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Flipper: This is a good post, and very nicely detailed. But please Jcapp, only post about the senate. Although you have written well about the 3ic spots, it is not what you are on the site for. You did not know this beforehand, so I don’t blame you, but yeah, senate only please. ;3

Noka- This is a good idea also i think we should ban the Adolf Hitler simson picture on ACP chat. The reason being is because everytime someone has that picture  they threaten to hack somone and cause a lot of trouble and panic on ACP chat.

Hello ACP and ACP Senators!

Normally I cover senate, but today, I’m going to do a little bit of everything to help out ACP Morale, so everyone should read this post. Here’s your table of contents for today.


2.  Commander General Possibilities

3. Senate meeting and other priorities

4. Presidential Address to the citizens of the DRACP.


If you are a Lieutenant Colonel or below, JOIN ACPTR TODAY! ACPTR introduces material to you that has great significance to becoming a leader. Kenneth1000, our new ACP leader went into ACPTR and was an A+ graduate of it. ACPTR will provide you skills that help you throughout your ACP, or CP Army career. If Kenneth can do it, than how about you? Here is your chance today! Go to the ACPTR site and join!

2. Commander General Possibilities

I know all of you are anxious to know who even POSSIBILITIES are. Well I’ve been talking to Kenneth1000 and Flipper7706 constantly about this, and I have also gone “Under Cover Boss” a little bit. But being a neutral party, these are your people that look like they are going to get it, from most likely to least likely (and note also that two spots are open, not one, so the top two are most likely to get it.)

1. Field Marshal Jcapp64, 2. Field Marshal Johny 4, 3. General Smartuin, 4. Field Marshal Monsterfully, 5. Field Marshall Khimo. I wish you all good luck! For those rooting for me (By the way, this is a neutral list. Please don’t criticize me of being bias of myself.) I will still be your president if becoming 3ic.

3. Senate priorities.

Senators will need to e-mail me a blank e-mail at ASAP by Saturday in order for me to give you an code. No this will not be like school, although you are required to attend all senate meetings, not missing 3 senate meetings in a term. Engrade currently has an assignment for you, which will be your only assignment on there I ever give you. Please check it regularly. If you get below 75%, you will not be allowed to run next election. So again i reiterate: ALL SENATORS MUST PRESENT SOME TYPE OF BILL AT ALL SENATE MEETINGS. IF YOU PLAN TO BE ABSENT, SEND ME YOUR BILL.

Senators, please remember the times for next senate meeting. Here they are again:

What: Senate Meeting

Who: Senators, and anyone at or above 3ic

Where: Senate’s new chat!

Why: Let’s pass some bills!

When: Saturday April 2, 2011


9:00 PM GMT, 4:oo PM EDT, 3:00 PM CDT, 2:00 PM MDT, 1:00 PM PDT

(Note EDT, CDT, etc. is sort of the same thing as EST, CST, etc. Since daylight savings has occured, we are now under daylight time, or DT, instead of standard time, or ST)

4. Presidential Address.

My fellow DRACP citizens,

A new president is amongst the ACP lands and territories. Once more a new leader of senate will be. Coming with presidents are vice presidents, and of course our senators are new changes. There will also be new Commander Generals soon, and new bills to be discussed. I now begin our journey into this speech.

New presidency has now come upon us. I have taken term Saturday March 26, 2011 at 12:00 PM PST. I thank our former president Klug1234 for assigning me to a power of awesome responsibility. With my new presidency, I will be setting for Casiusbrutus as Vice President of the Democratic Republic Army of Club Penguin. I will set forth that only I am allowed to fire him, Kenneth1000 and Flipper7706 with a combined vote can fire him, or Vice President Casiusbrutus can be impeached and voted out with 75% of senate approval. Let’s go on more about new leadership.

The Commander General spot has been open with our new leaders coming in. We have also had lots of rumor that I have been nominated for it. Realize I am glad that I am able to see to it that I am nominated, but I will not leave senate in any way, shape, form or idea unless something happens. Also, a lot of talk is with Johny 4, Smartuin, Monsterfully, and Khimo. I wish these people well also. They seem like good candidates for a worthy position. Now the topic rests on potential bills I will try to send to senate.

A lot of moderators are on our chat. We do not like it. It has caused moderator fights, and punishments not needed. I will be sending a bill to senate in the future to raise the moderator line to the rank of general, give or take a rank. In the near future, it will be preventable to have such conflicts we do today. We also need to focus on hacking.

Hacking is a big deal. Blue Warriors, the top small army according to Small Medium Army Central (SMAC), was hacked earlier. Hacking is intolerable. We can not stand it. I understand ACP stands on the “No Hacking Bill” and is a proud sponsor of it, but I will propose more security measures that keeps ACP a safe, fun place for kids. I will be proposing that anyone of any army that threatens to hack ACP, jokingly or not, will be banned from any ACP events, and will not be allowed inside the army ever again. Hacking threats are something that aren’t always true, but when you get that one time it becomes serious, and we will regret it in the end. I will also try to pass one more bill in senate during this term of senators.

We will pass on a new constitution to take place. The constitution can be found here, and we credit former leader lasgae56 with this amazing bill: and we will always have him credited for it. It’s vital we have a constitution. A constitution forms a nation. The United States of America would not be here without one.

In closing soldiers and senators, we are here for a reason; we must serve and protect Club Penguin. Without our orderly government and great leaders, Club Penguin would be a mad-house with no order or good conduct, and more reports of people. More importantly, ACP itself has taught me many lessons. It’s taught me a lot about today’s new and growing technology, and it has taught me how to live. Where would we be without ACP? Where would we be without a government? With that, I say “Defend Freedom; Preserve Justice.”

March On!

President Jcapp64, ACP Field Marshal

14 Responses

  1. k

  2. A nice long post. Good job.

  3. I quit Senate. I cannot balance Seante and ACP with my life. I’m lucky I can balance ACP. I’m sorry.

  4. Jcapp email me at I won’t be a ble to make it. BUT I have a bill ready for you.

    P.S I will not make it since I have Championships at that time.

    Hayden70389 ~Former Senate~

  5. long but good keep it up

  6. FM Jcapp and General Smartuin for 3ic


  7. Khimo for 3ic

  8. He should be made a contributer

  9. I have stopped hacking in the past few weeks.

    It was a hard decision, but i have stopped

  10. Agreed with Noka, the last time Adolf Simpson appeared was going to be Noka’s ownership’s end.

  11. Jcapp dont count anyone out who is a Field Marshal because anything can happen (d)

  12. Jcapp sorry I might not be able to make beCA\SE OF FLIGHT PROBLEMS. sorry for the caps 😀

  13. this is a nice website and useful for everyone.

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