Start Joining Divisions!


As you recently know, I was demoted to Field Marshal. I am a main one, so I will be focusing mainly on divisions.

Enough of my bantering, lets get divisions out and opened! (Ken and Flip, sorry if you didn’t want me doing this. Edit this however you want!

Alpha Commander General: K H I M O

Alpha Field Marshals: Jcapp64 and Jordi30267

Alpha site:     


Echo Commander General: Johny 4

Echo Field Marshals: Lillie Rose, Ryan [Toon]

Echo site:

Delta Commander General: Slider568

Delta Field Marshal: Monsterfully, Totojess1

Delta site:    

Make sure to choose wisely! Go on either their join pages or on here to comment, BUT NOT BOTH, and we will look and add you on the division sites!

I need to also have a meeting with field marshals and 3ics to see what our plans are and get some stuff organized also. I need one person from each division present.

Date: Easter Eve

When: 3:00 PM EDT, 2:00 PM CDT, 1:00 PM MDT, 12:00 PM PDT, 8:00 PM GMT 


Who: Field Marshals only!

What: Division talk with the heads of the divisions.

That’s all for today! 

Main Field Marshal Jcapp64

Attention ACP!

[We are not trying to be mean]

Its time to get more active! I am dead serious right now. We will now be having recruitings everyday for a week or two!  When an Owner orders you to go on Club Penguin whether it be Khimo, Johny, or any other leader I expect the order to be followed instantly! I don’t want to see any complaining when we have to get on Club Penguin. The whole point of ACP is to get on Club Penguin and fight other armies and have fun. I now have ZERO tolerance for lazy and tardiness. Anyone failing to follow orders and or get on Club Penguin will be kicked immediately. I expect everyone who is in the ACP to get on and fight, recruit, and win.

You all know the consequences if you fail to get on. It not only affects yourself but it affects the entire army! We are not going to be the Number One army anymore if we are too lazy to get on Club Penguin. I want to see at least 25 -30 troops on Club Penguin every unscheduled recruiting. One thing that makes me really annoyed is when people leave when somebody like an owner says “ACP to [Insert server here]”. I especially do not want to see any mods leave when that happens. Mods should be setting an example for the members. Everyone must remember you can be demoted as easy as you can be promoted.

Tomorrow I want to see better performance on Club Penguin. I want to see us on Club Penguin with no complaints and everyone on. I want to see all the mods alert and at attention, ready to scream and repeat orders from owners. I don’t want to be mean to you all, I really don’t but I just want us to be the best we can be. I know we can do better then we have today. I have seen it before. Just because the recruiting is unscheduled doesn’t make it anymore less important the a scheduled event. Come on ACP I know we can do this. Earth Day is coming and we can take advantage of all this recruiting we can do. We need to recruit everyday so we can take full advantage of all of it! The more soldiers we gain the more successful we will be. Remember to follow commands and get on Club Penguin as soon as ordered.