May 2011 Unmod Week Voting


Its here again :O Unmod Week :O the best time of the month [according to Shab :D]. If you don’t know what unmod week is, continue reading. If you do, skip a paragraph ahead.

Unmod week was first started by myself back in 2009 when I was 2ic under Boomer. The name “Unmod Week” doesn’t mean that the people voted are unmodded for 1 week, it means the voting lasts for 1 week and then the results are announced [originally]. What really happens is that certain people are picked to represent the rest of ACP and vote for people they think should be unmodded. After 1 week the votes are counted up and the people who “won” unmod week [got enough votes to be unmodded] are unmodded for 1 month. After 1 month they are remodded and are given 2 weeks to prove themselves in time for unmod week to start again in the middle of each month.

I would like EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO!!! to email me BY MONDAY MAY 23RD, at with the subject “May 2011 Unmod Week Votes”,  with their votes for who should be unmodded. These votes will be CONFIDENTIAL, they will only be seen by myself. If one of the totals is in question, they will be verified by Kenneth1000. Otherwise, no one will see who you voted for so be honest.

IF you do NOT have an email, scroll down to the bottom of this post to submit your votes.

The email should look like this:

Subject: May 2011 Unmod Week Votes
–List of People–
Your Name, Your Rank/Position (Senator, specially picture person, retired, etc…)

They should vote mods who do not enforce the rules, who break the rules, and are generally not a good example of who a mod should be.



The Official Declaration of War

AFTER reading this post, read THIS important post.] RPF and WW have been dropped from the list.

❗ This war isnt out of hate or anything, its for fun ❗

Hello ACP,

When in the course of Club Penguin Army events, armies get bored and have to keep themselves active, strong, and powerful. As you can see ACP is bored and we are going to declare war on half the Top Ten Club Penguin armies and some others. The Army of Club Penguin hereby declares war against the GT, DW, CPST, LT, and TG. ACP is now in a state of war. 

It will be ACP and Nachos versus the

  • Light Troops
  • Team Gold
  • Underground Mafia Army
  • Club Penguin Sun Troops
  • Dark Warriors
  • Golden Troops

This war has been planned for a long time by ACP Present and Retired Leaders, ACP Officials and Nacho Leaders and Officials. Everyone must be very active and I mean very active. But remember still school and family comes first, but try harder to be on and active for this war. This war will actually be a challenge for us.

All ACP troops, get yourselves ready cause this could possibly be another World War. I want all ACP officers and soldiers to be extremely active during this war. If this war is long enough promotions may even be handed out during the war. When you are on Chat, always be ready to raid a server or get on Club Penguin when ordered. In fact if you are on Chat you are expected to get on Club Penguin at a leader’s command. This is a war we could even lose, which makes fighting it all the more fun. The UK and European troops shall also expect a lot of action like they did in the last world war. They will partake in invasions and raids scheduled just for GMT time.

This will probably be a fun war. Most servers will probably be returned to their original owners after the war. But ACP and Nachos may keep a few servers as the spoils of war. So ACP get prepared and get ready, start building air raid shelters in your backyards of your igloos, enemy bombers give no warning you know. Our citizens are building weapons and ammunition for the war effort as well as preparing defenses and fortifications for our servers like trenches and pillboxes.

During this tense time of war, events, battles, and invasions are very important and I expect everyone to get on Club Penguin when ordered or face the harsh consequences of a kick and ban.

The Army of Club Penguin will start off the war by invading servers with our Nacho Army allies soon. We mobilizing all our troops.


ACP Leader

How i run my job here.

know I never do much in ACP anymore and all and it is really hard for me to do
anything when everything is messed up I do things different and if you got a
problem that is just too bad for you.

I use the Snow
Ball button every time i fight in Club Penguin because that is what I was
taught what to do in ACP. I never learned how to do Clover bombs, Joke bombs
and emote bombs, and I don’t want to learn how to. Using the Snow Ball is an
addiction I have and I will never stop using it. Also moving on when it was time
to get on Club Penguin you get on no matter what when I joined you had 3

  1. Get
    on Club Penguin
  2. Leave
    the chat
  3. Get
    banned from not following orders

That is how I run
when I lead events. If you got a problem with me banning or kicking you for not
getting on too bad to sad you do what you are told to do. I don’t care if it is
an abuse of power you need to get the wake up call to get on and I don’t care
if you hate me for it and want me fired that is just so darn bad for you. No
offence to anyone but we are becoming too when your told to get on you should
be on within 30 seconds- 1 minute. Now it takes around 10 minutes to get
everyone on because we are too lazy. Why are you in ACP if you don’t want to
get on why do you even come here? That is how I run my events in ACP. Now this
is the big part of this post! I have been in ACP since February of 2008. Over 3
years in this army. I am used to the old days of everyone doing what they are
told and they listen. No one asked for mod or to be promoted. No offence again
to anyone but some of you are becoming greedy spoiled little children in this
army that want power. You will NOT get it and if I was leader you would only
get 1 promotion a month. I don’t want to hear it just too bad to sad. As I said
before over 3 years in ACP Heck I been in ACP so long some of you did not know
what Club Penguin was back in 2008. Or some of you that are 8 or 9 years old
were still in dippers or in a car booster seat when I first joined ACP. Now
that really is something.

So from now on
when I lead I do things different but it worked back then when I did it and
everyone else did so I’m sticking to what works for me. Yes I know I might ban
but that is not my fault you’re becoming too lazy to do anything in ACP. That
really is it all I have to say is how I run my events in ACP.

On a side note I used
to lead a lot- I used to be like NACHOS ON MAMMOTH, or UMA ON MAMMOTH ACP LETS
GO!!!!!!!!! And then ACP would come right away man I loved to get on Club
Penguin. Sadly now everyone is to lazy and I get yelled at for it that is why I
don’t lead much because no one listens and does nothing so don’t blame me.

Practice Battle Results

ACP Bob: Ken you should get that cough checked out by a doctor or something, before it gets worse. 😮

Ken: Although I could not attend, you guys all did amazing! With only a day’s notice we have got around 50-60 on. I am proud of everyone. Although this battle was counted as a tie, to the loyal ACP officers and soldiers, you guys all know who the real winners of the battle was *cough* *cough* ACP *cough*. 😀

ACP, you were great today. With only your 3rd In Commands leading, no leaders or even 2nd In Commands, you did great. Although I STILL STAND THAT WE WON, as a sign as our friendly relations, me and Tanman626(Nachos Leader) called it a tie.

Khimo edit: Nachos, if you think you won, may I see some of YOUR pictures on your site? Because from what I see in my pictures, we were better and we deserved to win…
Khimo’s pictures:

We first started off in the Dojo, but we filled it up, so the Nachos couldn’t get in. They moved to the Snow Forts, while we went to the Ice Rink.

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Retirement of Lighton155

Sorry guys! This is my most final decision. I must leave ACP and Tacos. Don’t feel blue. I will come on ACP chat some other time. And, Funks. I want you to lead Tacos on your own! Now, i need to talk about my fun times and why i need to retire. I need to retire cause i got bored of armies. I always go brb in the middle of an event. Now, i want to say thanks to these following people!

Carcal- great friend. But inactive.

Andrew- Great friend. But you always play with me.

Skyfish: Great BFF!

Ias- Funny leader. And an awesome one!

Matre- Great Leader! But always randomly funny!

Mc- Great Leader! Good luck with Nachos and Ice warriors!

Ken- Great Friend! But, always easy to laugh.

Flip- Great Leader.

Rainy- Funny guy. Great Tacos leader!

Funks- I want you to take care of Tacos on your own!

Now, I would focus on my life. All i focused on is hanging out on the computer.

This is Goodbye! Good luck on leading Tacos, Funk! :(

April 14-May 15


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Just In Case [Important]


Well the active count post comments were closed and alot of people commented! If you didnt comment, or are some reason off the rank, fill out this form(at the bottom of this paragraph) in a comment and you will be added back to the ranks. If you wanted to you could go to the join page and comment with your rank that you had. If for any reason you cant comment private chat a owner or moderator on ACP chat Here (click it). Now heres the form: (remember ONLY comment if you didnt comment on the active account or are not on the ranks page)

1.) What is your penguin name

2.) What is your ACP rank

3.) Are you active in ACP

Its as easy as that! And soon you will be back on the ranks page!

~ Slider