The Plan

Hey ACP!

Summer is here (or almost here) and ACP will be getting really active! We’ll be going on CP a lot more than what we have been going on. So get ready for being on CP. And we don’t want laziness. *wary*

Now here’s what we’re doing:

  • Recruiting Sessions every night
  • Two Practice Battle per weekend
Now I shall explain…..
Why have Recruiting Sessions every night?
 We’re hoping this will get us some more new recruits and boost our numbers on Club Penguin.  I think more explanation isn’t needed. 😛
Why have 2 Practice Battles every weekend?
This keeps ACP active on Club Penguin and will keep us busy. It will also serve as practice for us and the army we are battling. This used to be done when Boomer was leader (and I’m not sure if previous leaders did that as well) and I think it worked pretty effectively.
Also, after divisions are organized again, we can have one division PB every weekend. Example: Saturday, PB against Nachos; Sunday: Division PB. That can help our divisions busy, and during the week they most train and prepare for the battle.

Retirement of Lucario12321

I’m retiring from all CP armies I have a few reasons for this:

1. I’m getting too old for this ( 12 ).
2. I was becoming inactive.
3. I want to play new games ex. Minecraft.

Now for the people who aided me in my CP army career.


Slider: Slider you were a n00b and so was I when we started but you were a better soldier I only achieved Colonel by the time you acheived 3ic we went to ACPTR at the same time thanks for being my friend.

Sklooperis: You were my teacher in your retirement you said I had potential I did a lot more than I thought I would I achieved a senate position a 3ic for the Icicles but my ACP goal was not reached

Buckley: Dude I remember when
I was a corporal and you gave me a day for not being a total n00b and your just an awesome friend I just can’t say much more.

Klug: Thanks Klug for giving me support through CPAC applications, Senate and for being a good friend.

Noka: Dude your hyper, crazy and maybe half bonkers in the head but you can be serious at points similar to myself for example I am literally half bonkers.


Pie: Dude I still think your sour but your not as bad as you used to be.


Mchappy: You were by just a bit my favorite leader it’s just a shame that you couldnt stay in ACP.

Matre: You were the leader of ACP when I joined and I can’t forget about your leadership.

This is lucario12321 signing off for the last time.
Goodbye ACP and Icicles