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Just Sad…

Ken: Look, i’m not scolding or yelling at the people who were not on chat and did not know there was a battle. I’m just saying if you are on chat you should come on Club Penguin when ordered.

I don’t know what to feel right now. Seriously, I know the Invasion of Ice Box wasn’t posted on the ACP site, but that is no excuse not to get online.  I am angry and sad that so many people are lazy. I mean really, if you can come on chat you can go on Club Penguin. Today when I ordered everyone one only had 3 people on. I had to eat dinner so I left Buck and or Slider in charge. About half an hour after, I logged on again and got on chat to see only have 7 ACP Soldiers online. That is pathetic. we are the Number army on Club Penguin and we can only get 7 on at an unscheduled event? I am seriously ashamed of not only the people who were lazy to come on, but myself because I couldn’t do anything more to get you on. Getting on Club Penguin shouldn’t be a chore it should be fun. Even IW got more then us today. These numbers we got today are pathetic, unacceptable and below ACP standards. Come on ACP, we are better then this.

For those of you who are too busy to come on I sort of understand, but get off chat. It will make us look bad we have such a big chat with nobody on Club Penguin. If you are doing homework at the time of an event or battle, then get off chat since you cannot get on Club Penguin. It will not help you anyways either cause how does going on chat help you when you are doing homework? Either get on Club Penguin when ordered or get off chat. Straight and simple no questions asked.

Can’t everyone understand we are at war? This is not the time to be lazy. If you don’t like getting on Club Penguin then leave Club Penguin Armies because that’s what it revolves around. For those of you that have got on, and listened to orders, there should be more troops like you guys.  There were 5-10 ACP mods on chat and the ones who were on Club Penguin I could name off my head because there were so few mods on Club Penguin. Just a quick recognition of good soldiers that did as they were ordered and got or attempted to get online. I know some of you couldn’t go online because you had internet troubles and tried your best to log on. I’m sorry if i have missed you.

  • Jujuflower
  • Klimster
  • Weatherboy
  • Reddavis
  • Swimmerboy
  • Yellowie25
  • P151146604
  • Pieman
  • Buckleybeans
  • and some more members.

The mods should also be doing a lot more to help get everyone on. We need more mods like Jujuflower. Mods who are constantly alert and awake not to mention un-lazy. All mods should be repeating an owner’s orders to get on Club Penguin. It shows the owners you are there and knows what is going on. The either get on Club Penguin or get off chat rule really applies to the mods the most because they shouldn’t be lazy. They need to make an example for the members.

There will now be new punishments for mods who fail to get online because of sheer lazyiness. AFK Mods who don’t get online will be kicked first then membered if they still don’t. They will not get Mod back until they get online. The owners are not as bad as the mods but make sure to pay attention to ACP chat especially when we have something already scheduled.

Today is really the first time I really thought about retiring because I feel that somehow this could be my fault. I felt angry and sad at the beginning of the post but now at the end, all I feel is sad. I want to see better next time. Show me I can really be proud of this army at the Defense of Fjord cause all I feel now is disappointed. Please do not fail me.

ACP Soldier