Promotions – Cancelled.

Hey ACP!

First of all..


And Leaders: Please add people from the join page to this post. Thank-you. You can also promote people who you like, even when it has been published.


Not the usual title for the first half of a “Promotion” post, but I thought I would get it over with! After a day of the poll’s release, I know have the results of which division will become the 3rd mighty one. We had over 90 voted after less then 24 hours of the release, which is some real postitive statistics. Now to find out, which will be the 3rd division: Delta or Omega?

Firstly: the runner-up..

  • Omega – [42 Votes] 43%

So the division that you have chosen is..

  • Delta – [55 Votes] 57%

Woah, what a turn around! From losing by a MERE 2 votes, to winning by over 10%! It’s great to see Delta back amongst the ranks. It is still unknown when Divisions will return, but for now the 3 divisions are:

  • Alpha
  • Echo
  • Delta

Good voting! 😆

2.Commander Generals

I know a lot of you are very excited by the arrival of two new 3ic’s, but I’m really sorry to say that for now we still don’t know who they are! We do have a shortlist, but have not confirmed these choices. We do have a vague idea how it will be chosen though.

  • A. The owners will choose the new 3ic(s) between them.
  • B. The owners will choose the new 3ic(s) between them, with a public vote too, so we know who is most wanted.

After talking with Jcapp, we realised the Senate isn’t stable enough to have a vote yet.. We are really sorry for the lack of information! The speculation will now continue for another week or so.. And finally:


It’s time for that time of the month, when everyone keeps asking.. the promotions! These have come out a bit late with all the hectic leader changes and things, so really sorry for the delay! Owners, if I  have missed anyone, feel free to edit them in. First of all, I have NOT promoted anyone from Warrant Officer – Corporal, simply because there are too many loyal soldiers to promote!

[Please Note: I am UK, so I didn’t really have a chance to promote any Americans, or Non-European. Fill out a form if you think you deserve to be promoted]

Instead, if you could take the time out of your day to make a comment so I know to promote you. This form is mainly aimed at anyone with the rank: Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant and Warrant Officer. However, if you are above this rank and feel you deserved a promotion, feel free to fill out the form as well so you can get promoted too! The form consists of  your Club Penguin name, your rank, and why you should be promoted.

Club Penguin Username:

ACP Rank:

Why should you be promoted:

Or, if you think you have been unfairly demoted by the ACP leaders, you can complain to get your rank back. Fill out THIS form here:

Club Penguin Username:

ACP (Current) Rank:

Why you have been unfairly demoted:

Fairly simple, if I say so myself. Now, read on to see if you have been promoted, March 2011!

Promotions: March 2011.

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