New System For Joining Divisions

Hello ACP,

As I have heard from the the Field Marshals of the ACP Divisions, lots of people are objecting to the system of putting everybody in divisions by alphabetical order. I have talked to Totojess who talked to Flip about changing it to commenting on the divisions site individually. I think Flip has already approved it but Flip can change/cancel anything he wants since I haven’t talked to him myself. I agree with the idea since everyone hates the other one and it is less work for the leaders. It will also help and prepare the Field Marshals for 3ic because now they have to do their own little division Join Page. Here is more detail on the Divisions.

  • Name: Alpha Division
  • Main Colour: Red
  • Commander General: K H I M O
  • Field Marshals: Jcapp64 and Jordi30267
  • Site: ACP Alpha Division
  • Name: Delta Division
  • Main Colour: Orange
  • Commander General: Slider568
  • Field Marshals: Totojess1 and Monsterfully
  • Site: ACP Delta Division
  • Name: Echo Division
  • Main Colour: Blue
  • Commander General: Johny4
  • Field Marshals: Lillie Rose and Ryan/Toon
  • Site: ACP Echo Division

You can comment to join the divisions in two days, April 20th 2011. The Field Marshals will start ranking you on by then. Remember to use the join page of your desired division to join the division you want. All the divisions sites are above.  Although you all must remember if the leaders find that too many people joins a certain division we can transfer you to another one! Please don’t make any comments on the division join pages until April 20th 2011.


*Updated*Monday Recruiting/Tactics

Hey ACP!

As you know we are having Recruiting Sessions all this week now that the Earth Day Party will be coming to Club Penguin and they’ll have a lot of green :D. If you didn’t know, that post can be found here. We logged on the server Zipline since Mammoth and Breeze had no more than 1 bar. It all took place in the town.




(Thank you Kingfunks for the pics)

Thanks to all who made it! 😉

~ACP Owners


Hey ACP!

Around 3:00 PM EST, Slider and I decided to get on mammoth and do some unscheduled recruiting. But this completly turned into a Tactics Session. Here are some pics for your enjoyment 😆 :

We make a line on chatbar and unleash our clovers while recruiting.

We make a semi circle at the Snow Forts.

We frenzy our sick faces after stacking close to the map.

We make a line on chat bar and show our fury.

We charge the Clock Tower with smily faces.

We frenzy the Snow Forts with jokes.

Comment if you made it!

: )


Earth Day.. Coming Soon!

Flipper [2]: Chat was reset for some.. reasons. Main Owners, Shab/Boomer/Kenneth/Bob check your ACP e-mail for pass.

Soldiers of ACP, we ask you that you come back to ACP and become active, join together! Papa!

Flipper: Ugh.. Sorry Bob, I thought you might want to do the events after/during Earth Day party, and I’d do it beforehand, we can cancel the Friday recruiting for the party, then have osme more events during the party. Once again, very sorry. In other news, my Penguin is now officially 5 years old! 😛 Also, I have fixed the buttons with new ones, including a Chat Button. They open up in the same tab, after fixing some errors.

Vote for the Pokemon Power! Just make sure you’re signed in and click the number above “Voted” in the top left corner.

ACP Bob: I guess since I called making the Earth Day events, I’ll just post the Earth Day Party on Friday?


Hey ACP!

Now that Earth day is coming to CP soon, it surely means that it is our rise.. With so much Green around, we will be able to gain so many recruits! So, we are going to have to do some recruiting to get ready for it.. I am proposing we recruit all this week at a specific time! Read below to find out.

There will be 2 events every day, one mainly for Euro/GMT, another one for USA/Others, so we can both get a taste of the Earth day experience! Each event will be crossed out from the list as it is done, so we won’t have to start repeating them.. They will start TODAY, even though sizes may be small due to not enough notice..

Who: ACP, Army of Club Penguin

Where: Mammoth/Breeze, Town

Why: Recruiting!

When: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday!







Comment if you can make them!