May 2011 Unmod Week Results

Well…is the time you’ve all been waiting for…the results of May 2011’s unmod week WOOO. There were 11 total semi-finalists for this unmod week but there can only be one winner and that winner is….

RED with 18 VOTES!!!! He has set a new record, never before has anyone gotten that many votes in an unmod week. He actually got 50% of the votes since there were in total 36 total voters.

So Red, congrats. Since you are the winner, and record breaker, you win 2 things.


Not original…I know but too bad, you don’t deserve anything fancy.

2. Due to getting 50% of the votes compared the the 2nd place who got only 9 [50% of what you got], you will be unmodded for a total of 2 months [Re-modded August 1st]

The semi-finalists for unmod week are to be unmodded immediately until July 1st. These people are, in order of most votes to least:


Thank you for all that voted. Remember that no matter what, I will not reveal who voted for you  to protect their privacy.

Can’t Wait Until Next Unmod Week

23 Responses

  1. lol

  2. grabbing pills

  3. Could this possibly be a popularity thing too. I mean what if some one dont like you and decides to vote for you. Would that be fair.

  4. :O I’m not on that list… …. …. ….. 😀

  5. I’m happy because I’m not un-modded ! 😀

  6. really, 2 months that is no fair since you said it was 2 months and it was a new record you have to put that on the record and thanks for the trophy 😀

    ~ Fired From Mod


  8. One good decision from shab. The others, crap.

  9. 50% of the votes, wow people must hate you..

  10. I don’t understand it all 😛

  11. Cait Jordi and Jcapp shouldnt be de-modded thats crap

  12. I think this is just a popularity things. and July First? O_O I think that’s outrageous. It’s May 24, at least wait until June 1 and see who gets better or worse.

  13. shab, i must say, since you dislike me truely, i win this round bcuz im going to be retiried by dis-mod week, and if i dont get unmodded for retiring, during the summer i will be on at the minimum. so hardy har har.

  14. i agree with all but jc. and i thought people would vote me 😮

  15. Extremly unfair, this is basicly taking away a right that these people have earned, they should NOT be unmodded, there could have just been a person that told everyone to unmoderate a person simply because they don’t like them. If I was one who was unmodded I would be angery and possibly revolt.

    Two things you have lost by doing this:


    Possibly soilders

    One thing you have gained:

    Possible rebellion

    There are more negatives than positives in this action.

    Don’t take this as a flame comment or anything personal.

    – Talex

  16. 😆

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