The Plan

Hey ACP!

Summer is here (or almost here) and ACP will be getting really active! We’ll be going on CP a lot more than what we have been going on. So get ready for being on CP. And we don’t want laziness. *wary*

Now here’s what we’re doing:

  • Recruiting Sessions every night
  • Two Practice Battle per weekend
Now I shall explain…..
Why have Recruiting Sessions every night?
 We’re hoping this will get us some more new recruits and boost our numbers on Club Penguin.  I think more explanation isn’t needed. 😛
Why have 2 Practice Battles every weekend?
This keeps ACP active on Club Penguin and will keep us busy. It will also serve as practice for us and the army we are battling. This used to be done when Boomer was leader (and I’m not sure if previous leaders did that as well) and I think it worked pretty effectively.
Also, after divisions are organized again, we can have one division PB every weekend. Example: Saturday, PB against Nachos; Sunday: Division PB. That can help our divisions busy, and during the week they most train and prepare for the battle.

25 Responses

  1. first!

  2. 2nd 😛 I voted yes I personally like events overflowing with others 😀

  3. 2nd. Great idea Johny!

  4. 3rd, and I like the ideas!

  5. really good idea

  6. Sounds Fun 😀

  7. Good idea, and 7th

  8. i wouldnt be able to come to all

  9. I like it because I like going to events

  10. Why don’t we conquer BA first?

  11. Practice battles and recruiting is boring though, why don’t we do something fun like declaring war against Everybody?

  12. 12th Shall I declare war? Have You not read My warning? >:)

  13. i voted no, Why?


    in the country i live school isnt out yet so it would be unfair for me 😦 when promotions will be handed out my changes will decrease up to 70% of a promotion 😦 and school ends for me on july

  14. How about 1 battle every Friday

  15. Great ideas Johny!

  16. i like the idea but every weekend! not to many ppl will come.

  17. I voted yes for the idea! 🙂

  18. Great Plan Johny! But I don’t get out until the 23rd of June beacause we had many days off beacause of snowdays, flooded roads, and power outages!

  19. Oh and the weekend i’ll be at the beach (Still have the laptop) But i will be playing on the beach with my cousins most of the day and at night till almost 11:30 PM EST! Sorry! I will try to come to as many as possible.

  20. 1.Good Idea
    2.I got to lead a tactics session today! I know I’ll get mod tomorrow! All of you who support me please say I below this comment *WARY*

  21. wow i cant wate
    over and out
    ps.I have been gon on a trip now am back

  22. That is an awesome idea! 😀

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