Defense of Fjord

Hello ACP,

We are going to help the Nachos defend Fjord while they are off invading some other servers. Come on guys, our Nacho friends need our help. I know some of you may not want to help the Nachos at first but they have been there for us a couple of times so we should help them out this time. The Nachos haven’t been doing so well in the past few days so we have to help get them back on their feet. They have been really nice to us in the past few weeks as well.

Besides ACP needs more events going on and this will be perfect for us. Just imagine we are defending Breeze. The Nachos will also be returning the favor next time we need help and may even give us a server or two they captured so don’t think this is one sided. The Nachos will make good allies with the ACP in the future. We also might have events together in the future as well. Promotion Day is April 30th so this will increase your chances of getting one!

Defense of Fjord

Server: Fjord

Date: Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Time: 2 PM PST





This is the day the April 2011 Promotions will be released! We will be taking pictures of who is there so we can do the promotions! If you come you will have an extremely high chance of a promotion!

Comment if you can come! Commenting helps toward promotions too!

147 Responses

  1. First I can make it

  2. Ken, I believe we shouldn’t get involved in helping Nachos.

    They brought it, themselves. By declaring war on 3-4 armies just for fun.

  3. STFU KEN@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  4. ill probably be there

  5. Srry i cant make it cause of a soccer game D:but am i able to get a promo for previous events?i havent gotten one in two months so im hoping for one,thx if im able to get a promo and 2nd comment!

  6. Ok, Im most sure I will make it. About 92% sure I can be there. Also, sorry I have been not very active, I have not been able to get on computer so thats my reason. So see ya then guys! 5th comment! ALL HAIL ACP!!

  7. Im going to make it this time! I hope I get promoted because i havent been promoted before.
    Ive been active alot too!

  8. If nachos can’t beat armies that they are bigger than, that’s there own fault, they shouldn’t come crying for their arch rival to come get them out of deep sh!t

  9. I can make it

  10. so were in a declaration of war I’ll try to come

  11. i can make it go acp!!!!!!

  12. Yes!!! im coming
    these things are fun on cp

  13. I think i can make it but im not sure

  14. I found interesting this battle will actually pit ACP against DCP…

  15. I’m almost 100% sure I can go!

  16. ya i can make it

  17. I’ll be there! Been to every event so far! 😉

    ~Adamsapple4 -=Major General=- [ACP]

  18. I will try my best, but there is a 5% chance I might not be able to make it, but I will try!

  19. Yay love you Ken 😀

  20. idk if i can come

  21. The DCP is the enemy right now on this battle

  22. I am Darkrai44779 and i will SOO be there!

  23. Laptops still awY so I don know

  24. Cant come sorry

  25. If im not there i will be in chicago. which wont be happening!!!

  26. bru ha ha haaaa i have a brilliant plan to take over ACP and other major nobody.

    Your notoriously sinister adversary,Rawkinman.

  27. Following the battle, can we become close allies with the Nachos, both armies will benefit!

  28. i have to go because i missed the last event 😉


  29. I will be there!

  30. Expect my arrival! I’ll take a few pictures!

    And maybe even a video… 😀

    • Aw, DARN. Going to a sleepover. Guess I can’t come, unless they allow me on their comp or somethin’…

  31. I never leave anyone hanging, so as usual, ServiceSpy will be there. Can’t wait for promotions, as I would love to go up a rank or two 🙂

  32. I can come.

  33. Nachos = 25-50 ACP = 35 – 75

    Min. = 60. Max = 100

    Big numbers 😮

  34. I’m coming.

  35. I am 99% sure I can come I may not be able to because I may have a playdate but I don’t think so.

  36. well i will try to come

  37. I will be there.

  38. Finally end the comnunist menace known as UMA

  39. Coming.

  40. Back from holiday and I’ll see if I can’t I’ll be there on phone to help out.


  41. Were Helping Nachos?
    Sorry I can’t come i’ll be asleep at that time (hehe)
    ~Purple slime4

  42. what’s gmt time? i need to know i can make almost anytime even midnight

  43. i can maybe come only if you tell me what GMT time it is!!!


  45. I can come for sure but what is the gmt time?

  46. cant come as i will be at alton towers

  47. wait but theres no GMT times so isnt that harsh for gmt troops since im GMT

  48. i can makie it i hope. If i cant make it im extremely sorry.

  49. i think it is really respectfull to help the nachos.

  50. how come theres no GMT time like the other comment said? i live in the UK o now i dont know which time it is? can you please post GMT time or reply for me?


  51. I might be able to come if I can find out what time it is in GMT

  52. Meano4 can make it!!!!!!

  53. Hi i will make this one for sure i only missed a practice battle with nachos so far thats ok.

  54. i need GMT time for this event.

  55. Hey look! its a guy! no its a general! and he’s Happy! NO MY FRIENDS IT IS ALL OF THEM….. HAPPYMAN444 SHALL BE THERE!!!!!!!!

    General Of The ACP~Happyman444

  56. I’ll be there. Just like always. Will this help me be a mod already? :mrgreen:

  57. I WILL be there 😀

  58. No gmt time must mean we dont have to come


    Yours Sincerly
    Gordon Edward

    P.S: I have an ACP email its
    If your from the ACP please send an email

    Or create one yourself by going on google and go on Gmail

  59. GMT excused?

  60. can you please put GMT up there?

  61. I just patrolled mammoth grizzly alpine and tundra

  62. wheres uk time ????

  63. your afraid to fall and i am not. RRA is ready to fight you but your not. prepare to fight for your lives.

  64. ill be there

  65. I will be there.

  66. Can’t come.. Sorry. Hopefully I get promoted still. D:

  67. Im GMT so i cant

  68. Yay! I think I can finally come to an event. I think its good where helping the Nachos, as long as where not betrayed, which i have nooo idea if they would do.

  69. i am coming to the event my name is spy88756

  70. I will try and come. My name is Berries30009, I have only just joined so you may not recognise me. 🙂

  71. I think the Nachos are reasonably nice so I’m happy to help!

  72. i think i can come

  73. sorry i ant come because the gmt time is not up, but i would have came if i knew the GMT time, so please count me as being there.

  74. I can come. (today is it :D)

  75. i can’t come there is this brabique at local sports club and i have to go soz i can’t make it but would be there so can u promo me plz

  76. Can prob make it but 1 question is this against DCP or UMA?

  77. i can come

  78. I will make it 😀

  79. i may make it but just about everthing i have is on that day

  80. i hsould make it but im not to sure

  81. This is unfair if i don’t get a promo, I am UMA and also these times aren’t the best for GMT, so it’s unfair for GMT

  82. I can’t come, I’m GMT, also I was on holidays (I’m on hotel comp) I’ll be back today

  83. umm… well im from night warriors can i help?

  84. Yea you can help!

  85. Who Are We Fighting? i can make it prob

  86. I’ll be able to come but I’ll be kinda late.

  87. I might make it

  88. UK are excused if you made the last battle then that is okay.

  89. im so there

  90. I think I can make it.


  92. I can Go!

  93. I can come

  94. i might actually not be there because i actually am not supposed to be on the computer since my mom grounded me for going to detention and i hope you understand im really sorry!


  95. What time is it GMT? I really need to know so I can tell you if I could come. Thanks

  96. I can’t come. 10 pm is too late for me. Sorry!

  97. Derosario23 is SAS Commando’s WP account.

  98. Aww man…10PM is really late.. I’ll try and come but it is really hard because of the time. Next time can we have a better time for UK?

  99. I can make it. I haven’t been promoted lately and I think it’s unfair because I have been to every acp event since I joined and I patrol at least an hour a day. I am currently owed 2 promos plus a promo that may be coming up.

  100. I’ve went to the fight as long as I could before I had to have dinner. THIS IS ONLY MY SECOND DAY- Please consider this in promotions!

  101. Guys – come on! I have been on CP and chat for ages…WE MUST BE READY


  103. Im there right now 😀

  104. NO i missed it

  105. can i get promo

  106. i was at battle

  107. i was there even though i said i couldn’t i did 🙂

  108. I was at the battle and fought until the end.

  109. I was there here’s proof

  110. i was there

  111. i know i am late but i was there and i was with slider

  112. I was at the battle. Luigibro8963 saw me at the battle and I was with him.

  113. I was there an in case Im not in a picture i want you all to know that I participated. ACP ROCKS!!

  114. I was there and helped out. GO ACP!

  115. I came

  116. i made it and the picture should prove it. also my friend toook a pic of us there.

  117. This is the 171 000 comment on the ACP Site!

  118. I made it, but I had to go to my cousin’s bday party with 14 mins. left.

  119. I came

  120. i made it it was really cool when the yellow army invaded 🙂

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