Retirement of Cpt Awesome3

Hello, this Cpt Awesome3, ACP Captain. I am officially retiring from all Club Penguin armies. I have been in Club Penguin armies since October 27th, 2010. I found out about these armies when I was trying to google, “Club Penguin Accounts” because I was seeing if I could somehow find a rare account that wasn’t banned. I stopped when I wrote “Club Penguin a” and saw “Armies” for the rest of te sentence. I clicked it and, vwalla! I join the ACP.

I have some confessions to make before I list the people that were my friends… All of those people that you knew as my “brother” or Flipper111, were me. Flipper11 was me, Maverick50 was me and Mafd2 was me. I created those people to get out of my stressfulness it is to be me. I wanted to get away. Sometimes, I wanted to go back and time and start over as a n00b again. The truth is, I have 1 brother, and 1 sister. Both play Club Penguin, both zare younger then me, both are NOT affiliated with Club Penguin armies, and both are not Flipper111, Mafd2, or Maverick50. So yes, now for my friends…

Keith09- One of the Greatest friends I ever met. You were the best person to talk to on xat, and you always were there with me, thanks. I give my only 5 xats I have, too you. Good luck in armies and CPGT!

Boofgall1- Ohhh Boof. Your were also a good friend. Hope you become Golden Troops leader soon 😉

Mew2red- Oh Mew. I remember the old days when I would scold you in CPAR 😆 Have fun in armies Mew.

Nick5013 or Clivf- Awesome. You were my GFX designer and a good friend. I hope that you find a job and have a good life.

Morrisons2- You were the leader of the 2nd army I joined, CPSFT. You had my sister join, and welcomed me. I like you for that. Lead NMA good 😉

Timmy0000- Great friend, great person. Prosper in CPF 😉

Kooldude247- Awesome. SMAC will epicly Pwn with you, I hope you get head om SMAC. One of the best friends I’ve ever had.

ioioluk- We’ve had some up and down times, but overall, pretty nice guy.

Well, that’s it. I hope you all have good life’s, and do well in your armies. And yes, I am quitting 1. Club Penguin, 2. Club Penguin Armies, and 3. Xat.

Peace out my friends….

-Cpt Awesome3, The Living Legend

18 Responses

  1. 1st, and bye troops…

  2. Never knew you but gonna miss you

  3. Good luck in life 🙂

  4. im also gonna retire

  5. Goodbye Cpt. Your time in Club Penguin armies probably changed a lot of things. Even if you don’t realize it. I will miss you fighting along side me. I hope we can still talk on Xat here and there. 🙂

    Over and out for now,


  6. Bai I remember you from AW chat, have a good life! 😀

  7. Bye cpt, well miss u

  8. Bye, remember you from ST sad to see you quit xat too, goodluck in life wherever you go.



  10. Cya


  11. Cpt Awesome. A cool guy, I must say we’ve had our ups and downs but al round you’re a great guy.

    ~ Change (Joe)

  12. I saw you on chat once or twice, You seemed like a great person and soldier. You will be missed.

  13. Bye. I never met you,but I know ur awesome. Good luck, everyone in acp shall miss u

  14. sorry to see ya go I saw u on Cool Cp GFX alot though!

  15. 1$/747382&3!($55

  16. There have been too many retirements in March

  17. Ohh the memories.

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