Attack:A Story of an UN-Winnable War Chapter One-Boom

Attack:A Story of an UN-Winnable War

By:General Jackie202 A.K.A Face Palm

Chapter One-Boom


Bombs fell from the sky like hail in the summer exploding all around us.Civilians ran for cover but no where was safe in the city of Brumby, soldiers of the army were deployed from Fort Snow to fight in the mighty clash of good and evil. The evil army marched through the night silently up until gun fire began. A German fellow like me would call them “Nacht Wermacht”(Night Army)they were a perfect match for the United Islands. But they were much more successful in the war then the UI Army. The UI sent in ACCs to launch projectiles at the Night Army’s bomber planes.We had to send heavy artillery to fight the tanks on land.Since half of our tanks were buys fighting another war in the City of Fjord. It was living bloody hell. Soldiers said there prayers to what ever god they worshiped because they new it would be almost impossible to survive something like this. Gun fire was so loud if a soldier didn’t cover his or her ears they would go def in a second. Commanding Officers on the battle field gave orders to our men in the air to retreat back to base reload and begin there own air raid on Fog. Field Marshal Matt”Speeder”Williams(nicknamed Speeder for being the fastest shooter in the hole Alpha Infantry Division,he was the Annie Oakley of the UIA)lead an assault on the NA’s Infantry men who were marching toward Fort Snow for another attack. Only 4 men out of there Infantry Division consisting 130 men survived.The 4 men made it to Fort Snow but were shot by Speeder before they can even launch a bullet at one guard.The battle raged on for 5 days straight and spread out on to 4 Major UI Cities half of the cities were destroyed beyond to repair and had to relocate there citizens into there Allies Territory.The battle was the beginning of the war but was a huge blow to the UIA’s confidence and they lost…But they kept on fighting but saddly all of the men who kept fighting even though they were ordered to retreat were shot and killed….





Note from The Author: HEY GUYS!Thanks for reading Chapter One of the Un-Winnable War please comment on this post on what you thought about it.Also rate it from 1-10!

Be Sure to be tuned in next week to be introduced to Chapter Two- Hell

38 Responses

  1. what the?

  2. :3


  4. Happy Easter?

  5. Yep we’re all being oh so holy on Easter! :3

  6. wtf read the story D:

  7. Easter suprise? :]

  8. wtf READ THE STORY D:

  9. So sad. I feel bad for the poor men who were killed and blasted into abolivian. That armyhas been defeated and never will be seen. D:

  10. Well sorry I made a typo. The NW was defeated.Go on thier site and….. PAAAARTAAY! 😀

    • its only chapter one o.o they will be seen and i am basing the beginning of the story on some lost battles

  11. This is Deeboom.
    Reporting inboom.


  12. i liek it!

  13. Cool! 9.5! Nice Jackie!

  14. Characters will be introduced to the story next chapter

  15. Eh. 8. I’m reminded of NW, and if you gave this to any army who is an ally with NW, they would give it a 5.5.

    Good story though, in my option. Can’t wait for the new chapter.

  16. Awesome Story! 10! You should put this in the “ACP Stories” Page. 😀

  17. i couldnt stop reading when is the next chapter put me in as cast please i give it a 10!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~Mew2red ACP Lt. Colonel

  18. ok im patoraled for the past 5 months and did every thing in the hole world for this chat and i got a b in that boot camp and then i never ranked up for the past 2 months i went to 27 wars real count and and got on chat and cp 24/7

  19. 27 o.o i doubt..

  20. 10/10. Jack, 🙂

  21. A 7.5644283277283388 out of 10

  22. U spelt Deaf wrong you put def oh and 9.9/10 because of that mistake XD


    • ^^^^^^^ this kid knows what hes talking about :mrgreen: please dont tell me that is sarcasm because i hate sarcasm no matter how much i use it

  24. Awesome!!!

  25. wow! not only are you good at making an army, but your good at making a story too!!!!!!!!!!1

    signed by soldier: Strong boy75

  26. THAT WAS AWSOME! you are the best!! at making an army and writing a story!

  27. 10/10 truely outstanding!

  28. I bet I’m faster than Matt Speeder Williams! But I can’t be the fastest shooter in Alpha Infantry Division, because I’m not in Alpha! xD

  29. Cool first chapter =P

  30. Nice story! Oh and btw I am retiring from the acp.

  31. decent story, I’d just like to point out some improper grammar *wary* and the fact Annie Oakley wasn’t a speed shooter, she was a sharp shooter
    Love Bfan ❤

  32. 6.5/10 says the literary critic.

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