Defense of Mountain [Canceled]

Hello ACP,

On Sunday we are going to be helping the Nachos defend Mountain while they go invade Ice Box for us! Yes that’s right, the Nachos are going to be giving Ice Box to us once they invade it. All we have to do is defend their server, Mountain while they go and invade a server for us, ACP. I told you all the Nachos were nice people! We will be defending it from the Water Vikings which will be probably easy for us.Oh if you need further proof a picture is below. Anyways the times of the defense are directly under the picture.

:arrow: Sunday!

Date: Sunday, May 8, 2011

Server: Mountain, Town


:arrow:  2:00 PM EST

:arrow:  1:00 PM CST

:arrow:  12:00 PM MST

:arrow:  11:00 AM PST

:arrow:  7:00 PM GMT

Remember by helping the Nachos they help us get a server so please come! I told you all being allies with the Nachos will have its advantages 😀

Comment if you can make it!
~Kenneth1000 & Flipper7706