Hey ACP!

Flipper here, with the results to quite a lot of things. Remember the last post with numerous polls? It’s time to decide what is going to happen! If you don’t remember polls were put up to find out if some things should return, or some thing should happen. They were:

  • Too Many Moderators? – A poll to decide if we shold raise the Mod line, to get rid of a lot of mods, there have been complaints that we have “Too Many”. If the Voting is too close, the choice “Keep it the same” will prevail.
  • Divisons? – This poll was to decide if the ever popular Divisions were to come back! Manny soldiers have voted, and it will be revealed soon.. This Poll needs at least 70% Yes to be carried out.
  • Which Divisions? – This poll was to decide which divisions, the names of them. Many possible names were thought of, but only 3 can survive!
  • Constitution? – A poll to decide whether we should use Iasgae’s constitution for ACP! This Poll needs at least 70% Yes to be carried out.

And finally, a poll that was released many days ago, a poll that many have been nagging me about..

  • Unmod/Domod Results! – A poll to decide which ACP soldiers should be de-modding or do-modded.

So, now you know what this post will be about, read on to find out what will happen..

1. Too Many Moderators?

This poll was used after complaints that the mod line was too low. A plan thought by Iasgae and Fiasco reccomended that the Mod Line should be raised by TWO ranks. After much debate, a poll was put up with the choices of to keep the mod line at what it is, to raise the mod line by ONE rank, or to raise it by TWO. The results  were as followed:

  • I disagree with both, it should only be raised by ONE. – [49 Votes] 24%
  • The mod line SHOULD be raised by two ranks. [54 Votes] 27%

So, the winner of the first poll is..

  • They should stay the same, it’s fine as it is! – [99 Votes] 49%

By over 20%, the mod rank will stay firmly where it is at the moment. This topic may rise again soon, but for now, it is closed!

2. Divisions?

This poll was used after Kenneth and I discussed the topic in a PC. Many people had wanted divisions back, as they were a great experience to soldiers before they were scrapped. They helped the rising talents get to lead their own little “Army” inside ACP. The poll choices were “Yes.” and “No.”. But remember: If Yes is to win, it needs to have at least 70% of the votes. The results were:

  • No. – [57 Votes] 29%

So, the winner of this poll..

  • Yes! – [140 Votes] 71%

By ONE percent, Yes surpasses the 70% barrier to welcome Divisions back to ACP! When they will be up and running again will be decided later, but for now, you can get excited for divisions coming back!

3. Which Divisions?

If Divisions were going to come back, we needed to know what they were going to be called! There were several choices, and the voters could choose a MAXIMUM of 3 division names. Among the choices were the old favourites: Alpha and Echo, along with peculiar ones like Foxtrot! Anyway, the voting begun and soon enough we now know the names of the divisions in ACP, here are the runner ups..

  • Charlie – [26 Votes] 6%
  • Foxtrot – [32 Votes] 7%
  • Beta – [41 Votes] 9%

There were 7 choices on the poll, but only 3 runner-ups.. Does that mean we will have 4 Divisions? Sadly no, there was a VERY close call for the 3rd division, we will have another vote on those two. The two divisions who will still have another vote are:

  • Delta – [70 Votes] 16%
  • Omega – [72 Votes] 16%

As you can see, there were two votes in it! That was too close to call. By now you have probably worked out the remaining two divisions, who could they be? The legendary divisions that will make their comeback soon are:

  • Echo – [83 Votes] 18%

But, miles ahead, is the one and only red division..

  • Alpha – [127 Votes] 28%

By 10% Alpha is the most voted division! Maybe that shows an early insight to who will dominate the division battles.. who knows? Now the poll for Omega and Delta. In this poll, it doesn’t matter if the difference is by ONE vote, the one with higher votes will win.

4. Constitution?

This had been brought to my attention numerous times by Iasgae56, a constitution that he had created. It’s basically the rules of the army, what will happen when a leader retires, etc. At the moment, it does need quite a lot of edits, edits that Ken and I will discuss with him if it is chosen. The answers were simply “Yes” or “No”, but remember. For “Yes” to win, it must have over 70% of the vote. Simples, right? 😆 The results were:

  • No Thanks – [37 Votes] 24%

So the winner must be..

  • Yeah! – [115 Votes] 76%

76% definitely is over than 70, if my calculations are right! So by a landslide victory, Iasgae’s constitution will be put into use soon. That’s all for this topic!

5. Unmod/Domod results!

Yes, the moment a lot of you have been waiting for! Whether some soldiers have been stripped of their moderator privileges for a month, or whether some soldiers are made moderators for as long as they are in ACP! Firstly, the DOMOD results. First thing first, like other major polls, you must have over 70% to be modded. However, for unmod candidates, whichever has the highest total will win.

Should 9ooo be modded?

  • No – [72 Votes] 49%
  • Yes – [76 Votes] 51%

So close! Although “Yes” won by 4 votes, it wasn’t enough to get past the 70% barrier. Unlucky 9ooo!

Should Kingfunks4 be modded?

  • Yes – [56 Votes] 46%
  • No – [65 Votes] 54%

Unlucky Kingfunks! Better luck next time.

Now, it is time for the UNMOD results. Many candidates were put up.. who will be unmodded?

Should Smartuin be unmodded?

  • No – [64 Votes] 46%
  • Yes – [75 Votes] 54%

What a shame! Smartuin, you will be unmodded for a month, you will regain modship on 30th April.

Should Noseycjr be unmodded?

  • No – [57 Votes] 44%
  • Yes [73 Votes] 56%

Nevermind! Noseycjr, you will be unmodded for a month, you will regain modship on 30th April.

Should Ganger0 be unmodded?

  • No – [41 Votes] 33%
  • Yes – [85 Votes] 67%

Unlucky! Ganger0, you will be unmodded for a month, you will regain modship on 30th April.

Should Rjkcbo be unmodded?

  • No – [30 Votes] 26%
  • Yes – [84 Votes] 74%

Ahhh, tough luck! Rjkcbo, you will be unmodded for a month, you will regain modship on 30th April.

Should Noka8 be unmodded [Well, unownered. 😆 ]?

  • Yes – [64 Votes] 42%
  • No – [89 Votes] 58%

Good job Noka! You will stay owner for as long as you are in ACP. You have survived THIS unmod week..

Should Bfan be unmodded?

  • Yes – [48 Votes] 41%
  • No – [69 Votes] 59%

Good job Bfan! You will stay moderator for as long as you are in ACP. You have survived THIS unmod week..

Should Mazachster be unmodded?

  • Yes – [77 Votes] 63%
  • No – [46 Votes] 37%

Unlucky. Mazacshter, you will be unmodded for a month, you will regain modship on 30th April.

Sign Off

That’s all from me in this “Results” themed post! Comment your opinions with the new changes, and how you think it will effect ACP!


22 Responses

  1. More people wanted to change the mod rank than keep it the same which is positive for the future.

  2. every body just wwants to be mod

  3. Sweet.
    i cant wait for divisions!

  4. wow. I do not think any one should be unmodded or modded. this is sad. And the divisions had me focaused on them not acp. and i don’t want to join a division…. lets see how this would effect ACP. more people would fight over who’s division is best and half of the army will quit….. hmm yes so it would bascilly effect all of acp in a brainwashing way.

    • I don’t know if you are new or something, but ACP had divisions for several years, including when Boomer was leader and ACP was the biggest it has ever been at the time.

  5. thats harsh how you just un mod people cause other members are probably jealous

  6. You will NEVER hear the end of this.

  7. no offence but your stupid. the poll for mod rank being changed was done wrong more people voted no so they dont have to wait longer for mod. you should decide with all leaders and top mod ranks. this way its more fair because those people wont worry about not getting mod. just my opinion.

  8. Ok

  9. Did my last comment show up?

    Anyways, Nice post 😀

  10. Flipper, this was a really good post. Reminds of the posts Boomer would make. I am impressed and might admit I was wrong if this becomes the norm.

  11. i demand a revote foxtrot should have won! sad face! FOXTROT FOREVER

  12. a very important and good post. Good job flipper. Kthxbai 😀

  13. These new changes are mind boggling! But let’s hope they cherish ACP.

  14. I wanted Charlie!!

  15. I like smurfs 🙂

  16. I think this is stupid

    Although I do like that the mod rank stayed as it was


  17. I think ACP is going in a really good direction.

  18. Yeah, great changes to start the leadership off.

  19. Mods now I have alot to think about with this unmodded week.

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