Unscheduled Events

Hello ACP!

This is a quick and short post asking you guys about how many unscheduled events we should have each week to help keep the army active and alive. The poll is directly underneath.

Today we did a tremendous job at a You Lead Session. We were all bored so Stew20 and I decided to get the troops on Club Penguin. The troops followed the orders amazingly well and very quickly. First Stew lead for a while then I lead the event for a short time before turning it into a You Lead Session. You guys followed your fellow soldier’s orders very superbly as well as my own orders. We got about 30 people on Club Penguin. Some soldiers claim they had so much fun they want to do this again tomorrow to get another chance to lead. A picture of the You Lead Session is below. I couldn’t get many pictures because I was constantly reading requests and PC’s for people to lead as well as ownering and un-onwering people that were leading. Some people I saw there were Carter, Weatherboy, Stew, Nicjackson, and Cait, amongst the other troops. If you were also at the event you can find yourself in the picture.  If you can’t see the picture very well at this size click on it for a bigger look!

This is what Stew calls a "perfect line".

Comment If You Were There!

18 Responses

  1. 1st and I was there!

  2. 2nd and i was the one who said “ACP ROCKS!” in that pic and by the way…Speacial thanks to kenneth,cait,stew,and others for leading. 😀

  3. Couldn’t come.

  4. I ordered that “perfect line”

  5. I couldn’t make that one, since I had school, but I have attended some other unscheduled events this week!!!

  6. I was there and if you didnt notice, i was screaming like a lunatic for no particular reason XD


  8. Also me and about 11 ACP were recruiting

  9. i think i was there :wary:

  10. I was at 3 of them this week.

  11. i actually was one of the solders who started thet small little battle so of course i was there

  12. I was there for a small time… byeeee i am going to play sift-heads. 😀

  13. I WAS THERE… I’m Master Kyl.

  14. I was there. I like unscheduled events better then scheduled for some reason.

  15. I made part of it!

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