I can attend the North American events better. Remember in World War V, we were going on the offensive and invading the NW servers?

A lot of the invasions were scheduled for Europeans and we won most if not all of the European invasions of NW servers. Now imagine having a leader that can better lead those events. We can get more troops on as well. A leader living in Europe can plan and schedule more invasions and raids when everyone in North America is either sleeping or at school.

This leadership will last for a month, then we will review how the leadership is going. If it isn’t going too well, we may reform the leadership of the Army of Club Penguin, but who knows, only time will tell? There was a massive debate about who would become leader, including several private posts. However, our leadership was confirmed when Mchappy, previous ACP leader, logged on earlier today and confirmed our appointment.

If you have any problems with us as leaders, please comment. There might be some big changes soon, we will have to see! Below is a couple of topics that have been brought to our attention.


New High Ranks:

Obviously with the appointment of Kenneth and I, there are new high ranks. Here is a quick look at the high ranks at the moment, but they are not fully complete yet:

Supreme Commander: Kenneth1000, Flipper7706

Head General (2ic): Bobcatboy10, Noka8

Commander General (3ic): Chase50, [TBA] and [TBA]

——Owner Line——

Field Marshal (6): Slider (ACPTR), Johny 4, Jcapp64, Khimo, Lillie Rose, Monsterfully, Jordi30267

General (10): 12Declan12 , Happyman444, Jackie202 Lorenzo BeanNoseycjrRyann, Smartuin, Speeder109, Stew20, Talyor455

As you can see we have two Commander General (3ic) spots open, these will be decided in a couple of days, after the leadership has settled. Some changes that have happened is that Jackie, ACPTR leader, has stepped down from his role. He was a fantastic leader, and we hope he will be back soon enough to take over again soon! In the meantime, Slider, has been granted the chance of ACPTR leader. Good luck Slider, and good luck to all new recruits!


Too many moderators?

Shortly after we were confirmed as leaders, some higher ranked soldiers started plotting new rank changes. One that was thought up by Iasgae 56 (Former ACP leader) and Fiasco121 (ACP High Rank) that we should raise the mod rank by 2 ranks. This would make Major General and Lt. General member ranks, so that you had to be at least a Field General to be a moderator. This is something that we weren’t too keen on. So we turned to the soldiers, here is a poll to decide:

Me and Ken have already set about reducing the moderators, and have found  about 30 Inactive mods who will be demoted to High member or bottom mod. If you don’t agree with the demotion, you can always go to the “Help” page on the ACP site! As always, please do not hack the poll, or cheat in any way so the poll goes in your favour. That is all for this subject!



As you might know, division were scrapped after the last Division battle, in which Alpha won. They were replaced by “Patrols” where soldiers would make a comment once they had patrolled a server, a thing that has worked very well. The idea is Divisions might come back, but with Patrols still here. Many enjoyed divisions, and they were a nice competitive thing inside of ACP, the question is, should they come back? And what kind of divisions should there be?

Last time there was divisions, the majority of the time there were too: Alpha and Echo. Near the end of divisions reign, Omega was  introduced for a short period of time. However, the following week they were both scrapped.. Divisions were a good way to split the army in battles, to gain an advantage.. So what do ACP think? Should Divisions be re-introduced?

If they should come back, which divisions?

The above poll is multiple choice, so choose wisely!

ACP will either have 2 or 3 divisions if they come back, it depends on the most popular. That’s all on this topic!



As some of you may know (Seems like I start every sentence with that) Iasgae, former ACP leader, wrote up a constitution for ACP some time ago. It is a bit lengthy, but it is quite impressive. Some things may have to be changed, but it is a nice draft and covers most things. If you want to read it, click HERE. This takes you to a different site, one that Iasgae himself has created. I think only a few will vote on this one, as only a few will be bothered to read it, but anyway, here is a poll on the (Possible) ACP Constitution:

So that is that!


Sign Off

You can’t believe what an honour it is to be named ACP leaders, we promise we will try our best to keep ACP at the top of it’s game. We are YOUR soldiers, your wishes are our commands. More posts coming soon! That’s all for now.

Your newest leaders,

~Kenneth1000 and Flipper7706

85 Responses

  1. No offence why is chase even up there and yet im still a general rank thats cool… ive been to every event for the past 3 months no promo wow your cool..

  2. Use the new constitution!

  3. THE only vote thing is the mod thing because i am so close to mod

  4. 2nd

  5. Congrats, and I think we should be having more unscheduled events and I would like to suggest a new rule: No TFW during any ACP events

  6. It’s going to be a honour to serve ACP under u guys…….

  7. I’m excited to see this new chapter of ACP unfold. It looks like we have a bright future ahead of us.

  8. Sweet; BTW, I have a few suggestions for ACP; find me on chat sirs


  9. Jordi and Smart would make good 3ics.

  10. You guys are both great leaders, But I don’t think there should be 2 leaders.

  11. I wanted it to be Meat, Ven, and Kyle Cease =P

    • Put Cas and Wwebestfan up there Too Woulda been the best team in the world :p Sarcasm………..

    • Lmao, that might actually work. Meat entertains the noobs, Ven leads, and Kyle insults the crap out of ACP. Sounds like a plan!

  12. the mods r fine.

  13. And where is Bob to be found as leader?

    Where is a vote or SOME sort of Soldier’s choice to be found?

    Can someone explain this Logic to me. How, in God’s Grace did Flipper ( 3ic ) surpass Bob ( 2ic & former Leader ) for a spot of leader.

    This in no way is meant to be personal towards ANYONE. But there’s ALOT wrong with this in my oppinion.

    Also. Congrats on Slide and Khimo on they’re promotion!


    • A. Where is Bob to be found as leader?

      For the past couple of years, there hasn’t really ever been a vote for the next leader, the previous leader has already chosen the next one, that is what Mch did with us.

      B. Where is a vote or SOME sort of soldier’s choice to be found?

      Answered before, in the history of ACP soldiers there is rarely a vote, ever.

      C. Can someone explain this Logic to me. How, in God’s Grace did Flipper ( 3ic ) surpass Bob ( 2ic & former Leader ) for a spot of leader.

      Explanation: Bob had already been leader, some people thought that maybe it was time to give someone else a chance. I’m not sure if Bob even wanted the spot, I don’t know. Ken said he wouldn’t lead without me with him, I wouldn’t lead without him, so we joined together.

      D. This in no way is meant to be personal towards ANYONE. But there’s ALOT wrong with this in my oppinion.

      In your opinion, what about others? This is only for a month anyway. :3

    • And where is Bob to be found as leader?

      Honestly, if Bob had wanted to lead, would he have stepped down and gave Mchappy the position of leader? No.

      Where is a vote or SOME sort of Soldier’s choice to be found?

      When has the ACP been democratic? The DRACP is widely known to be a dictatorship, with the preceding leader appointing the new leader(s). I don’t understand why you are complaining about this system now, surely you realized that this is how power changes hands in this army?

      Can someone explain this Logic to me. How, in God’s Grace did Flipper ( 3ic ) surpass Bob ( 2ic & former Leader ) for a spot of leader.

      Nobody likes people who lead twice. Quite honestly, it annoys me. Give other people a chance, you know what I mean? People should really know when their time in armies is over. e Plus, why should Bob lead again? Not saying Bob is bad or anything, but saying Bob has more of a right to lead again is like saying Barack Obama will be a better choice for President in 2012 simply because he has been the President.

      This in no way is meant to be personal towards ANYONE. But there’s ALOT wrong with this in my oppinion.

      True, ACP is screwed up. But hopefully this new Constitution can fix it a little bit (I’ve read the thing numerous times, and I love it).

  14. im soooo happy ya’ll are our new leaders!! im excited to see the new things that will happen with ya’ll leading ACP!

  15. i think we should ONLY HAVE ONE LEADER

  16. Chase is inactive..he should be demoted

    • Chase recently came on chat saying that his computer had been broke, and he couldn’t get the message across to say he would be inactive.

      We decided to give him one more chance, because we are nice like that. 😆


  17. I think everything here and the changes will cherish ACP. It is surprising to have TWO ACP leaders. But it is really cool at the same time. 🙂

    I think the new 3ic’s should be: Jordi and Jcapp. I would of said Slider but he is ACPTR.

    ~Keith ACP 2nd lieutenant

  18. YEW SUCK

  19. Great! Cant wait to see whhats gonna go on around here soon! Im new and dont have a rank yet but i would like for you to know that i have benn trying my best to inform soliders on the chat about recent invasions( even if theyre tiny) because some teams are growing and are eberywhere! Ive seen sooo many swat soliders in the past couple weeks… But we are trying our best to help with the leaderships… We all want to be in your position someday but for now we do everything to help you… Thank you for reading this if you took the time to… Good luck on leading us far! ~ Brrrfect

  20. Oh, crap I would be a member after I work so hard to achieve modship!

  21. Great idea. two leaders… best idea in the world! hmm cheese… pizza…. naow i am hungry again 😦

  22. shouldnt we of been able to vote on whos new leader of acp?

  23. It’s an honor to serve you

  24. You should make a poll:

    Has ACP gone mad?

    I’d choose the 2nd one. :mrgreen:

  25. нєу,
    ιηαcтινє ƒσя α ωєєк. ƒℓιρρєя вєcσмєѕ ℓєα∂єя؟ мαувє ι ωιℓℓ cσмє вαcк. ƒℓιρρєя ωιℓℓ вє αωєѕσмє. αη∂ кєη. σн му gαωѕн. ωєℓcσмє тσ тнє ‘υℓтιмαтє αωєѕσмє єяα’ αcρ. ℓєт тнє gαмєѕ вєgιη!   

     ∆  ∆


    αℓѕσ, ιм gσηηα вє вαcк ση cнαт ѕσση, χαт нαѕ вєєη gσιηg cяαααααzzу. αℓѕσ αℓѕσ, cσηgяαтυℓααααααтισηѕ уσυ gυуѕ.

         ∆  ∆
       ∆  ∆  ∆
     ∆    ∆    ∆

  26. Flip you better change that chat background to photobucket or I shall personally stab you with a butchers knife >:D

  27. нσω αвσυт ∂ινιѕιση ηιтяσ؟ нυн؟ ~ρυяρℓє ѕℓιмєЧ

  28. I think that the most important qualification for being a moderator is to make sure that when u are on chat that you are not afk or off playing some game. I have found that when I’m on chat it seems that they are not around esp durning the day time. I hope this problem can be taken care of more so than concerning your self with what rank mods are suppose to be.

  29. IceyCold is retired?

    And I want to know what rank you need to be for 3ic rank?

  30. jANITOR FOR 3IC ;0

  31. It would be cool to bring the divisions back. I think the mod line should be raised by just 1 rank.

  32. Jcapp and Johny4. No regrets.

  33. Congradulations you two, you guys deffinetly deserve it because of your respect and time offered to the ACP.

    General Of The ACP~Happyman444

  34. I was mentioned 3 times in this post OPWNED.

  35. I got use to flipper’s leadership during the 2nd round of CPAC.Now to start getting use to kenneth’s leaderships.congrats you 2.
    ~Empoleon7667 😀

  36. I think its great you guys are leaders
    Who’s idea was it to have two leaders?
    I think its awesome, but i was just wondering

  37. I am still here.

  38. I’ll be a sort of active 3ic lol


  40. I OUIT ACP

  41. JK

  42. you will be a good commander

  43. What a joke.

    • LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Hi

  44. I liek Fuzzy Bunnyz.

  45. VKF Dubstep snfm!

  46. can i be a 3ic plz o plz

  47. I have no problem with the change to 1ic… infact… let me say WELCOME! I just joined ACP… and am hoping this will be a great age of ACP!

  48. im learning about oligarchys in social studies right now, and i learned one thing from it. THEY NEVER WORK OUT! so im just gonna throw that out there so ya know.

  49. I. Won’t. Evan. Bother.

  50. I am Field Marshall and not that popular.. so no one ever mentions me for 3ic xD You can feel bad for me all you want! :p

  51. I like trains

  52. Mike, you’d be a good 3ic, and it’s not even about being popular, It’s about having good friends by your side. You’re a kind, nice, good-leading person, I’d love to see you as 3ic. 😉

  53. Almost a year as leaders. 😀

  54. The end of this Leadership brought down ACP to what it is today. Ken and Flip were Damn good leaders

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