Weekend Review

What a weekend it has been! Acp had a great week of recruiting from Monday to Thursday, twice a day. You all have done a great job to the leaders and to ACP itself. Lets try not to stop though, we don’t have to recruit everyday like last week but we can recruit time to time. But yeah, recruiting was awesome over the week and then on Friday, kicking off the weekend we had a great Earth Day party on Grizzly. We recruited a bit and then played some games such as sled racing, connect 4, and card jitsu. Some champs I will mention were: Flipper, Tylund, Kong, and Speeder.

And then Saturday. Saturday we battled the mighty Nachos who have been old rivals. It was a great battle and ACP finished off on top winning the practice battle. ACP thanks all of the soldiers who came to that battle. It was a fun and tough battle. Over the past month we have been becoming good friends with the army ACP mostly hated in the past. Our leaders and the Nachos leaders have been getting along well.

Last but not least, Easter Sunday was a time to spend with your family. There were no orders and a cease fire for the day. Comment on how your Easter was! Also forget the dentist, Go Candy! 😀

So overall, this week and weekend was great. Lets have more weeks like the last one because weeks like that will alwyas help ACP. Mammoth is still a big hot spot on club penguin so if your bored and need something to do, go find a fight on the great server of Mammoth. more events will be coming soon ❗

Over & Out


Ps. Comment if you see any typos. xD

19 Responses

  1. 2nd not by reply also im the 1st person to say 1st so 1st cuz ken didnt say first so ha!

  2. Anyways…. good post Bob. 😀

  3. on the bottom paragraph you spelt always as alwyas

  4. Good review bob 🙂

  5. Nice post Bob

  6. yea he did but very good post

  7. Great Job ACP. Bob, your just epic.

  8. nice post bob and im eating cotton candy right now 😀

  9. Bob, I see typo’s EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! I was Jk anyway.

  10. Umm u forgot my name bob for champs

  11. very nice post! you do awsome posts! did you ever go to posting school? lol

  12. My easter was great thanks, how was your easter?

  13. Bobcatboy10 is a typo.

  14. Lets make even better weeks!

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