March of Annihilation (North American Invasions)


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Edit: New ACP Pictures page added! Leaders, edit in any pictures you have! 

Hello ACP,

We have done okay with our UK invasions (Khimo wasn’t there and Buck couldn’t get his internet working) but I am really expecting more because you have now got leaders with American time zones to lead like Bob, Slider, and I etc. And because most of ACP lives in North America. This is wave two of the March of Annihilation. I want as many people to come as possible! Please really try hard to attend! These battles will count lots for promotion day since one of the battles is also right on top of it.

Invasion of Great White

When: Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where: Great White, Town (Start off)


4:00 pm PST

5:00 pm MST

6:00 pm CST

7:00 pm EST

12:00 pm U.K.

Invasion of Hockey

When: Friday, June 3, 2011

Where: Hockey, Town (Start off)


4:00 pm PST

5:00 pm MST

6:00 pm CST

7:00 pm EST

12:00 pm U.K.

Invasion of Mittens

When: Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where: Mittens, Town (Start off)


12:00 pm PST

1:00 pm MST

2:00 pm CST

3:00 pm EST

8:00 pm U.K.

Make sure you come, it will count a lot for promos.
Comment if you can make it!

New Division Stuff to come * IMPORTANT – Please Read*

Hallo there!

Now, to start off, divisions should be looking full  and active like this

and this

But recently, they’re looking kind of like this

When it comes to getting on Club Penguin, for your Division or for ACP itself, don’t just be like this

Log on right away, just like these.

Ken’s Edit: By the end I hope divisions look that organized 😀

Nice Pictures, hmm? 😀 Now to the REAL point of this post. Recently, Ken appointed me Division Administrator of ACP, which means, I’m sort of managing the divisions. Now, I can’t do anything major without Ken’s approval of course, and I’ve asked, explained and discussed about virtually everything thats gonna be happening, some he didn’t agree with, some he did, so yea, thats that. 😆

1.  The 3 Current Acp Divisions, are being shutdown and laid to rest.

2. They will be replaced by 3 new divisions, more Acp based.

3. When these Divisions open again, you’ll be given your division.

4. Division Generals will be reviewed and If they are and or werent doing a good enough job, might be demoted.

5. New Division Generals might joining us! 😀

6. Basically, there’ll be a lot of new things regarding divisions. ( New Division Reistration Page, etc. )

So, thats that. Comment what you think of this idea. If you’re not too keen on it, just stick with it. There’s always the possibility of us going back to this way, but this is just a refreshing change.
Remember, when these Divisions re-start, be active! COMMENT BELOW!!

Acp Division General, Senate President, Division Administrator 

Sparkle Invasion Results (GMT)

Hey ACP,

Today we invaded Sparkle as part of our March of Annihilation and was the last UK invasion. We started of at the Town and worked our way to the Cove.

Thanks to all who came.

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This Is What Is Going To Happen

Hello ACP,

I know its been kind of hectic lately but I and the other owners and leaders have got it under control. Flip has agreed with me he will be a “trial leader” for 2 or so weeks to prove to me and everyone else he can take up the responsibility of ACP Leader. He will be leading UK events and posting just like a regular ACP Leader. I have still put up a private post for ACP Present and Retired Leaders to give their opinions on things. I do have a question for the ACP troops though, in case this does not work out would you (ACP Soldiers) be okay with Flip as 3ic or 2ic?

Anyways, ACP get ready for the next wave of invasions in the March of Annihilation. We will be invading with North American times. The post will be up soon. Don’t worry ACP we will get through these rough times together like we have always done.

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.”  ~Franklin D. Roosevelt


Uniform Check (Off topic from the other posts)

Howdy ACP, this is just another post that keeps you busy and off topic from the big leadership problem. It has been a few months since we haven’t had a uniform check. Basically, a uniform check is keeping everyone up to date what the ACP uniform is, mostly for the newst recruits. An army looks united and powerful when a group of penguins are in uniform with the same things on. You don’t have to be exactly like the model, but we would love to have you close.

It starts off with the color of your penguin. Any shade of green is great! Black is also a great combination for your uniform. I personally use the dark green just because it seems more like a soldier.

After the color, now you start off on your head. The red viking helmet has been around for ACP’s uniform for awhile now. The roman helmet is legendary and always acceptable. One of my favorites is the rescure squad helmet. Any of these items make a great helmet. If you are a member and you want to have the red viking helmet then here you go:

First go to the gift shop and go to this page in the catalog and click on the yellow puffle holding the paint brush:

The viking helmet will come up and it is 750 coins.

Neck items are really important on the battlefield. The camping backpack is probably the most used besides the scuba tank. It is important that you use these. The messenger bag is a great neck item also.

Now for the body item, the green and brown letterman jacket is not in the catalog anymore. If you have it, then I suggest you wear that out of all things. The green and brown letterman has been with ACP for a very long time. When Club penguin brought back the letterman’s ACP instantly added it back to the uniform.

If you dont know what the next best thing is, I would probably guess the green hockey jersey at the Ice Rink. Afterall, the green hockey jersey was the body item for the uniform before.

The most common item on your feet is the regular or green hiking boots. Anything is fine on your feet honestly. The hiking boots is the most realistic thing.

Hand and face items are anything you want. The most common hand item is the black or red guitar. The most common face item is probably the green face paint.


This was just a fun post to read. I have to admit, I have been lazy for a few weeks (or one month), but that will change. 😀 In other news and if you have no idea what is going on in club penguin, the medevil party is out! I say it isn’t the best party but it’s okay. You can find me a lot at Mammoth or Winter Land: Boiler Room, Cove, and Book Room.

Be sure to be up to date on the situation going on with the leadership. You can find some posts about it below this one. Comment on this post to tell us what you think about ACP uniform ( Ex. Does anything need to be changed?) and your favorite room in the Medevil party!

Over & Out



Listen up, everybody.

The way I see it, Flipper is still technically one of the two ACP leaders. Kenneth has not yet made a decision. If Kenneth makes a decision that Flipper should be removed from power, then Flipper has been lawfully removed from power. But, right now, as of 3:00 PM EDT, May 25, 2011, Flipper is still technically the leader. The proper procedure for overthrowing a leader has not been used (Oagalthorp and Boomer have not both agreed to overthrowing Flipper, and they both have to agree to it). Because of this, it all comes down to Kenneth’s decision. I ask Kenneth, as a former second in command, advisor, and friend, to make a decision based on what he believes is best for the army, and what his soldiers, the people that make up the Ranks page, believe is best for the army. Not what retired leaders think. That’s the thing about retired leaders: they’re retired. They aren’t in the army.

Personally, I believe this is the most unlawful situation the ACP has ever experienced, or at least the most unlawful situation I have ever seen in over two years of being affiliated with this army. Every law made goes against something like this happening; this is why we have laws, to prevent random changes of power so much. Ever since Seanehawk was overthrown in September 2009, there have been more changes of power due to coups and overthrowals in not even two years than all of ACP’s existence together.

Something needs to change. Start following the laws that this army is supposedly made up of. You have a constitution for a reason. Use it. Follow the laws that are supposed to govern this army.

Thank you,


Oagal: Everyone keeps forgetting that to impeach a leader, both Boomer and I have to agree to it. We do not both agree to it. Flip is still the leader. If Flip ever WAS legitimately fired (which he wasn’t), then Ken would be able to make this decision. But he wasn’t fired, so Ken can’t make the decision. It’s that simple.