Successful Defense Of The Nacho Capital!

Look how kind the Nachos are. Click to Enlarge

Ken: Look how nice the alliance is working out!

Hello ACP, 

We absolutely owned today on Fjord! We had about 60-70 at max all over the server of Fjord. The cooperation between the ACP and Nachos was brilliant. We first logged on at 5 EST PM, I came late and logged on at 5:10 EST. Slider was already leading and Fjord, Snow Forts was already full of ACP Soldiers. I couldn’t even get in. Slider had the ACP positioned in a nice circle in the Forts. I then ordered everyone to the Ice Berg to take some pics and do some tactics. When the Nachos gave me the location of the LT we gave chase and defeated them from room to room. They kept retreating from the Town to Plaza, Snow Forts to Dojo. We beat them in every room.

By 6 EST the ACP troops have been getting tired and fatigued but that did not stop us! We kept on fighting and won. I had to go at around 6:10 so I left Slider in command of the ACP. The pictures I got are below. Click on the pictures to enlarge. You can also see the Nacho site for some pictures of us.

This Was Another Big Clover Bomb At The Town

Our Clover Bomb At The Forts. Notice Me Sitting At The Top 😆

The Light Troops Ask ACP For Mercy

E+6 Bomb At The Town. Taken By Jet

Spam Crazy!

Did They Really Think They Could Hide?

Clovers In The Line!

A Line+Clovers!

Well Thats All! Comment If You Made It!

~Kenneth1000 & Slider 😆


66 Responses

  1. Good job, ACP. I made it. I’ll upload my pics in a sec.

  2. I made it

  3. 2nd! I made it!

  4. I was there the whole time

  5. I was there! Good Job ACP!

  6. where were the nachos?

  7. I was looking forward to it but couldn’t come had to go to family member’s birthday party

  8. Im really sorry hope I can still get a promo! I came to every other even except one chat party this month

  9. i was there hole time!

  10. I did. TOTAL pwnage…

  11. MADE IT 9th I had to go with 14 mins left though

  12. Lol, came there.

  13. I made it too.

  14. I was to all the events today except the defense I missed 20 min. at the end.

  15. Well what do you expect? LT isn’t really huge or anything compared to you. If you wouldn’t have come, they would have pwned though. LT’s allies back-stabbed them as well.

  16. I made about 1/2 of it; sorry that I couldn’t make it all! Anyways, great work today ACP!

    ~Adamsapple4 :3 -=Major General=- [ACP]

  17. i made it!!! it was awesome. i liked when LT tried to hide in the lodge atic!! pathetic!!! the joke nuke @the forst waz freakin crazy!!!

  18. I made it 😛

  19. I think LT was afraid of us cuz thay kept running

  20. here is proof i made it:
    i was in all of those pics but one, but in that pic, u can see my name near to the bottom because i was llow in the line.

  21. i made it! but i had to go

  22. I was there from 6:05-6:50

  23. I’m famous XD, thanks for defending Fjord for us!

  24. I quit ACP

    Its a Ken Impersonator.

  25. I made the first part

  26. I made it! great job ACP!


  28. friendship day is tonorow

  29. I made it.

  30. 33rd!
    I made it but just then the Defense of Fjord was almost finished! 😦
    But I had fun defending Fjord!


    P.S I’M NOT IN THOSE PICS!) 😦 😦 😦 😦

  31. i didnt make it

  32. I made it

  33. i made it


  35. I went it was awesome!! EPIC – NESS

  36. totally made it but had to log off when Kenneth came there was this really annoying guy who tried to make us look bad but we all saw him before he was swat anyway a was there

  37. totally made it but had to log off when Kenneth came there was this really annoying guy who tried to make us look bad but we all saw him before he was swat anyway i was there

  38. Nice work ACP, we did great!

  39. You did do good but Nachos And ACP are Born Enemies. It wont last………..

  40. I MADE IT!!!!

  41. Was there

  42. I made it

  43. I made it 😀

  44. i sooo made it!

  45. I was there, LT is to ignorant if u ask me though.

  46. Sorry I couldn’t make it…

  47. Well, I might think of quitting because ACP is not really fun. Look at the Nachos, they have parties every week, they post lolcats every week, and we don’t even have a cattank! All we do is stay in a line>clover bomb the enemy>get kicked on chat>expect a promo > get sad because you couldn’t get a promo. I mean ACP is way too organized and dull (not the GFX).

  48. i made it but i cant see myself in the picture 😦

    ~Mew2red ACP Colonel~

  49. i made it

  50. sorry i didnt make it.Family event

  51. I had a lot of fun fighting with the other ACP’s!

  52. YUCK, Nachos and ACP are allies?

    You people sicken me

  53. I made it.

  54. I was there!

  55. EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!! Be Aware. The Nachos have been a powerful army in the past.They could be friendly,but just in case, Stay alert. I dont want then to make 50 billion allies and defeat A.C.P for good. Just stay alert. You NEVER know!

  56. I was there!!!! i saw myself in 2 pics!! this battle was awesome!! 🙂

  57. Lmfao,You guys are such retarded.

    Okay first of all,We didn’t hide.

    2nd of all,The penguin named “bmarocks3” is just a LT noob.

    3rd of all

    Your doing the dirty work of Nachos. They only wanted to give you to server so You can do all the nacho’s dirty work.

    Amirite? Really pathetic ACP. 😆 I can’t belive you fell in one of nacho’s tricks. 😆

  58. The red army will defeat ACP you know…

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