Chat Rules: Explanations and Suggestions

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I’ve heard that lately people have been complaining about the chat rules. I’ve decided the best thing to do is to explain why each chat rule exists and allow all of you to suggest new rules or improvements to the current rules to try to make chat better to be on. The Rule is in Bold, the explanations are in red. With Oagal and even Fort, there were no visibly stated chat rule because people knew better and would listen to the mods. The mods also understood that their spot could easily be taken away and they could be replaced. That has changed however.

Mods are more abusive with their power because their punishment isn’t threatening enough. If certain rules were lifted, the new freedom would be abused by both mods and members therefore forcing us to re-instate that rule. This is why we must have some sort of rules for chat. At night, especially after 12:00 EST when most kids are asleep (At least they have been whenever I’m on at 12:00 EST) so the rules are lifted a little and people are given more freedom.

1. No Cursing

This rule is a little obvious due to the age of the audience that ACP is geared towards. ACP, and CP in general. usually first attracts the group of kids who are somewhere between 4th grade and 8th grade. While accounting for the language level that those kids are used to experiencing in their daily lives we must also account for the kids younger than them. That is why we limit the cursing on chat. “Major” cursing, the F word, MF word, both B words are especially not acceptable. For the minor curses, it is up the the moderator’s digression. W ask that especially during the day the cursing be kept to the bare minimum.

In the past parents have complained to the ACP leader about the language level on chat and kids have been pulled out of ACP due to it so this rule helps to prevent that.

2. Moving Smilies 

 This rule was created by Saint due to lag (she had dial-up connection). During battles, when chat fills up, chat lags. To help prevent some of the lag we ask that you comply with this rule and try to keep only 3 moving smileys in your name at all times. This rule is mainly focused on the colorful flashy smileys that are creating using multiple powers, not the “public” pre-made smileys from Xat itself.

3. No Advertising

Sometime chat gets spammed with links. We understand that ACP chat is a good place to advertise your army to try to get recruits or advertise your new CP news site. It is also our chat and we ask that other armies do not come on and advertise their site to our troops. We try not to do it on your chat, please don’t do it on ours.

4. Causing Fights

This rule basically means, don’t be a jerk, don’t troll, don’t get into an argument just for the sake of arguing (I love to argue, but even I realize the need for this rule). During a fight some people take a side and the rest have to wait around till its over because they aren’t able to talk on main chat without being talked over or interupted by the two sides fighting and yelling at each other. Please try to avoid starting a fight on main chat.

5. Innapropriate Doodles

As I said about the language/cursing, due to the average age group in ACP, try to keep doodles clean of inappropriate or dirty drawings.

6. Personal Info

This one is for your own safety. Never give out your name, address, phone number, etc….. to someone else. You don’t know them, you don’t know how old they are or what they are going to do with it. In the long run its always best to keep your personal information unknown. State/country is OKAY but I advise against it.

7.Cyber Bullying

This one doesn’t have to be explained. Cyber bullying is a federal crime in the USA. If myself or any of the leaders hear that someone is being repeatedly cyber bullied, we will simply ban you forever and add your name to the ban list below with no chance to be forgiven. There is NO tolerance for bullying.


Leave the Modding to the 1ics or 2ics. Mod only the handpicked mods or the selected non-ACP mods. This varies depending on what the current leader prefers.

9. Asking to be mod or owner

You won’t get it no matter how many times you ask. Remember for every time you ask, 20 other people have asked that same owner for modship or ownership. It gets annoying and no one ever gets modded or ownered and stays modded and ownered by asking, you have to earn it through rank.

10. The Ban List

This list contains the people banned from ACP chat. They may be banned due to a bill from Senate or for continuously breaking rules or cyber bullying. These people are not to be unbanned. If a mod or owner consistently unbans them they will lose their position on chat. 

If you have any suggestions for improvements or additions to the rules, either comment below or email me and I will come out with an updated set of rules soon.


68 Responses

  1. 1st! nice rules!

  2. I suggested number 5, bing-bang-battenburg!

  3. Basically every rule should be in, and people should already know that there ruled for chat and not to swear ect. So those selfish people are making Shaboomboom waste his time posting this. Thos selfish people should know better. And they should respect the chat and not be tottally free. As i said in one of my wise posts, ” if you want freedm, then everything has its consequence” i am quite angry that these people are doing this. so i hope that this stops now.

    signed by soldier: Strong boy75

  4. my comment aboce was 3rd! yay!

  5. Good post Shab

  6. ^^^^dont spam. They do Ads in PC too

  7. Ban list?

    Theres more than SeanHawk?


  8. I think there should be no threating to do bad stuff suck as Hacking, Doxing ect.

  9. Nice post shab.oh and…6th!

  10. Very good post. Combine with unmod week and we have a winner!!

  11. as i said its good…oh and 7th

  12. Basically every rule should be in, and people should already know that there ruled for chat and not to swear ect. So those selfish people are making Shaboomboom waste his time posting this. Thos selfish people should know better. And they should respect the chat and not be tottally free. As i said in one of my wise posts, ” if you want freedm, then everything has its consequence” i am quite angry that these people are doing this. so i hope that this stops now.

    • It’s sooo irregular though. If you have a rule you should inforce it for everyone alway (except for meh late nights, don’t ruin meh late nights). Frankly though, you have to look at the context of it. Stop complaining about how kids will hear it, everybody hears it once and awhile…

  13. Cursing is a tool of Satan to draw people away from the true light!

  14. As a moderator where would I find the information on who is on the ban list?

  15. I got a rule sometimes people have inappropiate names for that xat thing and we should also consider the word “Noob” a cuse since alot of recruits get upset and driven away from tht.We were all noobs at some point even the most experianced people like Oagalthorp or IceyFeet they were noobs at some point you probably didnt like it so dont go do it to other people just because u got called a noob

  16. We need a rule specifically outlining owner/mod abuse and what needs to happen for someone to get unmodded. Because I’m tired of Dryvit unmodding me and banning me forever for no reason on chat whenever he sees me.

  17. Did you guys make new rules of chat?

  18. Yeah! Someone is enforceing the rules! 😀

  19. Nice Post. Good Job Shab

  20. I’m glad the “no caps” rule is gone it doesn’t really have a reason it’s just annoying getting banned for caps and “smiley spam” it’s just a few smilies

  21. Shab is leader. Shab is god. Shab is life. Buck > Shab … Buck = Infinate. 😀

  22. I 100% agree with all these rules. If someone curses in my army they r demoted.

  23. Good post. People needed to see this.

  24. This goes along with the abusing your powers. One time I was banned for an hour–and I didn’t do a thing. Another time, I wasn’t even TALKING and I got gagged. But I hope they know better.


    • everyone gets gaged not just you. If you were muted then thats a different story.

      • So what if everyone gets gagged? They shoudn’t for no reason!

        • chat is never gagged unless theres a battle going and since gag works on the entire chat only your gonna get hushed so deal with like I did when I was a member

  25. A suggestion, make a rule that states you must have every laggy power off (like nameglow, moving smilies. things like nopc could stay on) cause this is a major burden for those with slow computers. And so we don’t have little noobs to deal with lets make the violation of this rule a guest ban (until the battle ends) 😀

  26. Here’s a cheat to stop lag on Xat.

    Go on main and type in /debug


  27. I definetaly agree with All the rules!

  28. I did have a bill on this, it passed, yet no action was taken…

  29. Cool, I 100% agree with everyone of the rules. I think mod and owners need to be more sctict about the rules. When I was a member I saw cursing on chat go un punished all the time. I think the use of the N word should be definatly banned I seepeople using it all the time.

  30. I think the word “Noob” should go down as an swear/insult,Mostly because It will upset the newer people.EVERYONE has been called a noob once,I have been called a noob about 1,000 times! It will just make them join an army like Night Warriors.EVERY army,EVERY soldier has called a lower rank/army a noob (Yes,even me in the lower rank kind) unless they’re the victim,Here is an example a few months ago:

    (N.B: I have called the person calling me a noob a noob,so I never followed the rule if it comes out)

    Me: I will just go fuckynize my text
    Someone: I have banned Coolto5 forever for no reason
    Someone: I have un-banned coolto5

    [In PC]
    Doodlebump: NAUGHTY BOI
    Doodlebump: U GOT banned forevah [Coolto: I didn’t know I was banned forever]
    Doodlebump: YOUR A COMPLETE N00BLET
    Me: Noob,Just because I made a typo for Funkinized,it doesn’t mean I’m a noob….
    [From here on,it gets PG rated,skip the comment if you hate cussing]
    Me: Ok,I’m starting to get pissed off -.-

    I’m not putting the rest down,It gets BAD

  31. Sexy rules! :))
    I will be bann for that?

  32. Well your a mod XD

  33. I also think we should abolish “Mute” because it’s just disrespectful to whoever gets muted. If you want to punish someone, just ban them. Muting is just rude and inconvenient. I want to know when I’m being punished.

  34. This helps mods alot! THANKS SHAB!

  35. I think no Deleteing peoples doodles because people make great ones but then people just keep clicking erase simutainiously and no one can doodle!

  36. sweet idea
    i like all these

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