Attack-An Un-Winnable War Chapter 2:Hell


A Story about an Un-Winnable War.

Chapter Two:Hell

Most people expect hell to be a fiery,pit of sin on earth were the devil apparently lives.Most of the men on the battle field would rather be there then here,some already are there. Soldiers dragged them selves through the mud tainted with blood. Inhaling fumes which were surely going to kill them or make them blind like the soldiers of World War I and II.


“SIR,YES SIR!”replied the soldiers.


If you have heard of the Zulu Kingdom in Africa you would know the person by the name of Shaka Zulu he was famed for genius military tactics such as the Bull’s Horn which currently the UI’s Infantry is using to attack the NA’s march on the City,Brumby.It is quite a smart technique really, the soldiers attack both flanks with the left over soldiers attacking head on which will create a myriad of deaths. In Chapter One I mentioned that the UIA air raid was beginning to start in the city of Fog. As the NA ambushed the UI’s home territory the UIA sneaked right past the NA’s air raid and dropped bombs on Fog destroying the entire city. Though civilians were spared by the UIA and were taken to the UI’s safety bunkers for cover. Because they had no idea that there country’s government was corrupt; so they began there own resistance army.

Meanwhile,in Fog the UI docked there ACCs(Air Craft Carriers)and launched bombs directly from the ships. Soldiers grabbed there machine guns,and there RPG’s and ran out to the battlefield. Which surprisingly was already bloody from the civilians who refused to be helped by the soldiers and fought back or were in range of bomb fire. The Delta Air Force bombed the Fog capital building and other locations after they finished bombing the famous Tiki Dojo Temple they retreated back to base. Soldiers rushed out of there rooms in Aircraft Carrier half naked sprinting towards there planes.

Ultimate Hell.

To Be Continued In Chapter Three:Day and Night


Also email me if you want to be included in the story dialog will be added in the story my email is mentioned above↑↑

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  1. michael jackson?? O_O

  2. I will tell you who’s stalkin’ you!
    The person who is stalkin you is. . . IDK? How am I sopposed to know?!

    P.S The Defense of Fjord was awesome!
    P.S.S I finally got my Night Vision Goggles! 😀 😀

  3. 2nd

  4. good story

  5. Great story I love these 😛
    PS. Can I please be put in the story? I ish Berries30009

  6. It’s a intresting idea

  7. Also Can I publish A story I’m working on more of series which depict the a alternative story of the WWV If ACP lost the Battle of Fog

  8. Cool story
    Can i be in it plz?

  9. I wou;dn’t want to get shot half naked, I either want to be fully clothed or all naked…..

  10. i would like to be in im a Colonel in acp my name is Mew2red.

    ~Mew2red ACP Colonel~

  11. Great and well-written passage.

  12. interseting.This is an EPIC sory.Can you plz add me in your story?thx

  13. srry about the typos :p

  14. Nice.

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