Promotions – Cancelled.

Hey ACP!

First of all..


And Leaders: Please add people from the join page to this post. Thank-you. You can also promote people who you like, even when it has been published.


Not the usual title for the first half of a “Promotion” post, but I thought I would get it over with! After a day of the poll’s release, I know have the results of which division will become the 3rd mighty one. We had over 90 voted after less then 24 hours of the release, which is some real postitive statistics. Now to find out, which will be the 3rd division: Delta or Omega?

Firstly: the runner-up..

  • Omega – [42 Votes] 43%

So the division that you have chosen is..

  • Delta – [55 Votes] 57%

Woah, what a turn around! From losing by a MERE 2 votes, to winning by over 10%! It’s great to see Delta back amongst the ranks. It is still unknown when Divisions will return, but for now the 3 divisions are:

  • Alpha
  • Echo
  • Delta

Good voting! 😆

2.Commander Generals

I know a lot of you are very excited by the arrival of two new 3ic’s, but I’m really sorry to say that for now we still don’t know who they are! We do have a shortlist, but have not confirmed these choices. We do have a vague idea how it will be chosen though.

  • A. The owners will choose the new 3ic(s) between them.
  • B. The owners will choose the new 3ic(s) between them, with a public vote too, so we know who is most wanted.

After talking with Jcapp, we realised the Senate isn’t stable enough to have a vote yet.. We are really sorry for the lack of information! The speculation will now continue for another week or so.. And finally:


It’s time for that time of the month, when everyone keeps asking.. the promotions! These have come out a bit late with all the hectic leader changes and things, so really sorry for the delay! Owners, if I  have missed anyone, feel free to edit them in. First of all, I have NOT promoted anyone from Warrant Officer – Corporal, simply because there are too many loyal soldiers to promote!

[Please Note: I am UK, so I didn’t really have a chance to promote any Americans, or Non-European. Fill out a form if you think you deserve to be promoted]

Instead, if you could take the time out of your day to make a comment so I know to promote you. This form is mainly aimed at anyone with the rank: Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant and Warrant Officer. However, if you are above this rank and feel you deserved a promotion, feel free to fill out the form as well so you can get promoted too! The form consists of  your Club Penguin name, your rank, and why you should be promoted.

Club Penguin Username:

ACP Rank:

Why should you be promoted:

Or, if you think you have been unfairly demoted by the ACP leaders, you can complain to get your rank back. Fill out THIS form here:

Club Penguin Username:

ACP (Current) Rank:

Why you have been unfairly demoted:

Fairly simple, if I say so myself. Now, read on to see if you have been promoted, March 2011!

Promotions: March 2011.


Leaders Click Here for the Join page schedule. [Note: Soldiers cannot see the page it’s only for leaders]

To receive a Rank in ACP, you must first leave a comment on the Join Page. Note: it may take two days to get a rank, we try to do it quickly.

How to find your rank:

For Windows Users: Hold down the “Ctrl” key and then press “F” on your keyboard. This opens a Find window. Type in your CP Name (the one on the ranks). Click the “Next” button if necessary. It should highlight your name on the ranks. Then just check what rank you are listed under.

For Mac Users: Hold down the Apple/Command key and then press “F” on your keyboard. This opens a Find window. Type in your CP Name (the one on the ranks). Click the “Next” button if necessary. It should highlight your name on the ranks. Then just check what rank you are listed under.

If you still cannot find your rank and it has been a few days since you commented, click HERE and we will have someone help you take care of it. Welcome to ACP!

Green = Handpicked Mods

Bold = Promoted

Italicised = Demoted



Supreme Commander: Kenneth1000, Flipper

Head General (2ic): Bobcatboy10, Noka8

Commander General (3ic): Chase50 [To be announced] November

——Owner Line——

Field Marshal (7): Slider568 (ACPTR), Johny 4, Jcapp64, Khimo, Lillie Rose, Monsterfully, Jordi30267

General (11): 12Declan12, Drigo2Happyman444, Jackie202Lorenzo Bean, Ryan[Trisha], Smartuin, Speeder109, Stew20, Talyor455, Totojess1

Field General (17): 57to, Bfan212, Cewan, Chapa23FiremanhgFlaminguin1, Frankbode,  Ganger0JetLadtom2, Linkin55, MrMrMr8, Nathancool1, Nicjackson, Noseycjr, Rainy, Sercan4444, Skyfish,

Lt. General (23): Albaro Lord, Alfrondo1465, Bluesockwa2, CasiusbrutusCaitlynann4, Donut67890, Ekpenguin9, Emaccoux, Fiasco 121Hurricanex1Joker, KieranfbKlimster, Leoblue33, Lighton155, Master Kyl, Lucario9046, Peguin21795, Scampi Bri, Saw, Shift, Smsm3, Wwebestfan

Major General: 9ooo, AcpSoldier7, Adamsapple4, Alyassa1, Army122899, Asdfghjkll888, Dan91123Dj Yaseen, Elite 910/Mcnuggetjr, Escargo, Funkikiflurry, Gadunka345, Great Alex12, Grillchz200, Holo2, Jupiter5, Kingfunks4, King John, Lucario564, Mosh345, Mr Deedledoo, Neds2912, Oberst543, Obi Wan4321, Paint5278, Pokemonlove4, Reddavis1998, Sky Warrior, Super Paco24, Rapid867Rkjcbo, Twitch/Chrisangel64Wenny123abc, Wiggle Nn/Patrick, Xfallen

——Hand Picked Mod Line——

Brigadier General: 24Keyser, 31Drake, Adioboard, AcRobe0919, Anirko11, Big Guy28, Blacktoons, Carcal, Charizard58, Cooper30, Dan Popper, Dasher999, Elimz, Feathers15, Gordonedward, Jd222, Joee125, Kong7, Lild423, Lsund, Magic077, Martion231, Mrmachado200, Mr Dunning, Mr GoOfF, Edd64 (Mr Eddy2), Nicjackson, Odudley, Olympus 104, Penny91, Phipy, Puddle0101 (Joker),  Rapidy, Readd 145, Redraym, Rex5556, RMStitanic94, Ryconnormeg, Saddle24660, Sas Commando, Schwambach1, Scythmaster9, Shadowclub6, Soccergal688, Skater12312, Sliper765, Sms3, Smart Alec4, Snopper1999, Snowballpink, Sofia011, Spyguy202, Steel Star3, Superfroggyd, Swimmerboy01, Teadean, Tom4749, Tydog1999, Waddlebox123, Waggy567, Woogiman2, Wurburt45348,

Colonel: 3ilocon, Agent Samalo, Amr1312, Bighead2496, Bja Tc Md Gd, Blacky24782, Bludeoxys23, Blupichu, Bobbyzachk, Btime6, Buritodaily, Camboj, Coolto5, Cooldude7401, Danthemanr1, Edwadu, Egger60, Elvis1342, Ethnicz, Flames181, Fruitface 89, Gill1225, Girlz43112, Greeniedude1, Hemto, Hypermext54, Kiopyt, Lilhuk, Lordmuch200, Lucario12321, Max9207, Mcwofin123, Monster47345, Mustapha10, Ronaldy3, Snickers4763, Spartansoldi, WweFreak123, Shark119, Skater123412, Tannerboss, Tymatt44, Wilbur5700, Zzmasterchf

Lt. Colonel: 11cartoons77, Acptroop123, Bearsandcubs, Bluebirds19, Bmf7364, Bobcatboy20, Carter157, Charliem21, Coollove152, Crazyboy86, Coffee1000, Dalek Cam, Danthemanr1, Dozy12, Fabby201, Flameflyer6, Ford Perfect, Frostbeetle8, Grant42, GH Daniel, Halo Freak, Heatblast401, J55559, Jim430, Jlm435, Lafonpie, Little Juice, Mew2red, Morrisons2, Omar Bsaibes, Pet Penguin5, Pink23art, Pte Baron, Skull1100, Soundbooth, Snow Man, Strong35472, Talex831, Talon 57, Tes7, TheKid, Ttttooootty, Vicky Grant, Waddles0, Wizkid50

Major: Aaman2, Abdurahman2, Alex Mac3Archerist444, Beeky128778, Bengi912, Blackyoshi, Blizzardbox, Blueshockwa, Boydog, Butchman27, Chaos42, Coldbob12, Coldflamez37, Cpt Awesome3, Dirt55, Drath1, Dykgraaf, Eagleeye5600, Glassgood, Greenblah904, Fever1836, Flappy112, Flip 36907, Flurrz, Fronjo4, G Crocousci, Hamthy, Ianroach, Igdogjr916, Ironhide24, J Arsenal,  Joeyred56, Johnny770, Jrobert5, Julia7070, Lcfc1, Lilrj21, Lootking,  Luckey 007, Maggie Nolte, Maxsue, Mirrie3, Mommacat, Natalie Gt, Orangdude95, Patchy99, Penguinfur1, PicklePie34, Pingubird, Raymondsix, Redwingnum14, Rrupe1, Sblingsnail, Seasoning 7/Baggieboy, Snow Nick, Soccer793, Sunshineglas, Superbuck21, Trooper7890, Unakia Rokio, Xcheeto, Zach 11, Zamman5

Captain: Ace51, Anther97, Army Cody, B5745, Bionclex, Bobbe 234, Caelancox, Camwoodstock, Change, Clother,  Darthburp, Dash Dev1, Dcpt1 , Djryan, Dj Shane1, Duncanbh, Earth11221, Elspongebob, Ericfeild, Frigido, Gooftsoccer, Grandel46, Greenfarow, Greedo85, Hayley Alien, Jackpot88, Jerm22nieb, John409, Joshua M14, Kiko 9989, Kkneat, Liy7890, Master3848, MJGREICO, Mtl Pete, Ninja sense1, Orion Metal3, Pattiboy100, Purpledoo123, Roy2165, Rjm Rox, Slapshot Pen, Smashmac, Snow Furry, Snow Nick, Sterio, Stoked90, Therad, Tntclay, Tycharp, Tylund1, UsArmy34, Wiomard, Xbox JT1, Yacole, Zohal4321, Zwind

1st Lieutenant: 11jb22 Cp, 1Goblinguy, A 189, Acester1, Agentrds, Andrewwha1, Andreas 14, Andyspins, Aninjaboy, Bcookiesv, Becca43321, Bobtiger, Brownieman7, Bond6, Cademan12, Caleb29304, Casanova9, Chipy8910, Cjonthemove, Coffe Guy 9, Bluebird721,  Danny68229, Elnino999, Fatman6, Fireball732, Freeze Bird7, Fern1232, Gaara14357, Gamer7171, Golden280, Grayrocket, Keith09, Ktonboy98, Leafs20, Lilcam61, Lookydude, Louie76533, Icugg, Mar 5, Mario601, Mario 9879, Moks4, Mamuti56, Maxx speedd, Meano4, Mud Dragon, Mumble85151, Naruto60000, Noahrexct, Pengy1220, Pinkey Girl, Plutarch, Podsta, Ponchieoo, Porcupine999, Rey626, Rhinon9187, Rock Thrill, Sapphire2010, Simon6789, SnoopSnoopy, Soxpitcher, Stricker443, Sunburst216, SwAgDuGi, Tannerboss, Thebrain81, Timmy607, Vacumpencil, Waddles855, Yoshi0721

2nd Lieutenant: 77Row, 7car, Actionboy07, Andre9765, Batman5020, Beavergirl, Big Boss19, Big boss 121, Blake50000, Bluedude392, Blue Raven7, Bluey Mic 12, Blazing Dude 12, Bogoba, Buyouth, Chris8342, Chubby45378, Cip Stuart, Coco Pop2503, Coldbob1, Crashband459, Cubonman 5, Datruth, Dex Dude, Dvt2000, Dr Pepper 11, Eminem Bozo, Etale,  Firehiba, Flyers43, Francisco546, Free 8, Greeniscool, GVP234, Haystacks DD, Hwhwk, Ice8389, Iceberg49869, ImAndreas, Indyashwin, Jason3900, Jed Pen, J Kid2, Jmax09, Joesocool1, Joe cool 437, Karatekel, Korinna901, Lilshimmer, Lilritrulezz, Loopi45, Lunabear1111, Manik6, Matt7864, Mirmir12894, Mjspw, Monkeyboy388, Moswick, Mt1234, Nate5678, Naruhinafan4, Naruto4605, Nolan32, P73376481, P77154689, Peg12356, Penguin D 27, Peppercool2, Pingu56780, Rhiannon, Rkeading, Sardine390, Skullcure, Smoco, Soda356, Soljuiboy3456, Sorceror 365, Soxpitcher, Spike Jr 24, Stamperix, Sweet 3ngle, Taipan1998, Tanveer16, Tilgen, Themaster13, Tufguy6, Tuner777, Toppboy, Trover9, Ubucomet, Waddle61788, Weatherboy1, Wii7191fan, Wolfy10130, Xxshadowxxh, Yellowie 25

Warrant Officer: 100Thninja, 25j75, 515224we, 81raider81, 8rockhopper1, Ace567 35, Aeckenrode, Agent233, Aimee2334, Airplane26, Actuary, AngelRune55, Aust9000, Avenge10, Awesome088, Bennynel12, Berrynic3, Billyb1000, Blackbeard76, Blizzard880, Bluetike, Bluey Bts35, Bluey Mic12, Bobbyisfun, Boofgall1, Carrit10, Catmanfish12, Chadrocknrol, CJ0Q, Cool82228, Cool95424, Coolpenguin8, Cp231, Craightonman, Hotdot123, Hudsonhornet, Double N3, Dj2748, Dialga078, Diegobg, Dinoguy9, Duck827, Elvis885, Emily7070, Empoleon7667, EricI98, Evan65702, Fever5121, Fluffiers, Fred1809, Freeze Bird7, Frylinjr, Funkeytan, Galaxie3, Gary19513, Ghebre, Goliath619, Grant42, Gukko1, Cutie188466, Ghtervd, Gurgle528, H1N1akaTHING, Harrison, Hbk300, Hotrodjim, Icer667, Icewarrior62, Icy739, Icy cold351, ItchyFuzz, I Tots, James5891, Janzen567, Jman88894, Johnny86098, Jonny nitro9, Jooeric, Jumbo1201, Kaiki3, Khalgar1, Kiten23, Kot Sad 111, Litning Miq, Luisloseda, Macita23, Maddyjonas55, Magma781, Mario12357, Medal Head1, Mewtwo562, Moka Fuzz, Mooshti100, Moses106, Mtair, Mizzvampy7, Monkeytrees, Mrchatterbox, Musashi205, Nono 8, Noober man, Nr Rr, Nzbradley7, Orange Spi, Otisdiver, Pakman345, Pinguquack5, Penblue9292, Peep128, Penger 1, Payton8873, Penguin 3992, Pestyfly2, Pie Gut, Pilot1215, Pokemon26693, Prosk8r Bam, Pufpuf103, Redsnapper39,  Rareninja345, Rexrulz, RobbyBobby, Rockboy421, RockGirl980, Ryan12342, Sailor4722, Sarajane2, Saterday3, Side Kick, Sk8r023, Sliperdiper2, Small Peni12, Snowman417, Sonicrush55, Spacedude 90, Speedy4063, Spy Derek, Stamperix, Stargeseeker, Stephon86, Sydainty1, Tangy7667, Tinkerminka2, Three Masons, Thuan8, TY2727, Usa army10, Vader51299, Vanuatuboy, Venom4324, Vtron, Warrior1005, Water Peng24, Werynt1, Wildcard1234, Wolves25, Wohoo123, Yo its key, Zipyman, Zippy0201, Zack3166

Staff Sergeant: 123john3, 21pantherboy, 5Awsomeguy1, Agent86, Agent Text, Altheae, Alliy44, Ajs541, Alli27248, Apollorange, Ardicuno, Army scout7, Ashneha, B5745, Babiblue202, Bailycuty, Bat12356, B Batman3, Bbmc, Bebo56486, Bignose16, Billybob3617, Bimbi421, Blade 7 434, Blueoutof24, Bluepawer, Blahblah1928, Bloomac10000, Blossom889, Bo202, Bob3335, Bob9872, Bobflea, Boo Boo 010, Bradly024, Brawler 101, Bubbles63112, Cademan12, Caitlyn1898, Captincool, Catcatjacob, Cenakill2, Chain57, Chase470, Chippy101, Chirox1, Clarins1, Clone25, Cool2933, Cowboy Keef, Cp Player1, Crosbycody87, Darthrobby0, Dctuna007, Ddog453, Dessie 7, Df27, Dialga 613, Djmaxi, Dolly688, Doshmaster, Drago 360, Dragon9685, Duncanbh, Dx2005, Ebido, Fastcar006, Fireball5484, Fiona43, Fireninja668, Flipper88874, Flst, Flurry Mafia, Gamerguy1, General alec, Giantrocks66, Gistha2, Gorkyr, Greener161, Grievous1000, Groukoray, Hayden70389, Hockeyman520, Hussain77, Icblaster77, Icicle78, Igor1117, Ijneb9, Ilikebacon97, Indiana400, iPod58, Isaccp2, Jaks224, Laser 126, Jackie360, JangoFett456, Jassy2468, Jonathan1215, Jordan6452, Jonny 313, Flymaster1, Jat33, Jungle900, Jwalker897, Kell65, Kirby86495, KooolMonster, Kopaka100, Latis275, Leafpool51, LegoDude0419, Lollypoppa10, Louiebug, Lordcody56, LtColonel90, Ljjacob, Lugiadx, Luigibro8963, Lum Dave, Mar5, Matt30321, Mattg0874, Maverick50, Max75321, Meowclops, Milesprowler, Mini Buffalo, Mirrie3, Mn74,  Mollymoo91, Monkeyboy838, Monkeyelvis, Mkju574743, Mr Cool 3866, Mr Freezeguy, Mrbru3, Mypuffin, Nate315, Nano60469, Nfl03, Nick14233, Keyser5, Ninadoggy, ninja bob755, O bryan, Omar7, Onest, Oscar237, Oscer 347, P138502766, Panda435, Panda King2, Peace Girl, Pegasaurus2, Penblue9292, Peng James 1, Penguin73435853, Pinfinder456, Pinkle1028, Pinkster1077, Pokebanjo, Polarfan, Police 501, Popcornsix, Poppop99946, Porsheeuno, Pringleprint, Prinplup969, Quiquebg, RagSix, Red Raptor1, Rey626, Ricardo05272, Rickybob100, Robot98, Rock4, Rocky25721, Rockydrew98, Ryana54, Saku1234, Samanna1, Sarge12158, Scyther554, Sgt1221, Shayne619, Skyjet3, Slicks5291, Slug5, Slush7557, Snowball5771, Snowboard236, Sonic286, Speedee9, Stuntdog773, Sunflower118, Super Pal 3, The hammers, Stpope, Stick Dude o, STONE1414, Sourbeans, SpookyLad, Spy Derek, Taig8, Theroberto01, Tesha988, Tiger25449, Tikkabilka, Tommy88697, Tony4574, Trevhawk5, Trisme1, Tuesday100, Uscfan 1, Utahpio456, Volcanic Fire, Vulcan23, Waddlepal68, Wario9876, Webcatz, Wicked Team, William Holt, Xalexer, Xeriox, Xiao 4, X Otto X, XtremeGhost, X Technology, Xxlostxxx, Yosiah, Yovillian, Zayer, Zero9207, Zestron

Sergeant: 04Shayna, 159flores, 314guy, 321 Dude, 3Ig 3Ird, 42jamster42, 8000Harryice, 8877cat, 9ih6r, 99kane, Aatix, Ajboyrocks, Ace175, Anakin14575, Agent 144, Agent Flip7, Aido8, Ajman9011, Agentfj Chop, Albert81653, Acprule1 Alien Dude28, AngelLove66, Anikinbloop, Annoying20, Arigatoo99, Asdqw231, Aswsome J, Aqua992, Aquapenguin8, Azza1000, Bap0298, Baseballer13, Bebe32992, Beddall, BenTenMan123, Bentenvolcano0, Bencar02, Betostar, Bilbobagins5, Bionicboy, Bird121, Bird24, Blanche89, Blueboy1067, Bobafett1997, Bobey55, Boobear0731, Boook1, Bows013, Bryce1247, Bumblebee151, Benceltic, Bwjack 5000, Cash And Me1, Clubhot, CANDOSJANG, Carnage467, Carsdcarsd, Cartyoo, Carrotqueen4, Cbl Dude, Cena1204, Ch789, Cheeseball9, Chewyice, Chickenman31, Chimichunga9, Chimpgreen, China doll5, Chtr bx2, Chris26878, Chukchuc, Chuckfalay, Cody88885, Cokemanz, Cometi, Conankun01, Coolie887, Cool buddy57, Cool Cat 334, Coolstuff10, Coop20883, Sc8er8er, Cpisawesome1, Crazy Jarod, Crazy chiper 2, Croc122, Crzydd, Csm814, Cuddles49855, Cutiefun17, Cvberndes, Dan3298, Dannshun543, Dany1010, Darkdog924, Darkrai44779, Dash Dev, Dawnmagic, Delta1O1, Dhruv05, Dianac99, Dizzy Ducky, Dj Pingy8, Dj Pudding, Dojo Fire 3, DolfinQueen, Doome2, Dukester97, Dunno5, Dx329, Egamcj2000, Emily59004, EmilyB2001, El Rey, Emmers5487, ERIC97, Etho1004, Ffeerrbb1, Fire Man100, Firestar9003, Flamo007, Flamejumper, Flapjack590, Flash70801, Flippers7442, Flippy4212, FloRida1216, Fluffy796, Frosty10256, Funkywall E, Funnyfun16, Fuzzy52783,Gap92, Genus1, Glassyjake, Grayfire10, Greener161, Gretchen66, Gogogoluke, Gord17, Gorillabond1, Guardado 199, Halochief2, Hamie111, Haminea, Happy454, Hbqb, Heatblack98, Hello1988, Hersheylove7, Hgob, Hip Hop Slod, Hippeoples, HJK07, Hobbs555, Hotweels109, Hullboy2, Hyperflaky, Icedude01, Iceloo, I pod 58, Icey4479, Iceyboy567, Indytig10, Infernape X, Info Teddy, Interwebdude, Isaiah550, Itbit, James 1150, Jake 657, Jalig, Jaron, Jasper2570, Jeffo 02, Jet J, Jguin3916, Jimmycb1, Jjrocker123, Joey13228, Kabloop, Keenan96, Kern2000, Kento 3, Kenjr2, Ketchoqueen, Killer tg, King Cool 99, King Kinn, Kman112, Kooljon, K00lgurl, Koolkid269, Kostica1, Krazy dude 4, Kress2, Kupa 123, LakePleasant, Lemonlime6, Lemonorama, Lena12, Leo Lu, Leonardo6355, Lil imp, Livvy200, Loganx215, Luppy234, Luke 375, Maddyjonas55, Maget4321, Maggiekid, Mar72799, Matthew27888, Maximus444, Mcw3, Mcgrowlsgirl1, Me Chris, Megatron109, Mical456, Micro ice 6, Miguel 89559, Mike1665, Mike1003, Minifotty, Minzy127, Moe50, Mon005, Moopsie Pie, Mr Cxz, Mdreinel, Mr Robac, MrFuzzley234, Msqrt, Mumbo12, Nc735, Nellax99, Nizzlean224, NOAH J D, Noah7651, Nikola1212, Ninadoggy, Ningadude97, Ninjadog64, Ninja Bob755, Oliebol97, Omegawai, Omi man1, Orangeflipper, Oyo8, P124340582, P80795933, Paddymike, Patrick2143, Peguin44444, Penguin51991, Penguinpal67, Pengi Mike3, Pingujj3, Pinkrson, Pinky10818, Pipsqueak528, Pong23, Popey 395, Pronto4, Pvgracie, Rafipenguin, Rammy9, Rc 1998, Red12345, Red Sox38200, Redsmileybir, Redtwo, Richie671, Riksis2, Rolly Henten, Roblox 714, Rowdie987,PakPik5, Peachcrab, Pendenlul, Pendo8550, Pengasaurus2,Penger 1, Pengyslide, Pizzapie35, Police Paintboy5001, Pop2503, Prinplup445, Prohibits7, Puffball1991, Puppynangel, Pyjamas Jr, Rap2098, Ray1001, Quangdao5674, Raysnowball, Redsoxpal,Riley 2002, Robber 9, Rohail96, Romeo Orange, Rrrr55516, Ryan5124, Samrocks, Sammyso13, Sammysideup, Sandra23012, Sara9817, Satycorn 2, Satch/Gator894, Sc57, Skiboy1299, Slidey98713, Steel 10, Stevo1804, ScarletRange, Science Flip, Shadow67100, Shirtisred, Skreebel789, Slimdesnipe, Snowwish2010, Soccerboy545, Sumba72, Spenca, Spiderman320, Sniffmas, Snugbunny1, Snugglebuff, Surferguy33, Smahmac, Soujaboyfan1, Sojuiboy3456, Spartan2345, Specialgirl7, Springs345, Star7796, Spiderguy22, Srgnt Acp, Stephen28, Stevie0415, Supericefree, Supernova903, skeleton5274, Southy Boy, Supersky1998, Superty, Tabbypinguin, Tackytacky11, Tater61300, Tbirds1023, Tedtedted, Tetedue, The Bobster2, Thenwhatname, Thief 34 34, Tiernan815, TO987, Todd3646, Tom67576, Topguyben, Tomaj99,Toogood, Tred17, Trevornator8, Twintung729, Twix 231, Tylund1, Tyra700, Ubdub, Unknown Ninj, US MARINE4, Waddle3003, Waddle99915, Waggy567, Warrior1005, Wazzok1, Wiggler87179, Willcins, Wingman 11, Wolves25, Woobleguy, Woo Iwoo, Xandicoot, xXNavySEALXx, Yo Max Here, Young fishee, Zaboo81, Zack71108, Zack24789, Zapye, Zoroark39

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Grasse3, Gravity19, Great 56, Gree827, Greenguy4519, Green Man995, Greeny 0006, Greeny 2100, Greg2002, Greenydude40, Greenday3698, Grekem10, Groffon, Gruha1, Gug240, Gusbus3, Half Calf 1, Hahahalol, Hamburger567, Hammbear7676, Hannah3660, Hanacristal, Happy17440, Hardironlord, Hariru1998, Handel4, HannBonan527, Happyboy46, Hatice Kaya, Hbk399, Heavenstown1, Helper12356, Hershylove7, Hipperfeet, Hoppters, Hawk2blu, Henralito,HI HI MAN, Hi572, Hippyoyoyo, Hkaya, Hmfan12361, Holly85052, Holzzz, Honeyben, Hubaguba, Huskers1939,Hollowween, Honlun, Hotdog123, Huelagans, Huge5432, Huninman, Hunter4690, I Am Cool Ya, I Am The Dj3, Ice4321, Icey91831, Iceyayrton, Iceblaster77, Iceblock129, Ice Bock 000, Iceburger115, Icecube928, Icey95330, Icey Idiot, Icfc1, Iceloo, Iceblaster74, Ic Penguins, I love icees, Icuggg, Icyspicy3000, I Dylan I, Ilya4444, Iluvpuffles5, Im Andreas, I mimo777 I, Ima Ninja 7, Im a banana7, Indy575, Investigator, Innoflow999, Inwiese34, I Pod 58, Isa114, Isaac Man2, Isaan, Isaiah8906, Ivysaue1978, Izael, Jacey98penny, Jackjack4687, Jackmac5, Jackiejay13, Jjackmac5, ada, Jakai125, Jakeo3, Jakeblue4, Jalenjjm186, Jam0905, JamesJames5, James and ro, Jamezone, Jango17302, JangoFett105, Jassy2468, Jae316, Jason67228, Jb ben10, Jazki135, Jedi Josh, Jed Pen, Jjoepenguin69, Jk996, Jeepmoab9, Jelloj, Jellyjigler, Jeffery 99, Jene567, Jerm22nieb, Jaden557, Jane5989, Jason365, Jaxonh5, Jedi1108, Jenemmy, Jewlesjewles, Jman7122, Jmr989, Jobo4hobos, Joe38, Joebruce, Joeykramer, Joker 1031, Jonydude12, Johnny 2003, Johnylumber, Josph2468hel, Joshrobert24, Joshuaman12,Jguin3916, Jshultz, Jub790, Jude43909, Juchan, Juglo Ax, Jumbomonarch, J umper2004, Jumper guy, Jungle900, Justin Jake, K The Pengy, Kane vs sant, Karuzu, Kaylea2001, Kaeden2002, Kaiki3, Katierock336, Kauj, Kayloon, Kaysumi, Kcool 59, Keii, Keyser03, Khoak, Kill mc,Kiara505, Kimon3, King77645, King952, Kingicevar2,King592, King Conor3, Kittirocks25, Kitcatdog, Kratos6547, Kodipaw, Kooldood101, Koopa Troppa, Kou7, Kurt12348, MaLando3000, Master talia, Maya900, Mollygt, Matt36445, Mrflib22, Mr Freeze3, Mybobissteve, L325, Laboy23, Lalala4u123, Lambypie007, Lao888, Lary Izzo, Lea914, Lego1998, Lego Indy 55, Leif1001, Lenny9801, Leonu1, Leo342, Leo Ninja4, Leo Lu, Lewi 1888, Lfcfan9torres, Liam03000, Liam 8 7 6, Liam Den, Lichboy, Liloscar23, Lil red m, Lillie Jane S, Lilly2967, Lilly6008, Linkeydoo, Lis50, Littlemoomoo, Livstar4, Lizzy0611, Lkjlkj90, Loadstar, Loeanglos, Loonyloo, Lopy5039, Lord Frieza1, Littlered949, Loganator626, Loliepopsnow, Lord Frieza1, Loulou429, Lovepeggy1, Lucycat6, Luckie Rocks, Luigi 443, Luigi443, Luigi 8117 , Llljj,  Luke37415, Luketrus, Lulu12250, Lunchtimepal, Lu bu 9, Luppy234, Lwh2, Lydzisbest12, 956lauri, JCW15, Juchan, Justinsc, Mack62, Made Of Cash, Madgoalie1, Meano4, Magic2643, Magnamite, Mattew722, Makinuts15, Man116 Mandy 504, Manualito, Marcsawesome, Mario15425, Marco55564, Marcus550, Marie1972, Mario12357, Mauro2010, Master Drew, 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Ocean15216, Ollie3618, Omadaos, Orangedude95, Orbityu, Osaido, Osd2001, Osd1000, P100443205, P12382052, P16338394, P76154741, P60502033, Padie2, Paldog, Pancakes1029, Parker157, Patricio2010, Patrick 1038, Peachrock44, Peapod2001, Pedro0 001, Perfectflaw, Pengi sam jr, Pengo84243, Penguin688o6, Penguinmoder, Penguinoid1, Penor343, Pengi5167, Pengwi2, Perch fish, Perrurro13, Peter20, Padewan, Pecky12389, Pendy1, Penny0009, Penguin 5862, Persues 7309, Peterjbenmol, Pet Penguin5, Pfc Miller, Phantom987, Philthedude, Pi 3 14, PieAAA14, Piercey Poo2, Pica8868, Pigzrkewl, Piikaboii, Pikachu9876, Pikaman2, Pikavac, Pingo Boy 67, Pingu24882, Pinguey, Pingubird, Pingugreen6, Pingu Surfs, Pinkanator63, Pinkchan, Pink Remote, Pipsqueak528, Pleasejoey, Poalo X, Pookyx2, Pokedraft1234, Poi124, Polar 78, Polkie1, Polly Happy1, Pookie Two, Pop914, Poppy Cheeks, Pottypop, Princess9487, Phhs, Pickapicka45, Pirlo100, Polar268, Pokedude919, Prankster Me, President678, Prettypat4, Puffl2, Puffulboy, Puffy905, Pugit2, Punchu, Purpleguizlo, Pufpuf103, Pyro289, Qhawk4ever, Queezlebop, R1234, R2d3c3po, R2d2ty, Racerz78, Raiders2468, Rain Bow 777, Rangerboy, Raven1893, Raven2325, Ray88618, Raysnowball, Reanomo, Red202,  Re400, Redbull98303, Red Crash9, Redfreezy, Red Pc,Redtwoeyes, Redfame1000, Red Fire8484, Reilly99, Rewbella12, Rex 50 1st, Rex75839, REX36614, Rex M7, Rhin11, Rico12470, Rick117, Rickoshay, Rikku1, Rjmcd, Rockerlocker, Rockett1234, Rockinrolle, Rob573, Rockhillrock, Rocket180, Rockdude4543, Rockrocko159, Rockit0568, Rockyboy421,Rock811, Rockoper,Rogerdodger1, Roj5757, Romanvader, Rookie3612, Rolaax, Rolly Henten, Ronaldob1, Ronnic1, Rooniedooo, Rosita33754, Roxie Poopoo, Runover19, Ruffa75, Russel36652, Rey2469, Ryan95444, Rynos99, S120, Saabsha, Saber225, Salvo208, Samakin10, Sakboy, Sam Penguin9, Sam48103, Samee123, Sammfit, Sammy54323, SammySideUp, Samuel236, Santattree, Sanuuk, Sason, Seeno2000, Scramz200, Scarr411, Seaa2, Sedme, Scullhead9, Scruffy559, Sean61063, Seanold10, Selenamiles, Secretspy95, Selggig, Sgt Spike 12, Sgt Tilgen, Shadowk30, Shadow56285, Shadowy68, Shaelee99, Sheepy13, Sheik231, Shanoc, Shinbi, Shypenguin24, Shockin Blue, Sideswipe259, Sierra8999, Sillyguy103, Silas116, Simon6789, Simba Liam, Sirscotty1, Sjjl, Skampie8, Skelreaper, Skipper03450, Skloop87, Sky Polaris6, Slam Bot, Sledderboy, Slimey06, Sloop87, Slushy593, Slyman22q, Slug5, Skampie11, Skiboy1299, Skimo 42,Skipper408, Sk8teboyblue, Skater674, Skaterdavid, Smartydaniel, Smallpengi12, Sniffmas, Sninja2, Snoogie, Spooky402, Snow23175, Snozone1, Soap Srg, Softie781, Soccer Drew, So cool 7, Sonicrapid1, Sonicrush55, Sophie Em, Sorceror 365, Spark1901, Sparky94, Speedy Guy 9, Spike1228, Spyrex, Srijith1, Sonicdude204, Sonicrider, Soonmyung, Speedymike8, Spenleyter, Spike1228, Splosh007, Spookythree, Spoonsize, Spongebob057, Spongeguy97, Spotstop64, Spyro9555, Silly 26, Sillyzband38, Stanmanx, Static ABC, Stephen109, Steve69084, Steveerkle5, Stroud1, Sonicclash, Stargazzer90, Storac, Soap Sgr,  Spongylover5, Starfinder15, Starwars9951, Stijguin, Stojoseph, Stompgirl, Strong Boy75, Stuffy Glove, PSk8er290, Snowy sluge, Sundae Wadd, Sunshineglas, Sun brun1, Sunny131, Super boy137, Super188 Jr Supercade000, Super Pal 1, Superesam 2, SuperSth1, Superdude229, Supe sid 619, Superdude335, Super Paco24, Suyasa, Swimbuddy, Swis Chese, Swordmaster, T001, T524, Taffy pengi, Tango915, TanGuy6924, Tanner11351, Targy2, Taz1725, Taylorwilson, Taylorxm2, Tdoor566, Techblade117, Tennz9, Tepinguine, Theophilos, ThesuperG8, Therealanndy, Thisgirl77, This is rose, Thoralaura, Thunder0622, Tiem Pen, Ti99er95,  Tea Oh, Tetoca, Tj Gold, Tjicejuce, Tripel H625, Toby Keith5, Togepi123,Tomthebom234, Tomatero24, Tompack, T omy981, Tommy0606, Tommy2k, Tomphas, Tony95123, Topher,T opsofwow, ThePenguin34, Thqs1 Jr, Todd3646, Togglery66, Toothlessw, Tripy269543, Triswill, Trollmaster7, Troop27, Tudor, Tush10, Tyler78911, Tb619, Tylersqueaky, Tymmy 456, Ultimate9801, Ukblend390, Uxie11, Vampire405, Vanny11111, Venom4324, Vexter, Vgnu, Verdesandy, Viva9626, Violet17e, victormax, Visorakchamp, Volcom891, Vyolit, Wackey500, Waczac, Waddle14396, Waddlewander, Walle73, Walwall, Watoys, Watt200, Web2011, Welch26405, WesleyJack, West899, Whabbler, Wheezboy, Willalexande, Willhopper, William17893, Wizzyjake1, Wmr dictionar, Wt Now, Yourshadow1, Whiityblu, Wyldboy, Wyntir, Xivanmax, Xmrtuxedox, Xwing5555, Xd001lugia, Xtreamgirl2, Yacole, Yellowfin963, Yes And No, Yipyip61, Yky152, Yoshi1643, You Ugleh, Yoyomasta123,Yoyoman19980, Yuffo, Zacharyjosh, Zackray1, Zahrehsadira, Zambonie5703, Zeeks1000, Zesk3, Zhe Hao, Zoey Bell, Zmst1, Zoozool, Zxdfty, 3cena8

Master Corporal: Dryvit

Advisor’s: Trickster, Clintos007

ACP Janitor: Fever1836, Yanksrule14

Head of ACP Cleaning Staff: Ollie

ACP N00b: Bfan212, Mitch

ACP Graphic Designer: Pochoma123

Creator: Oagalthorp


4.Sign Off

I hope you got promoted! It’s been a rocky month for ACP, beating IW with sizes of just over 50, but also losing a great leader who lead us to a brilliant size. Tomorrow is the TTT FINAL! Be sure to make it, for a brilliant start to the April Month. Here is to April! *Clinks Glass* :mrgreen:

~Flipper7706 and Kenneth1000

124 Responses

  1. I comment on this post and people see the title and they go like D=

    What does orange mean btw

  2. Club Penguin Username: Khimo

    ACP (Current) Rank: field marshal

    Why you have been unfairly demoted: because of the discrimination here, I’m a black jew so I got demoted 😥

  3. Club Penguin Username: Flaminguin1
    Rank: Leuitenent. General
    Why you Should be promoted: I came to every GMT friendly event this month.

    A very touching Comment -Bunker

  4. Congrats and remember you MUST fill out a form to be promoted so dont miss out get a promotion!

  5. Thanks for teh promo 😀

  6. Ohlie
    Because I have been very active and I clean up after you lots..

  7. Club Penguin Username:Super Paco24
    ACP Rank: Brigader General
    Why should you be promoted:
    Cuz im skilled and i have only missed 1 ACP Event since joined (i have been in ACP Over a month)

  8. 1. Maelatron
    2. Brigader General
    3. I went to alot of the battles, but i wasn’t on chat because Xat wasnt working (wary)

  9. Thanks for the Promo,and purple should have only got a normal promotion,I never see him on chat and I am mostly always on chat.So I think we should have a “Biased Promotion” thing,Where if a leader gives a promotion unfairly (eg. Me being all active,Meowmeow33 is never online and he is the leaders best friend,he then gets a double promotion) , The person who got biased promotion will have to have a normal promotion.So I hope this can help you out.Again,I deserve a double promotion like purple because I’m more activer that purple.Pay attention to this comment.

  10. Lild423
    I’ve been staying posted with ACP, I’ve attending alot of battles and I’ve been with ACP for almost two yrs and I haven’t crossed the mod line

  11. Club Penguin Username: King John

    ACP Rank:Brigadier General

    Why should you be promoted: Ive been active. ive been loyal to acp ive been to all events this month. and ive ben working hard.

  12. Club Penguin Username:

    ACP Rank:
    Brigadier General

    Why should you be promoted:

    I have been to nearly every battle this month, I go on chat EVERY DAY. Iv’e been at Brigadier General
    Rank for 4 months, And I think I’m now ready to be a mod. I am very active, And I’m a hard working soldier.

    I’ve worked to long and hard just to get stuck at highest member.

    ~Thank You

  13. Thanks for the promo

  14. Paint5278
    Brig. General
    I think I deserve to get a promo because I was trying to be as active as possible and attend as many battles as possible, even tho my parents say I cant play games on this computer I try anyways.

  15. Club Penguin Username: leafpool51

    ACP Rank: Corporal

    Why should you be promoted: I have been in acp for a while and i go to all the battles if u want proof im in most of the pictures taken


  17. Club Penguin Username: Hwhwk

    ACP Rank: Warrant Officer

    Why should you be promoted: I think I deserve to be promoted because I’ve bee to at least 15 ACP events, and I have been watching over our servers to patrol. I’m also on chat a lot, and I try to be as active as I can.

  18. Club Penguin Username: Fiasco 121

    ACP Rank: Lt. General

    Why should you be promoted- Spying on NW for the whole 3 week war…

  19. 1. Antant98
    2. I was Major General
    3.I have been unfairly demoted. THis month I was active. I came to all the battles and events. THat is why I should not get demoted. I came on chat almost every day and to the battles. Please put me back at Major General and after that promote me to Lt. General. I worked so hard this month. THis was a mistake. Again please put me back at Major General and promote me to Lt General. PLEASE THERE MUST HAVE BEEN A MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 1. grandel46
    2.1st lieuntant
    3. i went to 85% of the battles and i was very loyal to the acp

  21. Club Penguin Username:
    yellowie 25
    ACP Rank:
    warrant officer
    Why should you be promoted:
    because I go to events and check the the site 2-3 times a day and patrol mammoth a lot

  22. I want to return to alpha

  23. Name: Agent233
    Rank: staff sergeant
    Why should I be promo: I was in most of the war I went to the TTT I even went to events that wasn’t on the website and I go on chat everyday

  24. Club Penguin Username: Smsm3 (sms3 on ranks)

    ACP (Current) Rank: Colonel

    Why you have been unfairly demoted: I was on break but kept getting demoted im a lt general or watever it is now

  25. Club Penguin Username: Smsm3 (sms3 on ranks)

    ACP (Current) Rank: Colonel

    Why you have been unfairly demoted: I was on break but kept getting demoted im a lt general or watever it is now WRONG EMAIL

  26. Club Penguin Username: Smsm3 (sms3 on ranks)

    ACP (Current) Rank: Colonel

    Why you have been unfairly demoted: I was on break but kept getting demoted im a lt general or watever it is now WRONG EMAIL


  27. Club Penguin Username:Joesocool1
    ACP Rank:Staff Sergeant
    Why should you be promoted: I go on club penguin to patrol everyday, and I try my hardest to come to every battle. I know I haven’t been commenting in the “did you patrol?” page, but I keep forgetting, and I will be doing that more often.

    Thank you

  28. Cancelled!? NOT COOL!

  29. Club Penguin Username : MrMachado200
    ACP Rank:Colonel
    Why should you be promoted:I believe I should be promoted because, well, I’m active, and I don’t like gloating part of this.

  30. Club Penguin Username: Uscfan 1

    ACP Rank: Corporal

    Why should you be promoted: I have been active and i have a good amount of exp.

  31. CP name:Weatherboy1
    ACP rank:Staff sergeant
    Why should I promoted:I came to a TTT battle and the practice battle with Nachos I patrol about 4or5 times a week I attended at least 3 unscheduled events

  32. Right,I know I got a promoted,but I deserve a double promotion,I am not being greedy.
    (and thanks for the 1st promotion!)
    1. Coolto5
    2. Captain/Major
    3. I deserve a(nother) Promotion because I have probally been one of the most active members in ACP,So mostly I am loyal.I have been to EVERY single UK event,But I couldn’t be on chat due to the lag that it was causing.

    I hope that I get a(nother) promotion!

    ~~~~~~~~~~Coolto5 [ACP Lt.colonel /Major]

  33. Club Penguin Username:
    ACP Rank:
    Warrent officer
    Why should you be promoted:
    Because I am very active and always finds time to be on the computer. I attend events constantly and I’ve never been promoted on a post. All the other times I got promoted was when I just found my name on anouther rank

  34. 1coolstuff10
    3 i have been at all the battles this month

  35. Yeah ummm U should not have gotten un modded 🙂 thanks for nothing

  36. Can I be taken off the ranks for Gods sake?

  37. “I” Should have not


    Club Penguin Username: Smsm3 (sms3 on ranks)

    ACP (Current) Rank: Colonel

    Why you have been unfairly demoted: I was on break but kept getting demoted im a lt general or watever it is now WRONG EMAIL

  39. Club Penguin Username:Liy7890
    ACP Rank:1st Lt
    Why should you be promoted: Im hard working ive been going to every battle possible, ive learned alot and just retired 2ic of a small army so that helped me learn. I follow every rule.

  40. CP Username: Emaccoux
    Rank: Major General

    I am active. I came to a lot of events and attended a lot on unscheduled events. I’m on chat every day. I would like to get handpicked. I don’t care if I get promoed or not.

  41. U hav my penguin on there twice my penguin’s altheae u have me under staff sergeant and corporal and im only supposed to be under corporal

  42. Cool! Still.Not.Promoted..Heh heh… I get it…Okay…Seriously wheres my promotion? XD I’m just kidding…I know..General…Hard as hell in the afternoon..

    General Of The ACP~Happyman444

  43. Congratulations to all who got promoted! : D

  44. Club Penguin Username:Army122899

    ACP Rank:Brigadier Gengral

    Why should you be promoted:I go on mammoth 20 times a weak i cant go on chat be case thay cus on it and i went to 75% of all the battles

  45. Club Penguin Username: Icy739

    ACP Rank: Sergeant

    Why should you be promoted: I believe I should promoted simply for my loyalty to the army.

  46. Club Penguin Username: Totojess1
    ACP Rank: Field General
    Why should you be promoted: Have not missed a event, have been on chat ever day, loyal to acp for a very long time.. I deserve and think i can handle a rank higher.

    Thankyou, Totojess1

  47. my penguin name is yosiah im rank of coarple ive been in acp for almost a year and a half and i havnt been promoted

  48. I got a promo! 😀

  49. 1: Louie76533. 2: Staff sergeant. 3: i have been very active and i went to the Battle of Outback And the Battle of fog. I go on chat a lot… i patrolled mammoth 14 times.

  50. Club Penguin Username:

    ACP Rank:
    Warrant Officer

    Why should you be promoted: I’m Active & i’m online a lot and if not I can make time & make it so I can come to all events i can and I can’t wait for us to get back our spot as number #1!


  52. Club Penguin Username:Evan65702

    ACP Rank:Sergant 😥

    Why should you be promoted:
    I’ve been making it to every battle possible.I actually made it to 10 battles in-a-row .

  53. Club Penguin Username: Master Kyl

    ACP Rank: Brigadier General

    Why should you be promoted: I feel that I was unfairly kept as the same ranking. I have been an active soldier in the Army of Club Penguin for over 2 years and feel that my first moderator rank is well deserved. I didn’t fail to be on chat every day, regularly patrol Mammoth, or attend important events (except when I was unavailable). I also would like to point out that my duties as a moderator on other chats such as WW, FW, UMA, DCP, and other armies I have a moderator rank in have all given me the moderator ranking I most definitely deserved. Please understand, and I will also be on ACP Chat tonight.


  54. Theres 2 SnowBallPinks on Ranks; One as Brig. Genrl. and one at Majr. Genrl.


  55. Club Penguin Username: Trisha
    ACP Rank: General
    Why I should be promoted: Well some field general’s will get 3IC spot and I feel as if I’m one of the most active generals. I am a former 3IC too.
    ~Over and Out~

  56. lol i finnly got in thank you for the promot but im am going to do whatever i can to help you guys acp stand strog and im ou peace

  57. ACP Username: Shift

    ACP Rank: Major General

    Why should you be promoted:
    1.) I’ve been to a lot of unscheduled (and scheduled) events

    2.) Helped out Senate

    3.) I’ve been in this army almost two years

    4.) Been active.

    5.) I like chicken

    6.) I patrol servers (I don’t comment much on the site though)

    7.) I get on chat and check site once a day.

    If you don’t feel the need to promote me then don’t xD Haha I can wait a month.

  58. thanks for the pormo to major general.

  59. captain

  60. flappy112
    I’m active, I’ve been this rank for a couple months, and i come on chat and patrol mammoth a lot.

  61. Club Penguin Username:
    ACP Rank:
    Why should you be promoted:
    I’ve been making it to every battle possible.I actually made it to 10 battles in-a-row

  62. 1) GH Daniel


    3) I have been very active this March- I havn’t patriolled EVERY acp server EVERY day like I did last mont, but I’m constantly recruiting on Mammoth. I’ve been in most of the battles plus chat – so please, may I have a promo sir!?

  63. Club Penguin Username Mooshti100

    whats your rank sergeant

    why you think you should be promoted I check the website everyday and come to all the battles

  64. Ok…. One moment I was a Major,now I am a colonel,WIEEEEEERD

  65. cp username:haystacks dd

    whats your rank? staff sergant

    why do you think you should get promoted? because i have come to every battle this month and im starting to get some exp

  66. Timmy607

    ACP Staff Sergeant

    I am on like every schoolday afternoon and once or twice per weekend.


  68. Club Penguin Username:Great Alex12
    ACP Rank:Major General
    Why should you be promoted:Because I’m activ…

  69. Club Penguin Username:CIP STUART
    Why should you be promoted:
    1-I really like this army and I am ready to fight for it everywhere,anywhere.
    2-As you can see in the patrol page,since I joined,i patrolled all our servers everyday.
    3-I am very active,i visit the site everyday and read all the new posts.
    4-I am attending to lots of battles.I am now training for the final tournament battle.
    5-I am proud to be an ACP solider.

    Over and out!
    ~Cip Stuart

  70. Name:cool82228
    Rank staff sergeant
    Why be promoted:
    I went to battles when In Acp and I joined ACPTR until my computer show a blank blue screen so I had to miss some battles.I was thinking this is unfair why I have miss battles. So I would appreciate if I get a promotion thx
    PS my computer broke down for a month
    PPS I went to a battle when I didn’t even join yet. So plz promote me :d

  71. Name: Pokemonlove4 (Just forget the name :P)
    Rank. Brid. Gen (Soon to be Major Gen, I hope…)

    Look. I’m a litttttle sick of not being promoted even though I do the best patrols of mammoth ever and I attend every event. Ever notice me? I go on chat quite often, although I’ve only seen Flipper, like, 4 times. (Of course, I see him at events too.)

    I love ACP but this pisses me off sometimes…

  72. 1.sliper765
    2 Brigader General
    3.i was promoted but i think i should of got a double promo cuse i was really active and i was on xat all the time

  73. hey can i join

  74. Club Penguin Username: spacedude 90

    ACP Rank: Staff Sergeant >=O

    I deserve warrent officer. i remember some time in march that we would be promised a promotion. i came to it, but i got nothing in return. ive been extremly loyal to you this is what i get?! ive been on chat all the time, going to battles, what should i do next?!

  75. Club Penguin Username:
    ACP Rank:
    Warrent officer
    Why should you be promoted
    I have been to every battle this month

  76. Club Penguin Username: Archerist444

    ACP Rank: Captain

    Why should you be promoted: ive come to a lot of events and is on chat a lot and play TFM with ppl. 😛

  77. Club Penguin Username:abduarhman2

    ACP Rank:1st lietient

    Why should you be promoted: i missed my last promo on an important battle

  78. Penguin name Soljuiboy3456
    My rank is Warrent Officer
    Why i do i deserve a promotion i fought my hardest in wars of cp warfair ive been in the acp vs tacos war and ive been in a battle in the tournment and ill always be loyal to acp and ill do my best this month.

  79. thnx u. i just have to ask- Can we only go up one spot at a time?

  80. Club Penguin Username: Klimster

    ACP Rank: Major General

    Why should you be promoted: Ever since the day I joined I have been on Chat every single day for atleast an hour whenever im on XAT. I have come to every scheduled and nonscheduled event that I have heard of. I also have been in the ACP for over a year. I have a lot of experience and think that I deserve the next rank up because I am already a mod.

  81. Club Penguin Username: Dj Yaseen

    ACP Rank: Major General

    Why should you be promoted: For a few weeks I havent been able to go on the laptop because I just moved into my new house 2 weeks ago. Other than that, I have made a decent amount of battles, unscheduled events, and PBs including thew battle today. Here’s the link for the pics:

    🙂 Dj Yaseen

  82. 1. Keith09

    2. 2nd lieutenant

    3. I have been really active. I check ACP daily and come to chat all the time. I attend many events and I treat my fellow troops with respect.


  83. Club Penguin Username:Drigo2
    ACP Rank:Field Gen.
    Why should you be promoted:I am really active, I try too make all battles, and I try too help all menbers whenever they need something

  84. Club Penguin Username:Frankbode

    ACP Rank:Field General

    Why should you be promoted:I should be promoted because I am very active in the ACP, I went to most of the events in March and I have been active on the ACP chat.

  85. Ponchieoo
    I have been patroling alot and helping penguins around.

  86. frigido
    1st lutenute
    i protrol everyday

  87. Club Penguin Username:
    ACP Rank:
    Why should you be promoted: I have been on chat as much as possible, been going to events as much as possible. I’ve been very active since December.

    P.S. I have been commenting for 5 months, and have never gotten a promotion. Please make up. D:


  89. what does the orange mean?

  90. Club Penguin Username: Camwoodstock

    ACP Rank: 2nd Lieutenant

    Why should you be promoted: To a higher rank? I seemed to have attended more battles, of course! I also tried like last time.

  91. Club Penguin Username: Ryconnormeg

    ACP (Current) Rank: Brigadier General

    Why you have been unfairly demoted: I believe I have been unfairly demoted because I went to every single battle this month. I am on chat a lot at night because I have too many things going on during the day. I also patrol on Mammoth at least once a day. This is why I think I have been unfairly demoted.

  92. By the way, if it wasn’t clear I got demoted down from major general to brigadier general.

  93. 1. Cp name: Side Kick
    2. Warrant Officer
    3. I come on chat everyday and make all events and patrol everyday

  94. Club Penguin Username:Ardicuno

    ACP Rank: Staff Sergeant

    Why should you be promoted: I attend most battles and I’m always patrolling ACP servers. I also recruit new soldiers most days.

  95. Club Penguin Username:Wenny123abc

    ACP Rank:Major General

    Why should you be promoted:I’m on chat everyday

  96. can someone plz add me back to the ranks my name is candycloud19 and im a major general

  97. Club Penguin Username: Lucario9046

    ACP Rank: Lt. General

    Why should you be promoted:

    I believe that I am one of the most active mods you can ever have, maybe I do not leave my computer on and it says I am on chat 24/7 like some other ppl but I try to get on chat 1-3 hours daily. I checked ACP on my 3-day Spring Break vacation almost hourly. (That’s how active I am, I give up vacation time so I can keep updated!) I comment on usually all posts and I make 90-95% of all events. I help out on help page if ken hasn’t edited the comment and I reply to the fellow soldier with an answer comment. I am very determined to be great in this army and I always want to help other soldiers out! I am sure if you asked McH or even Ken they would say I am an active and very kind soldier. I hope you feel the same way about me serving the promotion.


  98. 2nd to last sentence. Sorry.

  99. Name wheezy2006
    ranks acp sargent swat sargent club penguin navy sargent sailor
    why be promoted i LOVE you guys!

  100. Club penguin navy is the nickname

  101. 1.Penny91
    2.Brigader General3.I was promised a promo to Major General. I was supposed to be brigader general, but the screen said I was a Lt Colonel. I asked the leaders to fix this and they only made me a brigader general and they said THAT was my promotion. I was really looking forards to getting promoted to the mod ranks(finnally) and now I am really upset. I have been the every battle since I join and I patrol at least 2 hours a day. Please make me a major general, and we WILL win at the tounrament in 4 days! 😉

  102. hey you guys forgot the old time promos which i miss them when we got promos for march and St.patricks day

    Good times anyway thanks for the promo!

  103. also i should get double promo and dont demote me for being inactive in july its because i go to sleepaway camp so dont demote me then…also 4 more promos till mod rank!

  104. club penguin username:sirscotty1
    ACP rank:corporal
    reason to get promoted:Ive been to every battle since I joined 4 months ago!

  105. Club Penguin Username: Brawler 101
    ACP Rank: Staff sergent
    Why should you be promoted: I should be promoted to major general because i have gone to every ACP event ever sense i joined 2 years ago and i still have not been promoted i talked to bob he said that wasn’t fair and before McHappy stepped down he said he would change my rank during promos I will always be a loyal solider even if i’m not major general but please alls i’m asking for is a promo that i deserve thanks.

  106. Club Penguin Username: Liamrocks21

    ACP Rank: Do not have one

    Why should you be promoted: ive been patrolling and going to our matches for about a year now.. and i still never got promoted. I hope someone please promotes me because i love ACP, it is the only cp team im in, and I am a loyal soldier. thanks.

  107. Your not going to promote me are you ;(

  108. 1.Moses106
    2.Warrant Officer
    3. I have been on chat but I was banned forever and I have been insulted by higher ranked troops 😦 so immature of the troops

  109. and i have made a ton of events

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