Receptive Experiments

Shab: Having the chat open to guests would force the mods to be distracted during wars to ban the guests who come on. Also how can you tell whose part of the ACP and who isn’t? The noobs usually don’t have their ranks in their names for a little bit so how will you know who to trust and who not to trust.

Also what happens if:

A. Someone is in both ACP and another army and isn’t fighting for ACP during a war?-They would stay a member as they are in ACP.

B. Someone from another army is a mod (Leader of an Allied Major Army)-Keyword allies.  They would stay members.

Its a nice idea and a practical one but the downsides to using it might make it more of a hassle than anything else. When members are banned they get the same “banished” thing that shows only the mods and owners online and doesn’t show anything happening on chat.

Thats just my opinion…the final say goes to the leaders Flip and Ken.

Noah: Why thanks!  It took a lot of outside thinking for it, and I’m sure it will improve as more people consider the thought of it.

Oagal: I especially like the second idea. 😉

Hello ACP,

Don’t know who I am?  No need to worry, let me explain.  I am ‘Icey Cold27.’  As retiring from ACP I had changed my name for purposes that I know of.  Now the reason I am talking to you in virtual pixels is because I have become the ACP adviser.  Or helper; whichever you would prefer.  Since becoming the adviser of ACP I am willing to put long worked out experiments in play in the community here.  Right off the bat of being pronounced as the guide for the new heroes of ACP I had come up of many ways to improve our chat system.  But before I go discussing I must get this off my chest.  I will be suggesting things that I wish I would have done as in my turn in the office.  I became very arrogant and stubborn of my actions.  I was beginning to careless.  With this new job I have been gifted with I am hoping to ‘recover’ from the things I’ve done wrong.  This isn’t only for the better of ACP, but for the better of me.  Thank you for letting me establish myself, so time to continue on.

I presented three ideas to the newly leaders of ACP.  One that stood along and the other two which woven together to make an ultimate ruling.  I know plenty of you are moaning at the sound of rules, but these rules are none that are strict and won’t really be centered around the member community.  So, moderators I have found a plan that will make ACP’s moderator system hopefully run smoother.

Idea One:

Knowing from my past leadership it tends to have a typical day full of ‘AFK’ moderators.  And it really gets frustrating when you try to get your soldiers on and you have no back-up help.  So, all you must do to make sure we know where you moderators are is: moderators must put ‘AFK’ in their name when they go idle on chat. If an owner sees you having ‘AFK’ in your name they should give you a pat on the back.  In an unlikely chance if all our moderators go ‘AFK’ or non are on and owner with the power ‘temporary moderator’ will make an active, hard-working, respectful member a temporary moderator.  This person will be a moderator until some original moderators come back.  This will help the current owners of ACP know who to pick for hand-picked moderators every month.  I’m sure some moderators are thinking they will get in trouble if caught being ‘AFK’, yet you won’t.  We understand if you must go away from the keyboard for a while.  We just ask for you to please put it in your screen name on the chatbox.  If you did not understand anything I said I will explain it but in short sentences: if a moderator stays on chat, but isn’t talking they should put ‘AFK’ or ‘BRB’ in their name.  Then a member gets temporary modded.  The end.

Idea Two:

Not even the leaders have confirmed this establishment-that I’m about to present-so I just wanted to get the feel of what the soldiers would say about this next rule.  My idea was to make our chat guest friendly.  A guest friendly chatbox allows the guests to talk, enough said.  I know from my own experiences that most people automatically think what would we do when spies try to spy.  Or you are thinking… why?  My reason is simple: it’s to make all NON-ACP guests.  Again I bet most people right now are freaking out.  Fear not!  If a person is NOT in any ARMIES they may stay a member as wanted.  Though people who are in armies, yet not in ACP will be guested. Actually it’s quite easy to make sure people don’t spy.  Once our chat becomes guest friendly it’ll be more popular and I would be able to promote our chatbox if needed.  During a battle if an enemy spy comes to our chat we’ll automatically know because he/she would be a guest.  A neat thing too is when banning the enemy spy instead of getting the normal ‘Banned’ named they would be honored with the ‘Banish’ name.  ‘Banish’ means that people cannot see the current chat talk even when the chatbox is guest friendly.  I really thought this was a good idea, yet the leaders are having trouble thinking this idea through. It would be really appreciated if everyone that is in ACP to vote on the poll below to give your own opinion.  This is going to help ACP in the long run.  Please vote!

Idea Three:

Before I start I will give this idea credit to Noka8, ACP second in command; he came up with it and I’m going to try to put it in action.  So, today Noka and I were talking when he brought up a cool idea of making a new page teaching ‘noobs’ how to be a ‘loyal’ soldier.  I questioned it at first thinking that is what ACPTR is for, nor did I think it was a really good idea.  Yet I put in a lot of thought to it.  ACPTR is becoming more of a place for more experience and a better grip on knowledge.  This page would quickly list how to stay active in ACP, how to have fun, etc.  Soon after talking some more I became totally entwined with the thought up plan.  Basically already telling you what this new page is about I don’t think I need to go into detail.  None of the leaders, besides Noka, knows about this (until they read this post.)  Let’s show them your opinion, eh?  There is another poll below.  Please vote!

Here is me, Icey Cold27, signing off.  Not for the last time though. 😉  I would like voting to go quickly.  It’d be very grateful if it did; this way I can present more ideas for making ACP better.  Remember to read Noka’s post under this about bullying.  It is a very decent post and I expect everyone to lower down their attitudes.  We are all human beings’ no need to be hating on one another.  Bye and thank you for reading!

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