Defense of Fjord

Hello ACP,

We are going to help the Nachos defend Fjord while they are off invading some other servers. Come on guys, our Nacho friends need our help. I know some of you may not want to help the Nachos at first but they have been there for us a couple of times so we should help them out this time. The Nachos haven’t been doing so well in the past few days so we have to help get them back on their feet. They have been really nice to us in the past few weeks as well.

Besides ACP needs more events going on and this will be perfect for us. Just imagine we are defending Breeze. The Nachos will also be returning the favor next time we need help and may even give us a server or two they captured so don’t think this is one sided. The Nachos will make good allies with the ACP in the future. We also might have events together in the future as well. Promotion Day is April 30th so this will increase your chances of getting one!

Defense of Fjord

Server: Fjord

Date: Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Time: 2 PM PST





This is the day the April 2011 Promotions will be released! We will be taking pictures of who is there so we can do the promotions! If you come you will have an extremely high chance of a promotion!

Comment if you can come! Commenting helps toward promotions too!