Earth Day Party on Club Penguin!

Ken: Rockhopper has just visited us in one of our recruiting sessions! See I told you recruiting pays off and it will draw attention from people like Rockhopper 😆

Johny: I wont be active starting today at noon (EST) to Sunday because I’ll be going on vacation. I’ll probably be on a couple of times though.

The Earth Day party is here! Friday, April 22 is this year’s Earth Day. Club penguin let out the party a little earlier then we all expected, but I guess that’s better for us. So what’s so important about Earth Day? Well, usually it is about helping the environment and making the Earth green and happy. Key word in that sentence is GREEN! This time of year is when ACP gets many recruits because of this party or the old St. Patrick’s Day party. Lets have a Big Earth Day Party!

>>>>>Earth Day Party!<<<<<

Date: Friday, April 22

Server: Grizzly, Start at Town


  • ➡ 12:00 Noon Pacific

  • ➡ 1:00 PM Mountain

  • ➡ 2:00 PM Central

  • ➡ 3:00 PM Eastern

  • ➡ 8:00 PM Uk (20:00)


So since Flipper’s recruiting sessions are through Monday- Thursday, I would also like to say if you made any of these recruitings, whether you made all of them, comment that you did. However many recruiting sessions you went to this week comment them on this post. If you didn’t go to any, that is alright and you have nothing to worry about. So lets have some fun at the party, it will end whenever you want it to end!

Also sorry if you cannot make it, Friday is not only Earth Day but Good Friday. If you have to be somewhere then that is no problem! At the party we will first recruit throughout the party, but also change rooms and play games such as sled racing, are you the champ? Comment also what you think about the Earth Day party on Club Penguin!

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