Welcoming Jcapp64 as 3ic/Tactics

Important Event At The Bottom Of This Post

Hello ACP!

As of right now, I am your new 3ic! I am so glad for this opportunity. You know my first intention after re-joining back in October or whatever was to get to General. Now I’ve gotten to Commander General. I think that is a success. Anyway, let’s discuss how I feel our ranks are right now.

As of right now, Me and Slider are Commander General, and Totojess1 and Ryan are now the new Field Marshals. I do not know what division they will represent, but they will do good and I will make sure on it. This is how the ranks should look like now starting with General up to the Leader.

Supreme Commander: Kenneth1000, Flipper7706

Head General (2ic): Bobcatboy10, Noka8

Commander General (3ic): Chase50, Jcapp64, Slider568

——Owner Line——

Field Marshal (7):  Johny 4,  Khimo, Lillie Rose, Monsterfully, Jordi30267, Ryan [Trisha], Totojess1

General (11): 12Declan12 Drigo2, Happyman444, Jackie202 Lorenzo Bean, Smartuin, Speeder109, Stew20, Talyor455

Bold- Moderator on chat

I know they will do very good! Now on to another matter of business

I would like to have a Tactics Session soon! Never too bad to do some tactics. Here is the information:

What: Tactics session! Let’s brush up, eh?

Where: Snow Fort, Snow Forts

When: Saturday, April 16, 2011







That’s all I have to say. Comment if you can attend!

See ya on chat,

Jcapp64, ACP 3ic

The New 3ics of The Army of Club Penguin

I am terribly sorry I couldn’t talk to Flip about the choices and votes for 3ic. This is just a short post to announce the new 3ics. I said they should be out by Wednesday but unfortunately I couldn’t talk to him at the time. Everyone has been dying to know and asking me PC after PC about who will get 3ic or when the new 3ics be announced. I am sorry if you are mad if you don’t really get 3ic because Flip and I couldn’t talk and decide together. This might be more like temporary 3ics. These are the people you all  voted for to become 3ic.   The new 3ics of the Army of Club Penguin are… Continue reading

Recruiting is Caring

Recruiting over: yet try to recruit at MAMMOTH, TOWN with friends.

Today we had recruiting for the TTT event tomorrow.  We had a good fifteen maximum on Club Penguin and I was very impressed.  We got a lot done and it went very well.  Yes, this post is going to be a very short one but it gets the point across that we all must recruit at least once a week.  All of us should put in a good thirty minutes of recruiting once a week.  You don’t even need to physically just stand there shouting at people to join ACP.  You could just run around chasing some SWAT screaming ACP.  That there is still advertising ACP to the others viewing your situation.

It was a good unscheduled event.  Our line was really well done.  I would have given this unscheduled event a ‘B-.’ Which is still very good.  We had a good amount of people online, everyone was focused on CP; not the chatbox and recruiting was actually working.

Keep Recruiting!