All Troops Should Read This! *Important*

Ken: In case you haven’t already, comment on the Active Count or you will be removed from the ranks. You have all got until Saturday 7 PM Eastern Standard Time! ACP Leaders add new recruits to the drafted post titled Ranks After Active Count.

Slider: Summer is almost here 😀 ACP will explode with activeness!!!!!

Check the ACP vs Nacho PB post. Do not go to the recruiting. Go to the PB with the Nachos instead! For more information read this post.

IMPORTANT EDIT: If you are removed, talk to a owner on chat, they will help you if you need to be added back!

Hello ACP,

We are going to have lots of events during this weekend! We will have 1 event each day starting from Friday and ending at Sunday. I am just posting 2 of the big events we are going to have. One is going to be tomorrow and the other one on Sunday. We will just have something unscheduled on Saturday lead by Noka our 2ic. These events will help get us more active and we can have some fun on Club Penguin as well after the events. I am also planning to use some our less frequently used servers in our control. Troops please do not get on the server until ordered by an owner because we may switch servers. Anyways the times and everything are below.

❗ When: Friday, May 13, 2011 ❗

What: Tactics Session

Server: Snow Fort

  • 7 PM EST

  • 6  PM CST

  • 5 PM MST

  • 4 PM PST

  • 12 AM GMT


❗ Sunday, May 15th, 2011 ❗

What: Patrol/Recruiting

Server: Ice Breaker


  • 3 PM EST

  • 2 PM CST

  • 1 PM MST

  • 12 AM PST

  • 8 PM GMT

Comment if you can make it!