ACP vs Nachos Practice Battle!

Hello ACP,

We are going to have a practice battle with the Nachos instead of the Recruiting/Patrol on Ice Breaker. It will be at the same time as the planned Recruiting/Patrol. I want to see all ACP troops there! Lets make 50-60 troops online as our goal since you only have a day’s notice. The ACP is getting prepared for war again. (Since we are all bored) This is a very very important battle that will help decide our fate in the upcoming war. If we do well we will probably do very well in the upcoming war. This battle will really count for promotions at the end of May. Please try your very hardest to come!

:!: Sunday, May 15th, 2011 :!:

What: ACP vs Nachos Practice Battle

Server: Grizzly


  • 3 PM EST

  • 2 PM CST

  • 1 PM MST

  • 12 AM PST

  • 8 PM GMT

Comment if you can make it!