Let’s Make Effort

To the ACP Soldiers,


Look at us. What are we doing? This is not what ACP is about. The ACP is the biggest, strongest, and one of the oldest armies up to date. I’m going to make some valid points here, and I’m going to issue an order (mainly because I feel we’re like the Wiemar Government of Interwar Germany. Go look it up!)



What would Oagalthorp, creator of ACP, do if it was still his leadership and we were slacking and doing stuff like this?

Well back then, we had some strict rules. Everything was much more strict. So if we were doing this back in Oagal’s time and you were especially a moderator, you would be fired from your position and someone else would fill it in (also known as a demotion.)

What would Jcapp64, the author of this post, do if it was his decision?

Well what I would do is basically demote you, strip you of mod (if you had it) and ban anyone not on CP on chat.

What are ACP leaders going to be looking forward to?

Over the next week, ACP will be having Major Recruiting sessions. Field Marshals and above will be looking over and leading many battles. But we ABSOLUTELY HAVE NO MORE THAN 2 UNSCHEDUALED EVENT PER DAY, AND NO MORE THAN 1 UNSCHEDUALED AND 1 SCHEDUALED PER DAY.


What if we are doing homework or studying or eating dinner? What should we do?https://acparmyofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php

Whatever you are doing, if you aren’t on directly, than either put something like “Be Right Back” in your name, or a better option of leaving. We’re not forcing you to be here.

What’s a good tip we should follow?

A good tip is to go and encourage your friends to get on. Tell them you’ll do something afterward.



No we don’t want you on 24/7, but we do want you on for as many battles as possible. Make sure you get out there and be ready for something unschedualed this weekend. Next time I’m on and I’ve got enough energy (trust me, I get way too little sleep), I will command everyone on. So be ready!


That’s all for today. Please be on more or harsher things will come.

Yours truly,

Field Marshal Jcapp64