Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!!!!

Today is Easter! The Easter bunny has visited your house and left Easter eggs around your house or yard and a Easter basket! Warning: Dont eat those brown Easter eggs! Now I bet your anxious to eat your rabbit poop but you gotta see the Easter pictures first 😆

Look Mom more brown eggs! They taste funny D=

I think the picture describes itself

Just a reminder……


He refuses to be dyed



26 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. 😀

  3. 2nd! Thx you , too!

  4. 😆 Happy Easter, and the brown jelly beans taste like root bear

  5. Omg I love them chocolate ones they r my favorite xD

  6. xD

  7. wow


  8. lolololloll funny slider Happy Easter to you

  9. OMG i aint those chocalate one once! xD
    Anywayz happy easter to u guyz too 😀

  10. Those are sooo funny lololol

  11. O.O

  12. I’m a Jew. Don’t Celebrate Easter.

  13. You should have named this the “Bunny” post. It had pritty much nothing to do with Easter. :/ Sorry.

  14. Happy Passover (It’s over on Monday night)! xD

  15. Yum. 😆

  16. I’m a brown egg addict. 😆

  17. LOL 20th

  18. lol happy easter to you too

  19. Happy Easter Acp!!!

  20. Lol, Rabbits poop jelly beans not eggs.

  21. Hai, I’m back. I went away for the weekend.

  22. why do most cp armies have to be jerks
    is was banished from um,iw chats for no reason

    now you acp u r the biggest jerks on the web
    ive been banned for no reason countless times
    i hate u

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