Reflection on [Terminated] Operation Sour

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I completely understand the resistance towards order 67, renamed SOUR for some reason. It wasn’t presented to you guys in a very good light but there were underlying reasons for it being created in the first place. I’m not sure of the reason it was brought back this time. To be honest, while I was at the meeting, I didn’t pay attention cause it was kinda boring :P.

The whole point to order 67 is to unite the smaller armies to create a larger force whether thru an organized alliance or thru merges, that would create larger armies. It would promote a need to work together and with each other to defeat the “big 3” from invading all the servers.

And guess what :O I saw it. I saw order 67 working!!! I saw you guys joining together to protest. Becoming one. Turning “red” to show your support to the opposition. It was working, but you guys couldn’t see that. One battle was all that was asked for, to see how successful an alliance would be able to become by then. It was working……..

I know SOUR won’t be tried again due to the level of opposition it received but it was working so I hope one day many of you will realize that and want to try it again, just to see what happens. Everything that happens can be undone, remember that, but if it never happens no one will ever know what the potential of the idea was….

Think about that

PS: The idea for this was not just 1 person’s idea. It was the idea of many, but it was screwed up the first time, when Fort was leader of ACP in 08, it was tried and thus put down. A few people decided to try it again, people who know the potential of it, Jcapp was not one of them and it was extremely ignorant for you guys to blame him for it. Give him a chance, hes working on it. I was just as abusive as Jcapp was under Boomer. Guess what? I learned to control it, I learned to ignore the quick to ban impulse and instead, fought back. Look at where I stand now. After being reprimanded by Boomer I have been pretty good at following the rules. In fact, I created the original rules for chat, you still see most of them today. Give Jcapp his chance, he’ll grow into it. Harassing him will just make him worse.

9 Responses

  1. ermmm…….i dont geddit 1st 1st 1st i dont geddit

  2. wow im active 😆

  3. 2nd

  4. Good post Shab

  5. Nice post.

  6. I never thought Jcapp was the cause of this

  7. What happened to Order 51 Codename: Big Bang!

    Reply to me when you found out what happened to it.

    Hayden70389 ex senate

  8. Nice post Shab

  9. Good post and , by the way, I never hated Jcapp, i just did not approve of that choice he made. But that does not mean i should hate him for his choices. And for those of you who do hate Jcapp CHILL OUT! He is trying as hard as he can and he is or should I say was the 3ic it is a hard job. If u think u can handle what he went through then go ahead try it. But i bet you wont last a single week without breaking down and crying!

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