Retirement of Louie76533

Johny: Retirement of Louie76533. Sorry to see a soldier go.

Hall of fame:

Tom67576: Inactive. Good friend do!

Mchappy/icey cold: Awesome friend and good former leader!

Bobcatboy: Awesome guy!

Kenneth: You rock!!!!

Flipper: I totally agreed when we were talking about the CSS on chat!

These were the people i found annoying.
There was this guy who PC’d me and is like What’s cp? Then i said: You dunno what CP is?
Then he’ss like: *hehe* Then he kept doing the fart sound and saying: Sorry. all over again and again.
Then I told the mods to ban him PWNED!
well that’s all!

– Retired captain Louie76533

Promotions – What/Why/How?

Hey ACP!

For some of the new soldiers joining ACP every day, you may be wondering what this thing that some soldiers talk about quite a lot of the time – Promotions. So, what are they?

What are Promotions?

Promotions are the way to get a higher rank. You may notice that when you first join ACP, your rank is considerably low, and that other soldiers are really ahead of you! Have no fear, promotions are here! When you get a promotion, you can get a single, double, or sometimes.. if you are lucky, a triple promotion! They have promtoions in the real army, and it’s a cool new feeling when you get one.

How do I get one?

It’s fairly easy – You just need to be active! Whatever you do, not a lot of it goes unnoticed. Here is a list of things that would help you:

  • Being on chat a lot – It’s not that hard, and fairly easy! You just ned to come on chat for a period of time, be it an hour, 2, or even just 30 minutes. Hvae some fun and enjoy meeting new friends. You make friends plus you get a shot at a promotion = Win win!
  • Commenting on posts – A fairly easy one too. You just need to comment on each post, so the leaders know you are here and commenting! You can comment your opinion and helpful tips for the leaders, or sometimes compete for 1st on the post. Sometimes you can even win competitions by getting a specific number of comments!
  • Attending battles – This is quite hard. We know that some times you can’t make the battles, and you can make up for that by commenting that you can’t come. If you do get to make the battles, follow every command carefully and listen to everything the leader says!
  • Patrolling – This hasn’t been a very big thing lately, but it does still help. If you patrol, you are one step closer to getting a promotion! You just need to find a server that ACP owns, get a couple of soldiers and patrol the server. Just check all the major rooms for enemies, especially black penguins [Black Alliance]. If you do see anything suspicious, report it to chat!
And many more things. Please note that as you do get higher in the ranks, it is harder to get promoted – But if you do all of these 4 things well, you should be promoted in no time! Here are a couple of high ranked soldiers’ words:
Buckleybeans [ACP Division General]
Usually you will hear ‘Be active, and be a good troop’ but to narrow it down even more it’s about showing yourself, making yourself heard and seen. Whether it is at an event, or on chat, make sure you are always lively. Be happy, be fun, but listening to the leaders. To sum it up: Be seen, be heard, be active.
I may have changed some words slightly to make it more into a paragraph format, but that is what he mainly said.
Stew 20 [ACP General]
Be active, try to go to a lot of battles, and try to come on chat a lot.
Short but sweet!
Totojess1 [ACP Division General]
To get a promotion, you need to be active, responsible, loyal (Etc). It’s not just ask and you get it, you need to work for it.
Some wise words from high ranked soldiers! If you still have any queries about promotions, just comment below!
Another side note is that promotions usually take place at the end of the month, or the start. Somewhere around that time.
P.S: Happy birthday to 24keyser!