FJORD: Battle Strategy

Today the Army of Club Penguin and the Nacho Empire swap lead with the Black Alliance on the server Fjord. Click “Read more” to read the ACP’s battle strategy.

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Very Good Job Today

Hello ACP,

First off I am very very happy today because we fought off  had three raids on ACP and Nachos servers. The three raids were not even 2 hours apart from each other. But what made me extremely happy was how I saw no one complaining when you were ordered on Club Penguin. We also got like 20 on in one of the raids, with about a 35 chat. (A lot of the others weren’t ACP anyways). Here is one of the pictures of us on Summit or Fjord. Click on the picture to enlarge.

The Fruit Alliance (ACP, Nachos, and IW) encircles the LT.

Keep up the great work ACP! As long as you do that we will win this war. We will keep practicing on unscheduled things.

This is the part of the ACP Treasury where we store the money used specifically to wage war.

Comment if you went to the raids!

War Prep[Important]

War Prep.

As you may know ACP and the Nacho Empire have declared war on a few Top 10 Armies and rising armies;and you may not know this but ACPTR is back.Cadets and Staff are desperately needed especially in a state of war. With out trained cadets ACP is well screwed below this short paragraph you will be viewing what I call the triangle of participation.





Those who think the Leader of the Army is the most important are wrong. It is the soldiers the soldiers participation is what keeps this army going and by removing the soldiers we are done for. Hopefully you guys clean your act up and start helping out because this war isn’t going to be easy. I should have added ACPTR to that since with out ACPTR ,ACP loses the trained recruits that help lead battles when the leaders aren’t there to help. This may sound ridiculous but I may soon will be talking to Ken to make a special requirement for new recruits to join ACPTR(well inexperienced recruits that is).


Cadets ACPTR has been re-opened do to war troubles and we need those soldiers who know how to,and are ready to fight. ACPTR’s curriculum will be shortened down to 3 classes.

  1. Government/Strategy/Tactic Education

  2. History Class

  3. Spy Class

    ACPTR Cadets will be required to go to all of these classes a few times each month. But most importantly we will have numerous Drill Team Battles,Tactic Sessions,and Recruiting Events to get you used to the battles going on outside of ACPTR.



Co – Leaders
– Consulation –

Teachers /( Drill Team Leaders still. Just in case we need to split cadets and they need a leader. Just suggesting)
– Consulation –

Leaders : To Lead the ACPTR + Teaching
Co – Leaders : To Assist the Leaders in Leading the ACPTR + Teaching
Teachers : To contribute to the ACPTR + Teaching

Leading the ACPTR : Making Decisions, Staff, Site Care, Advertising the ACPTR, etc,.
Teaching: Educating Cadets on different topics each week in Class Sessions

You merely grade on general:


Staff Application(Ranks: Lt.Colonel-Field Marshal)

1/ Penguin Name,Xat Name,Nicknames:

2/ Rank:

3/ Experience(1-10(No 100000s or 100000s just 1-10 and only 1-10):

4/ Background Army Information(You(Including Armies Joined/Skills,When you joined ACP):

You Are Required to answer ever question.Once more this is for LT.COLONELS-FIELD MARSHALS NO LOWER OR I WILL NOT EVEN LOOK AT YOUR COMMENT.

~ACP Führer of Training  Jacob

Retirement of Marcus AKA Buggsyboy

Here is the retirement of Buggsyboy, most of you know him as Marcus. We will miss you! The orginal post is here: 

Yes, it is true. I’m retiring. I can’t keep up with all these times for armies, and it takes up a lot of my social life. I have other things to do in life besides sit at a computer. I’ve had a good times in armies from leading a top ten army to having great friends that have my back. My journey started September 2009 during the ACP vs. Ninjas war. There i was very noobish and would run into the enemy and yell “TELL MY WIFE I LOVE HER!”. Those were the fun times of armies when i was very into it. Now today its very serious armies and I can’t take it. I have made many friends and enemies during my CP warfare career. Here is a listof the people I remember:

Mrnooner: My mentor in my early times in CP warfare. Never cracked a joke in his life. I swear.

Bobcatboy10: Great friend in IV and VCP. Nice Job on the rank in ACP! :)

Bottlefanta: Great friend, who helped me with a lot of my troubles. Hope IV goes far!

King Blooy: Great xat avatar maker. Can never make pics like you for sure. Start a business for them, I swear you’ll go far.

Knight: My best friend in CP armies, Rascist, Funny, and a bit short-tempered. YOUR THE BEST!

Slider: Why are you on so much in the morning? I really can’t figure out why.

Cait: A great friend even though we didn’t talk that much. Who is also conveniently retiring soon also.

Vidd: WORLD OF PWNIES IS GONNA FAIL. Otherwise your a good friend.

Reddavis: You won’t get unmodded, at least you shouldn’t. Your a great mod, who is very funny.

Patrick Wiggle/Paddyabc: One of my Best Friends in CP armies and Transformice. KEEP ON TRUCKING. I’ll still play TFM with you too by the way.

Stick: I just don’t know. Sometimes I hate you, sometimes your a great friend.

Feephill/SaW: We used to be great friends until you….. how do i put this in a nice way? INCONSIDERATE JERK.

Emacouxx: A great friend and partner in GFX. I’ll still be on CPAWN GFX.

Lighton: A great friend in PMD. Hope you go far.

Khimo: Another Great amazing friend in CP armies. Nice job in all you do in the armies you restored/got high rankings in. (Y).

Jed Pen: An amazing friend, Best person to be around in times of need. BTW. ρωηιєѕ_αяє_ƒαgѕ

James: One of my favorite people in IV. A great friend that i’ve seen in many different places

Thats all I hope You Guys Live On Forever. Well not forever that’d be creepy, SO LIVE A FULL LIFE!

Here is my Retirement song