Reflection on [Terminated] Operation Sour

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I completely understand the resistance towards order 67, renamed SOUR for some reason. It wasn’t presented to you guys in a very good light but there were underlying reasons for it being created in the first place. I’m not sure of the reason it was brought back this time. To be honest, while I was at the meeting, I didn’t pay attention cause it was kinda boring :P.

The whole point to order 67 is to unite the smaller armies to create a larger force whether thru an organized alliance or thru merges, that would create larger armies. It would promote a need to work together and with each other to defeat the “big 3” from invading all the servers.

And guess what :O I saw it. I saw order 67 working!!! I saw you guys joining together to protest. Becoming one. Turning “red” to show your support to the opposition. It was working, but you guys couldn’t see that. One battle was all that was asked for, to see how successful an alliance would be able to become by then. It was working……..

I know SOUR won’t be tried again due to the level of opposition it received but it was working so I hope one day many of you will realize that and want to try it again, just to see what happens. Everything that happens can be undone, remember that, but if it never happens no one will ever know what the potential of the idea was….

Think about that

PS: The idea for this was not just 1 person’s idea. It was the idea of many, but it was screwed up the first time, when Fort was leader of ACP in 08, it was tried and thus put down. A few people decided to try it again, people who know the potential of it, Jcapp was not one of them and it was extremely ignorant for you guys to blame him for it. Give him a chance, hes working on it. I was just as abusive as Jcapp was under Boomer. Guess what? I learned to control it, I learned to ignore the quick to ban impulse and instead, fought back. Look at where I stand now. After being reprimanded by Boomer I have been pretty good at following the rules. In fact, I created the original rules for chat, you still see most of them today. Give Jcapp his chance, he’ll grow into it. Harassing him will just make him worse.

Senate Elections and New VP!

Flipper: New Domain! It’s now: ArmyOfCP.Com. I bought it, so thank me! 😆 Took 5 hours to go online, but it’s done!

The ACP: Welcome back to ACP Buckleybeans, also check out the edits and the end.


EDIT: Sour has ended.

It was a bad idea, a civil war, protests, and much much more happened. It causes alot of panic and would have just gotten worse if it had continued.

Elections are open until April 20th, 2011!

Hello everyone, my name is Monsterfully (also known as Mike to most) and I am the new Senate President for ACP. Jcapp64 has handed down his position of President to me due to getting promoted to 3ic. I would just like to congratulate those who got ranked up! Without further of do, these are the candidates I have hand-picked for the elections!

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Apologies, are in order.

Hey ACP!

Sorry for my lack of posting and general non-activeness on site, something.. personal had cropped up in real life, and also, WordPress doesn’t seem to like loading for me! 😆 It was brought to my attention that because of lots of “Asking” for who the new 3ic’s would be, Ken cracked under pressure and announced the new 3ic’s without hesitation – However, he did say they were only Temporary until he discussed it with me..

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Do Not Judge Yet

Hello ACP,

Now I understand that most of you are mad, angry, and even enraged that Jcapp got 3ic. But didn’t you all or at least most of you vote for him in the first place? You cannot judge him right now by the things he has said and done in the past before. I know a lot of you probably have grudges on him for things like making the Senate only for Brigadier General’s and higher. By the looks of it now he has become a lot more “un-strict”. Just give him a chance as 3ic. Since he has been 3ic has he been still doing all these injustices to you? Has he still been swearing and cursing at you? Or banning you unfairly?

If he is still doing it email or show Flipper or I, pictures on chat of Jcapp “abusing” you, swearing at you etc. We will judge if he has kicked, banned or guested you fairly. If he is still doing this we can always demote him. But for now talk to the leaders if he as mistreated you. Or go on the Reports Page. Some of you may be jealous that a guy that has been being mean to you got 3ic. I understand that, but your petition will get you nowhere. If Oagal was being a great 3ic but you guys didn’t like him we are not going to remove him unless we get some proof of why you guys don’t like him.

You cannot say “I don’t like him because one day he kicked me on chat and now that noob has become 3ic”. We want actual proof he has been doing these things to you as 3ic of ACP. We know he has done things like this in the past. If he is being an abusive owner then talk to the Leaders about how he is being an abusive owner.  Give Jcapp a chance.

Boomer’s Edit: Sorry for the edit, but I just wanted to reiterate some of what Ken said with a little bit of my own take. First of all, I think this whole situation has been blow way out of proportion. Before I was Leader, this sort of thing was commonplace. A mod would do something controversial, people would take pictures, sometimes there would even be a mock trial, but in the end very little happened, because frankly it didn’t really matter. Sure it’s not a good thing, but unless Jcapp continues it, just let it go. It’s been like 3 weeks now and people are still fighting over it because they don’t seem to have anything better to do. I’m not supporting Jcapp’s actions, but I’m also not supporting the idea that he should be demoted/fired/whatever else over this. If the leaders see this to be a continuing problem, they will take care of it, but the soldiers need to ask themselves what they should really be doing for ACP besides stirring up controversy.

Retirement of Smart Alec 4 and Chubby45378

Retirement fo Chubby45378~

Hey chubby here. I’ve decided in retiring. L I’ve had a fun and great experience here! I made a lot of friends and good friends. Here are all of them:

Bob: Helped me through tough times, probably my closest friend on acp chat

Bfan: you’re a great friend, we use to always talk about space

Buck: cool little leprechaun, good friend

Jcapp: didn’t know you all to well

And finally slider: good friend and first on acp

And many more, bye!

Retirement of Smart Alec 4~

Yes ACP, it’s true. After 7 months of CP army’s, I’m deciding to retire. I know some of you are thinking “7 months?! What a wimp! I’ve been in ACP or AR or any other army’s for 2 years and I’m still here!” Well. I’m retiring for personal reasons. CP has consumed most of my time and effort. I find just sitting there waiting for someone to give orders and occasionally getting kicked on chat for giving orders boring. I am just done with it. So 2 things; my history and who I’d like to thank…

I, myself and Alec was born the day after April Fools, 2009. I spent lots of my time wandering IceBerg. It was a while until I left for many servers. I found many small army’s, joined them and never sad them again

Anyhow, after a little time, I ran into ACP, but since they didn’t say their name, I though of them as Green Army. I joined and became a rouge and according to some soldiers, their leader was Boomer 20. At the end of the day, I left as they did to and didn’t see ACP for 5 months. When I did, the were still led by Boomer. After that, I joined Ninja Scouts, which I quickly liked as their leader 98jane was active and easy to find. 98 and my friend from Ninja Scouts, Penbird 1000 were part of the same army for a long time until 98 retired. I never saw either for a long time. Anyhow, more months passed and eventually, a web search yielded “Army of Club Penguin”. I joined and finding this site led to finding others : AR, RT, Ssacp and more. I began working my way up the ranks, at this time, my resumé looks like this:
ACP—–Brigadier General
AR—— Sargent and Chat Owner
RT——- Highest Mod
Ssacp— ex. Agent
St——- leader
Fr——- Leader

And I graduated from ACPTR with A+. My short army life has been very filled and the stress of upholding my many positions has been hard. So that’s a reason I’m going.
98jane——–My friend, my mentor and the best training ever. You are still at the top of my friend list.
Penbird1000–One of my best friends ever… Enough said.
IceyCold27— You were a great leader and a great friend, I miss you
Bobcatboy10-  My First official leader and an inspiration.  Thankyou
Jcapp64—– To much about you to fit in a singe sentence.
Smartiun—- always there for me
Jordi3067— Great leader of RT
Nicole30276-Great leader of Some army
122344A—– you are now my “AR event ” alarm clock
Ianroach—– Don’t eat me!
BurritoDaily– Good friend
JujuFlower— I’ll see you on chat. You are awesome
SasCommando- I wish I got to know you better
NoseyCjr——- One of the first friends I had from ACP
Adamsapple4– I told you not to deface the senate page!
Kenneth1000– Good luck leading ACP, you have what it takes
BearsandCubs- Some friendships will last a REALLY long time
Carter157—— Your leader of RT?!?!
Mini Buffalo—-An ACTIVE soldier
Ecnas———-Enemies at First, friends at last
Super Paco—- I have some info to give you
Drath 1———- Ill always be your friend
* to all you that I left out; I’m sorry that I forgot about you. I have bad short term memory

So there you have it ACP. The retirement of Alec. I might come back, I might not.

Live long and Prosper