A Step Aside

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Hello ACP,

Today, I speak to you, not as a former ACP leader, as a former soldier of this army as well. This post is very important, and we hope for everyone of you to read it. As in we, for all the former ACP Leaders, since 2006, till now, 2011.

We have won many wars, settled excellent scores, and put them on a special records page to remember them! Went from an army of 5 people in Mammoth during 2006, to a 210 event on the end of 2010. We had 20 different leaders take command, even some up and downs with them, such as rebellions or coups. But now, together, this is a message we want to deliver to you.

Not so long ago, lets say, about 206 hours ago, Oagalthorp, for those who don’t know him, creator of ACP, opened up his inbox, as he does weekly. Don’t worry, you’ll find all our emails at the end of this post. Here is what the message contained:

Hi Mike,

We often read your blog and we see how interested your people are on the Club Penguin Community, we wanted you to be the first to know that we have contacted WordPress Inc. in order to get a talk, and we would like to know what you and your partners think.

Lately, we have seen your group around servers, and we do not wish to ruin that enthusiasm. We on the staff, with the permission of Club Penguin CEO Lane Merrifield, are interested in buying your website. As usual, we would love to hear all your feedback and comments, so let me know what you think!


Adam, Club Penguin Staff

(Sorry, best quality picture I was given)

Later that evening, Oagal sent this email to Boomer, who instantly came up to chat and called (Via PC) an urgent meeting with all online retired leaders. Of course, and considering this is an online game, we can’t transfer the money to each other, and we would like to keep that ammount as a secret for now.

Oagal, who is retired, was really interested in the idea, so after 2 hours of long talking, we accepted the deal. And took five minutes to chose who would create this post by luck. Unlucky me, but I had to do this job, so here we are!

This are, so far, the signatures we have from past leaders accepting this, who will be receiving (Via Paypal or Rebelbucks) the money securely spared.

  • Oaglathorp
  • Shabooboom
  • Boomer20
  • Lasgae 56
  • Matre 10
  • Bobdatboy 20
  • Keneth1000

The Official Army of Club Penguin Website will be out of business starting April, Monday 4th. However, the chat will still be available, just not more Main Owners, the pass will be resetted by Shab on Sunday.

It hurts us really bad to do this, but we know it’s the right choice, And seeing as this will be my last post on this site: THEY WOULD HAVE SHUTTED US DOWN ANYWAY!

We salute you,

~Your retired leaders, soldiers and friends

79 Responses

  1. Happy april fools day 😆

  2. OMG i was a fool and believed it. good one

  3. I nearly had a heart attack reading this post. I have never been fooled so badly in my life xD. That was the most convincing thing ever…… wow.
    I never thought that I could be so gullible…… 😀

  4. i belived it

  5. april fools 🙂

  6. Lol I actually believed that. That’s a great joke!

  7. I have a picture enlarger and this is what the message actually says:

    “Hello Lady Maryann,

    We often read your blog and we see how interested your people are on the Club Penguin Community, we wanted you to be the first to know about a very special and big project we’ve been working on. It’s something you’ve been asking about for a long time! Be sure to let us know what you think.

    Until then… Waddle on!


    So, in conclusion: IT IS FAKE!!

  8. That was so obvious…

  9. That was convincing…. as Disney bought cp I thought they’d buy ACP.

  10. I lol’d when I saw the part that Disney is buying ACP 0.0

  11. acp before u shut down take out our enemies there invading Oysters
    my link http://clubpenguinaquar0ckers.wordpress.com/
    thier link
    when:2nd april

  12. Holy crap, we were just punk’d O: rofl, I believed it

  13. I knew it was a joke club penguin isn’t interested in us that much.

  14. I love this post xD

  15. who is mike?

  16. what the hell…you must have some serious issues telling the troops this…what happened to acp forever…well thanks to you f–cked up leaders…you just sold the best army in the history of cp…to cp….the ones who you already say f-cked up cp… your just closing it down for the money…oh and did you mention what they were going to do with this army? didnt you make a bargin? september 26th should be the acp memorial…. make the catalogs marine style that day…. you dont just sell a website for money…. ACP FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    General Of The New ACP~Happyman444

  17. didnt believe it for a second

  18. I do not get this joke????

  19. WTF I was really convinced O_O

  20. aww man! i fell for it! THAT WAS GOOD! =D

  21. I fell for it last year, but this time, it was obviously fake…

  22. I fell for it but it still feels real 😮

  23. WHAT THE CRAP WHY IN THE NAME OF THE HOLY ONE WOULD YOU POST THIS?!?!?!?!? oh it april fools day…

  24. okay for a moment there I forgot it was April fool’s day here 🙂

  25. I got played. You guys had me there for a sec.

  26. I fell for it XD

  27. Grabbing Pills

  28. *Gives Noka more pills* I am one of the best April Foolers in my family, I did not fall for that, but I tricked my sister with it 😀

  29. I fell for it. YOU DADDY MATRE!

  30. LOL! I fell for it. Great joke!

  31. wow very convincing… NOT that failed

  32. guess what a massive fleet of small armies and medium size armies are going to invade the ACP server of breeze on the 16th of april and will take over snowforts on the 23rd of april. The armies that are organising it are BPA and Sky troops and their provinces but there is going to be around 10 small armies invadeing and four or five medium size armies invadeing breeze at once. You guys are going down. I am clubhot leader of BPA and i know ACP will fall after this invasion. Also BPA now declares war on ACP hahaha .
    99kane and clubhot of BPA

    • Ha ha, the CPAE’s order 67 (or wutever it is) will fail….

      ACP are gonna pwn

    • Ya um a few small armies won’t beat the biggest army that’s also 1# on the CPAC top ten list for big armies and acp won’t fall just cause u take a few servers and guess what? WE DONT EVEN OWN BREEZE ANYMORE SO HA

  33. What the Heck

    This army was all I had….

    Is this the end?

    Jk! Im have a new site:

    Ohh yeah, its April Foolz!


  34. You had me fooled.

  35. hey nice email i zoomed in and it wasnt even from cp but that was kind of good i guess

  36. April fools ya suckes

  37. wow really. april fools . but what will you do if that email was from club penguin and they wanted us the buy us. i think if they REALY wanted tp buy us i think we will be all freaked out.

  38. I had a funny feeling after the first two sentences, so I went to see the comments and sure enough MATRE

  39. Iam unhappy.


  41. 😆

  42. Anyone clever enough would’ve realized it was a joke. Oagal wouldn’t sell the site. I seriously doubt the staff of Club Penguin is aware of armies in any way. Moo.

    • Oh they are aware. They just don’t give a crap about all of this drama. When I came to the part where they agreed selling the site I just lol’d and thought it might be a sick joke. 😛

    • They are.. They have told us they are aware of us, Nachos have e-mailed CP before about how they need to bring back the Sombrero, and during the same time ACP e-mailed CP for them to make a party for earth day so they could take advantage with the color green. Trust me CP is aware of the CP warfare community.

  43. lol i actually believed it and was sad im so gullible

  44. plz plz can i have a promo ive been to every battle 😦

  45. yay if cp really sent that email they wound of used correct grammer XD


  46. Along with this post, I’d love to anounce that I’m consuming a baby with Oagalthorp.

  47. This is so fake and obvious I mean seriously cp wouldnt shut it down. LOOK AT THE DATE PPL!!!! APRIL 1ST!!!! Hope ya’ll dont fall for it next year

  48. Called it xD

  49. You got me LOLZ

  50. omg LOL

  51. LOL THAT WAS SUCH AN AWESOME JOKE. you had me goin there .I was ready to go on chat and personaly murder everyone who wanted to shut us down. OFMG that was cruel but LMAO -.- btw im having very bad mood swings.

  52. I was fooled lol


  54. LMFOA!!! i fell for it!! i was like noooo!

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