Sunday Comics!

Welcome to Sunday Comics! Since ACP has been posting all sorts of serious buisness going on in the army and the club penguin army world, I thought I will make a random post about comics. I want to say now that tomorrow I will post a big event for Earth Day! Start using “TURN GREEN FOR EARTH DAY!” as a recruiting phrase! So here are the two comics I picked out from the Club Penguin website (All rights reserved). Enjoy!

Flippers Up!

Going the Distance

I think Club Penguin made a mistake on this comic because I believe they were suppose to put Bob instead of Tommy. Its okay, I forgive them. So ya, keep enjoying ACP and Club penguin!

Over & Out


New Bills!

Okay today we had a pretty good first Senate meeting. Flip and I have approved some bills from the ACP Senate. All the bills have been looked over and authorized by the ACP Leaders and Senate. The bills we have approved are below.

Sinking the Ship Bill By Shaboomboom
This bill is a that has been approved by Senate and ACP Leaders states that Capn be
A. Removed from the ACP Senate
B. Removed from the ACP Legends page.
and C which Flip and I didn’t approve was to ban Capn from joining this army. Shab’s reasons for this bill can be found HERE.

Klug’s Medal of Honor Bill- By Klug, slightly modified by Flip and Ken.
This bill states that
A. Oagalthorp can solely without anyone’s approval award the Medal of Honor to a person.
B. Boomer and Shaboomboom can award the Medal of Honor to a person with each others approval.
C. The Current Leaders can award the Medal of Honor provided Oagalthorp approves.

Two Leaders Bill- By Kenneth and presented by Flipper
This is a bill the basically affirms that in the event we have 2 leaders, they must consult with each other before making major decisions such as declaring war.

No More Cas Bill- By Jcapp64

This bill forbids Casiusbrutus from joining the
A. Army of Club Penguin
B. ACP Senate
C. The Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment

~Kenneth1000, Flipper7706, and ACP Senate

Coming soon.. April 2011 – Divisions.

Edit: Don’t forget about the senate meeting below!

Hey ACP!

So, recently, there was a poll deciding whether divisions should come back. The results showed that the majority DID want divisions back, so we set to get them working! In another poll, we decided which divisions would be used, there were going to be 3 divisions. 2 divisions were definitely wanted, but then there was a tie of some sorts for the 3rd division. A re-vote saw that one division was definitely liked more.. They were:

  • Alpha
  • Delta
  • Echo
I will go into more detail about them later on in the post, but first of all..

What are Divisions?

Divisions are like your ‘side-job’ in ACP, they are like armies, within an army! Each division has it’s own events to keep them active, and at the end of every couple of months or so, each Division battles it out for ‘ACP’s best division’ award! Divisions create a competition, and a nice level of competitive things. You don’t HAVE to join a division, but it is advised that you do, as it counts towards the Promotions.

Divisions had previously been scrapped from ACP, to replace by ‘Patrols’ and various things. These patrols will stay in ACP too, so we will have both Divisions and Patrols, simples, right? They were going to return after popular demand, and now that demand has been fulfilled.. it’s time to get to work!

Divisions in Detail

So, there are 3 divisions: Alpha, Delta and Echo. I will talk about each one in more detail, in alphabetical order..

  • Name: Alpha
  • Main Colour: Red
  • Commander General: K H I M O
  • Field Marshals: Jcapp64 and Jordi30267
  • Basic Information: Alpha, are a hard working division with lots of Talent. They recently won the ‘Best Division of ACP’ award, when they fought against Echo with flying colours! They have had their ups and downs, but are a nice division to be involved in. They have many hard-working and loyal soldiers, and their Field Marshals, Jcapp and Jordi, are really nice and have a good natural talent. 
That was Alpha, next up.. Delta!
  • Name: Delta
  • Main Colour: Orange
  • Commander General: Slider568
  • Field Marshals: Totojess1 and Monsterfully
  • Basic Information: Delta, were a flourishing division in their time. Soon, they were scrapped, and haven’t been involved since! After popular demand, Delta returned and were triumphant against Omega. Delta has produced many veterans and is a legendary division in the eyes of others. Delta are like the dark-horses, and will be the division that most people won’t expect to win! They too, have hard-working soldiers and you can’t go wrong when joining Delta.
And finally, a division that has been here for ages..
  • Name: Echo
  • Main Colour: Blue
  • Commander General: Johny4
  • Field Marshals: Lillie Rose and Ryan/Toon
  • Basic Information: Echo have won many division battles, and most of the time it’s a straight forward fight between Alpha and Echo. Echo have produced many legends and leaders, and have very nice ‘Leaders’. Lillie Rose and Ryan are veteran Echo’s, and a really nice people. Echo are expected to be a massive challenger to Alpha when they defend their division title, Echo’s aim is to win and be legendary!

The Leaders of the Divisions

Each division have a few leaders. The Commander Generals and the Field Marshals, these guys will help lead your division to victory! I will explain in a bit more detail what they do below.

Commander Generals:

The Commander Generals, or also known as the 3rd in Commands, will be like the ‘Advisors’ of the division. It is their duty to post on ACP site about Echo events, and post about the divisions when possible. They basically keep the site running, schedule a couple of events, post frequently, and can lead sometimes, depending on the event. These guys are very important for your divisions success, they are also like a ‘Father’ to your division, come to them when you have enquiries or questions!

You may have noticed that each of the CG’s [Commander Generals] have been put in ‘weird’ divisions. This is a new plan devised by the leaders, the CG’s will be put into their LEAST favourite divisions, and hope to make it work. This counts as a sort of test to who will be the better leader overall, who can lead despite not actually wanting to be there, it will be great experience for the future ahead! So, you must try and make it work between you and your divisions..

Field Marshals:

These guys are like the main leaders for your division. It is their duty to post a lot more then the CG’s, to schedule most of the events and most of the time to lead and help out at the events. You must try and keep your division active, by listening to the soldiers and posting a lot. There is not much left to say in your job description, it is just that you are the main leaders, and the main people of the division – You must be the guys to work hard.

How do I join a Division?

Originally, the idea was that each division should have their separate join page, and soldiers can join at free will. But then, one division may get a load more then the other divisions, making it slightly unfair. Instead, we are going to try and use a system that has been used by previous leaders. You will be split into your divisions, according to your Name. Basically, we are deciding who goes into which division, Alphabetically.

if you are REALLY unhappy about the division that you are in, you may complain on a ‘Complaints’ page and can attempt to get your division changed. This isn’t recommended, but it is the last resort if you are really sad about the division you have been put in. You must state a reason why you want to leave for it to be considered, so you must actually wonder why you are leaving the division, leaving to be with your friends isn’t the best excuse.

When will the next Division Battle be?

Most likely it will be at the end of June or July, so the divisions have had a couple of months to settle down and get organised. The division battle will be between all 3, and alliances CAN be made against divisions for the battles, but leaders must accept them first. You will be in a room, probably Snow Forts, and must charge each other with tactics and other things to gain points. Once you gain points, it’s the division/alliance with the most points that will win!

The official ranks of the divisions will be released sooner or later, but for now Divisions have 3 days to prepare..

Good luck!