Bread: The Sequel

Edit: Thank you Kenneth for welcoming me aboard! To clarify, I will be working with Buck on the Senate, not taking over it. I’ll begin work on it as soon as I can talk to him. I hope I’m not stealing anyone’s editing color here… not that it really matters, I can only edit my own posts.

Hey everyone! It’s been a long time. I haven’t posted here in over a year because I’ve been retired. But I’ve decided to come back for the summer as an unranked intern to help with some events and stuff. So let’s get some things straight.

Thanks, But No Ranks

I don’t want to return as leader or anything. I can’t handle the stress and I don’t have the time to be active enough. I just want the fun part without the power!

Shabbit’s Cool

Shab and I are getting along now. There’s nothing bad between us anymore and I look forward to working with him in the future.


I’ll be working to bring back the Senate and get some new bills passed. Stay tuned for updates!

Victim of Changes

I’m a different person in some ways than I was a year ago. Get to know the new Nono by talking to me on chat. I’ll answer any questions you may have.

I hope this summer is a legendary one. Rock on!

-!<~Dr Nono Jr~>!-

ACP Summer Intern

Unscheduled Events/Contest!

Hey ACP!

Recently we have had lots of unscheduled events. What are they? You might be asking. They are events that were never scheduled, they just happen when there are a decent amount on chat and you go on Club Penguin! They could be tactics,  Alfa recruiting sessions, or even a Romeo friendly PB with allies/enemies. The most common unscheduled events are raids, when you raid an armies server without them knowing, it can be all good fun!

What should you do when having an unscheduled event? Well, it’s a bit like any other event really – You just need to listen to whoever is leading. In unscheduled events there is a much better chance that the leaders will host a ‘uLead’ where one of the soldiers, or a couple Mike of soldiers, all take it in turns to lead the event. This gives a chance for you guys to experience what it is like to lead ACP. Yankee

These events will happen most likely every 2 hours or so. Sometimes, when we announce the unscheduled events, most people leave because they cannot be bothered, thinking they won’t be noticed. You don’t HAVE to log on when there is an unscheduled event, but if you just try to escape it, we will notice it. Unscheduled events are meant to be fun, not get you to run away in terror! 😆

These will be happening a lot over the next few weeks, while we all have holidays. You should notice them being declared by your owners!


In other news, you might remember that I was talking about a possible competition..? It is for the account with a registered name of ‘FourLeafedClover’ and has an ID of 319999919. This ID is of high value because of its repetitive numbers. You could easily win it right here! All you need to do, is look at this post HERE. I will be writing something in this code.. It’s a word that has been hidden in the post.

Each letter of the word has its own word. These words have been scattered around in the post, you just need to find them.. The comments will be shown, it’s not a case of whoever gets it first wins as there are different time zones, whoever gets it within a day, gets through to the ‘second’ round. An edit will be made to tell you who have qualified, then a second, longer, harder word will be added to see if you can guess it.. Then another round possibly. Good luck!