Nation Page Updated

Flipper: 10,000 Oagal bucks.. *SMIRK2* Is that another 10,000 for the domain too? *WARY* Please, NO-ONE touch the domain settings, OR the CSS. If you do you will have Flipper up your backside.

Noka- Welcome to America.

Ken: Leaders make sure you know what day you are doing on the Join Page! If not check over HERE ! Make sure you do your required Join Page day or risk getting demoted! Bob today is your day for the Join Page!

Oagal: The new site is [bleep]ing awesome! Whoever made/bought/designed it, you get 10,000 Oagalbucks. All it needs is a button linking new soldiers to ACP Chat. Until then, click HERE

The nation page is now fully updated along with an updated constitution that was originally written by Ias a while ago. If you find any inconsistancies between the nation page and constitution or throughout the nation page (especially the numbers) then let me (Shaboomboom) know so I can fix it. I prefer you either email me at or . Don’t tell me on chat because I may not be able to fix errors right at that moment.