April 2011 Promotions

Flipper: Guys, when you do the join page, please do not just do your day, if there are any comments before on the other day, please finish them off. If no-one has added them, you can complain to the leaders, but still, please don’t leave anyone out. I have a couple of owners I think haven’t been doing join page – I’m watching.

Shab: Dry I gotta talk to you whenever you’re on chat.

Ken: Leaders add new recruits to this post!

Flipper: I have made it my duty that after the brilliant month we have had, at least everyone who came to the PB with Nachos, and the Defence of Fjord, should get a promotion! Including the lower ranks, who may not even need to fill out a form. For their brilliant service this month, corporals will most likely be promoted to Staff Sergeants, as a little treat!

This is the day you are all waiting for… Btw Flip edit in promotions for the UK people who are active who I might have missed.

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