Round.. 69?!?!?

Flipper: I found a couple of pictures I managed to take!

ACP do the spit emote (E+6) in line at Forts.

Toots! Our toots counter the Spit (E+6) emote in Nachos line. It sounded quite cool!

Hey ACP!

Good feedback for the creative title, right? As you probably know ACP faced Nachos, the current 2nd largest army according to CPAC, in a practice battle, scheduled by ACP 3ic Khimo! The Nachos have had some strong couple of weeks recently, and with 2 days notice we were very worried about what the outcome of the battle might be..

The battle started at half-past, and swiftly ended on the hour, it was a short battle fought with much honour and courage! ACP had a nice size at the start with 40 soldiers and more, with Nachos getting 15-20. It looked like we had it in the bag, as we entered the Forts we dominated form the start, it looked like a good day for ACP.

However, after the Nachos retreated and built themselves back up at the Cove, ACP went to visit them with a classic joke-bomb, only to be surprised by their new boost in size! This might of been the only point of the battle that ACP were slightly on the back foot. In 5 minutes, we had successfully re-assambled our soldiers, and began to show dominance again..

We finished with a nicely executed Clover bomb, outnumbering a Nacho heart bomb, then did a ‘Goodbye’ bomb to finish it all off. It was a very good battle, and I’d like to thank Nachos for good sportsmanship, and being good opponents! I’m sorry that I didn’t get many pictures, I was too busy leading the battle in turns with Kenneth, which by the way, we are good friends no matter what CPAC says. 😛 

Uniform Anyone else notice that we haven’t lost since Kenneth and I became leader? 😆

Comment if you made it for a VERY high chance of a promotion, and if you had any pictures!

Promotions WILL be soon, you’ll just have to wait! 😉

-Flipper7706 and Kenneth1000

89 Responses

  1. Great Job ACP. You’ve done it once again. I was there through the whole thing.

  2. i made it

  3. I was there!
    But I don’t have any pictures! 😦
    Flipper I think you need to know I was there!
    You call me to come! 😉

  4. 2nd. It was a great 1st PB for my 2nd tour of duty

  5. I made it!

  6. I made it 😀

  7. i made it to the war Rock On acp WE WON!

  8. I made it! Good post Flip!!!!

  9. i made it and i think you and ken are awesome leaders + if there are any promos ill be some what a major or somethin 😀

  10. I made it and my bro too

  11. Oh im hoping for a promo and u guys are great leaders and i made+im looking forward to being a major 😀

  12. Yeah! i was there alot, too
    I was only there for half of it, but i gave you guys info on what bombs nachos were doing.

  13. I made it!

  14. I made it

  15. Flip and Ken are beast leaders. 🙂

  16. I was there at the beginning, but my dad made me leave

  17. really sorry i didnt make it. I had to get a new cell 😀

  18. i was there and flipper is right we have not lost since he and kenneth became leader this is the “Kenner” Era or the “Flippeth” era you guys can choose 😉

    ~Mew2red ACP Lt. Colonel

  19. My computer is having problems, so whenever i go on club penguin it freezes ’cause of the flash. It’s almost fixed, though, im pretty sure i’ll make the best one. If my computer wasn’t broken I would have come

  20. i was there the entire time

  21. i was their the whole time


  23. Sorry for missing it, I’m at a very busy point in my life.

  24. i made it


  25. I made it 😀

  26. Made it

  27. 69…

  28. I made it.I was sure we were gonna win!


  29. I was there through the whole thing

  30. I was gunna go to the battle but, My mom took me out for a hair-cut 😦 Sorry

  31. I couldn’t make it, I had a doctors appointment, and I’ve been busy with family the past few days. I”M SO SORRY!

  32. I made this AND the Delta event :mrgreen:

    Great battle, I would love to go to a full out war with these guys.

    Does this increase my chances of modship, please? Its meh dream. D:

    No pictures, sorry.

  33. I was there.

  34. i was there fro a little… didnt make the whole thing

  35. I made it!!!!

  36. I was there. Good job ACP! 😀

  37. I made it.

  38. no pics?

  39. great job acp. but i would like to see some battle pics. sometime. maybe?

  40. I made it for the whole thing. Good job ACP we did it.


    SORRY! 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦


  42. I was there! Great work guys; we all did a great job! 🙂

    ~Adamsapple4 -=Major General=- [ACP]

  43. I made it! Excellent job to all soldiers, Flipper I will have pictures for you tomorrow probably when I get my other computer back! Happy Easter Eve everyone! 😀


  45. I was there,I tried my best,I tried to give you spirit and thanks alot to mom I had to go at the end

  46. I was there for 25 mins

  47. I made it! ;D

  48. i was there even before the battle started and i was on chat.

  49. Missed it. My laptops still broken as I have stressed 😛

  50. I made it

  51. Sorry. I was at my uncle and there’s no internet.

  52. i made it to chat and the whole battle, although i was locked out of the cove, but i got back in.

  53. this is the same person as the person above me, and i wanna restate that message, I am ACP sergeant Darkrai44779 and i made it to chat and the whole battle but i got locked out of the cove for a little bit.

  54. I made it there too

  55. You’ve been counting?

    Made it.


  56. i was there

  57. I made it!

  58. wizkid50

    made it there

  59. sorry, i couldent make it because i was sick

  60. I was there! We told the nachos who was boss!

  61. I made it guys I promise i did!


  63. i was there! good job ACP

  64. i made it

  65. I made it

  66. i made it there

  67. I was there.

  68. i came

  69. I made it, of course

  70. i made it cause my name(AZZA1000) is in the first picture:)

  71. i was there of course i wouldnt miss the battle i hope i get promo

  72. Just where is the facebook like link ?

  73. hahaha All I read was the title. “69” xD

  74. i made it

  75. Didn’t make it. Sorry I was on holiday and I couldn’t do anything about it

  76. i made it it was really epic

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