Another “Fruit Alliance” Victory!

Hello ACP,

Today we defended Fjord from the BA (Black Alliance). And we did great! We had about 50 at the beginning but it dropped a considering we were fighting for hours (or what it seem like). Most of the time though we were unable to fight the enemy since ACP and the Nachos were so big as well as the BA. I was not expecting to make it today but I was able to get on a relatives computer and lead and get people on.

We started off at the Snow Forts and the Nachos in the Town. For the beginning of the battle, we couldn’t get into the Town because the Nachos and BA together filled up the entire room and it was like that for most the battle. The ACP and Nachos prevailed at the end at the Beach though, and won the battle. Since I was leading on a relatives computer I couldn’t get any pics. So I will use pics from the Nachos site.

This pic was taken by Boomer, at the end of the battle.

Some ACP charge in the Plaza while the rest are in the Forest

ACP and Nachos at the Forts near the end of the battle

Good job on Fjord today guys keep it up! All UK and GMT people, get ready for our first wave of the March of Annihilation!

Comment if you made it!

33 Responses

  1. Good job.

  2. ..

  3. I was there, it was my first battle upon my return.

  4. i made it. it was pretty awesome

  5. I made it, great job ACP!

  6. I made it through the whole thing! ACP wins once again!

  7. i made it

  8. I did….for 15 minutes Before the event

  9. i have ben in 4 battle and we won the all battle

  10. Er, I came 5 hours early, before I had to go off… šŸ˜† .Does that count?

  11. i made some of it but i had to leave

  12. Made it, which is surprising because I quit ACP two years ago. I found you by accident actually, my friend was there. I’m in the first pic. Rawkinman, the guy in the tux who’s about to throw a snowball at a Black Alliance soldier. Or an ACP soldier. Whatever.

  13. I made most of it

  14. It was so fun!

  15. I was there

  16. I was there!

  17. i was one of the first ppl there

  18. sorry i didnt make it

  19. i was there

  20. I MADE IT

  21. i made it

  22. I made it as well.

  23. The entire Tech Army congrtulations the acp and nachos on their victory against the black alliance. We all wish you good luck on your upcoming battle and hope you have a great day.

  24. Hey guys I’m fruit125 and I was a general of ACP in 2010 (don’t believe me check old photos you’ll find me) I lead us to victory against the nachos 3 times and I was a spy one time (look on the nachos website they called me a traitor) lol I just wanted to say ACP is my team and
    I hope we win the war. Fruit125 out

    • I doubt anyone will ever see this but I posted this when I was 12 years old, now Iā€™m 19. Life went by so fast.

      • Hey! I still check on the comments here. ACP is back if you’re interested at all! :mrgreen:

        • Hey! I know itā€™s been 3 years now but I just thought about checking out this forum again for some reason and saw this! Where does ACP post now? And where do you guys play? I know Club Penguin is shut down now but Iā€™ve heard of rewritten.

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