Invasion Of Sparkle (UK Invasion) Wednesday, May 25th

This is just a reminder the Invasion of Sparkle is tomorrow! Again, here are the times. This invasion is scheduled for people living in the UK. Remember 6 GMT! (

LT has surrendered so we will just move along with the next invasion 😀

Invasion of Sparkle

:arrow: Wednesday, May 25th

:arrow: Server: Sparkle

:arrow: Times: 6:00 PM GMT

:arrow: 10:00 AM PST

Here are some important things to remember.

  1. Make sure to take pictures! We need to have pictures as proof we won.
  2. Make sure to follow orders and get on Wool Socks when ordered
  3. Be on Chat and on Club Penguin (Click on the links to take you to chat and Club Penguin)

Comment if you can make it!